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Doggone Excited!Yea! Ginger’s doggone excited that my book is finally available in all formats (print and digital; she likes the print version best. She won’t let her paws off it). To celebrate, I thought I’d have her help me tell you a little bit about it. I’ll also give away eBooks to 3 lucky people (this includes choice of PDF format if you don’t have an eReader and want to read it on your computer). Take it away, Ginger.

Ginger: Well, even though it doesn’t have any delicious cardboard-tasting treats (that I’ve found yet), this book has a glossy cover that feels cool to my paws. It also has a unique taste when I lick it (almost as good as bacon, but not quite). It’s soothing and makes me feel like it’s summer, and when I sleep, it gives me good dreams of running through grassy meadows and eating salmon straight from a river. I would definitely recommend this book…but not the one I’m holding. Get your own.

Me: Stop your drooling, Ginger. You’ll ruin my book, and this compelling sequel to Eyes of Light is more than just smoothness and bacon flavor. In Secret Keepers, the past, with its powerful secrets, collides with the present, threatening to destroy all Suvi, James and Austan hold dear. The fight for light continues – from Idaho to Israel, and with madmen, ruthless drug cartels, and Mossad assassins as key forces in a battle where lives, love and freedom are at stake.

Ginger: I still think it tastes a little like Bacon.

Me: Well, I haven’t licked it yet…so I’ll take your word for it. Now, let’s talk about the characters.  There are three main characters in this series: James, Austan, and Suvi. What are your feelings about these people?

Ginger: Based off your mutterings and ramblings when you write, I would say Suvi would be the biggest pushover and the most likely candidate to feed me bacon.

Me: She likes cats, you know?

Ginger: So do I. I like anything that moves and breathes.

Me: Yes, you do. Any other thoughts.

Ginger: Is that salmon I smell cooking outside on the grill?

Me: Yes. You’re not getting any if you don’t do better on this interview. Concentrate. Let me give a better synopsis and a glimpse of each character in this book.

SUVI GOLDSTEIN has found love with James Hinton, but is tormented by guilt and fear when her knight in shining armor becomes the target of evil men. Can she find the strength to vanquish the hold of her Secret Keepers, or will the dark past forever hold her hostage?

Ginger: Hostage, as in a dog cage without bacon?

Me: Yeah, kind of like that. Pure misery.

Ginger: I hope her captors at least give her Scooby Snacks. Those are yummy and worth being crated.

Me: Nothing is worth being imprisoned. Sigh. Continuing…

JAMES HINTON believes he has won the heart of the woman he loves, but when Suvi leaves him to go to Israel, it might just be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. As he discovers dark secrets, his love is tested and leads him to doubt all he once cherished.

Ginger: I cherish my sleep…and bacon…always bacon.

Me: Stop interrupting. I’m trying to give my readers the rundown on characters.

AUSTAN SANDOVAL stands guard against the Dragon’s men, but nurses hope that someday he’ll be able to reveal his true identity. When a chance arises to team up with a pair of talented Mossad agents, he may finally be in a position to do what he has wanted to for four long years—reunite with Suvi and rekindle their love.

Ginger: Can I lick the book again?

Me: No. I want you to finish up by telling our readers any last thoughts you have about this book.

Ginger: Well, it tastes delicious and gives me weird dreams. In my last one, I saw this crazy animal with long legs and a big bump on its back. It spit at me.

Me: That sounds like a camel. This book has many scenes set in Israel. I studied there for a semester in college, and it was fun writing about it.

Ginger: I want a pet camel.

Me: Just hold the book and dream again. You need your 22 hours of sleep.

I guess the interview is done, folks. Ginger’s off in dream land again, maybe chasing spitting camels. But click on the Rafflecopter link below and enter to win a free eBook. You can request Book 1 instead if you win and haven’t read it. Have a great week!

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P.S. Congrats to Ingrid and JMMcdowell for winning a copy of Penelope from Anya Wylde last week. The author should be contacting you soon.

47 thoughts on “Giveaway for Secret Keepers

  1. See, now I think that book would taste minty! Haha. Great way to promote the book. I am so busy working on my release, I am not finding time to read, but this book is ready and waiting for me on my Kindle. Congratulations and great success to you! You are worthy!!

    • Yes, the green does make it look minty…but knowing Ginger’s weird tastes, it could also taste like Wasabi, and that might not be so great at full force. Keep working on your release. I want to pick your brain after you’re done of what things you do in order for a release and when. I hadn’t considered putting my book on Goodreads before it was actually out. What other things do you do before it is released? Maybe you can post it or send me a detailed email (and my email isn’t working anymore. I guess because I was cheap and didn’t pay for the expensive domain again since I got my website).

        • Okay, it’s too late for me this time, but I definitely want to pick your brain before I do the 3rd book at the end of this year. You shoot in the dark much better than I do.

  2. Well not sure how many Ingrid’s you follow, if it’s me…..thank you and if it isn’t….well, darn! I enjoyed the way in which you shared your new book. Ginger rocks 🙂

    • Yes, it’s you. I already sent an email to the author, so let me know if you don’t hear from her in the next week or so and I’ll bug her again. She’s usually been super good at responding promptly in the past.

  3. What a great spin on the author interview! I love hearing Ginger’s point of view. 🙂

    I was wondering if you spent time in Israel, and then I saw you mentioned you spent a semester there studying. That must have been quite an experience. And I like the triangle thing you’ve got going on with these three characters. Should make for some interesting conflict.

    I won’t enter to win the book since I’ve already downloaded, but I wish the other entrants luck!

    • Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve been there though(’89). And it WAS quite the experience; it didn’t help that me and my friends broke all the rules unknowingly on our first evening there in our exuberance to explore the city. I guess the director didn’t expect any students to be as energetic as we were after 18 hours of traveling. We’re lucky we weren’t hurt since we went to all the dangerous spots and did stupid naive things we learned later were very treacherous for Americans.

  4. Oh, wow—my Kindle is really backing up with so many interesting books to read! Thanks so much! 🙂 Ginger’s a great interview subject, and now all that talk of bacon is giving me the mid-afternoon munchies…. 😉 A semester in Israel must have been an incredible experience. No wonder it’s worked its way into your stories!

    • Yeah, congratulations. I emailed Anya so she can send you the coupon for Penelope. Hope you enjoy it. I’ve been downloading 2 free eBooks a day for February from Astrea Press, so I know what you mean about backlogging on the kindle. I figure I’d rather have too many than not enough books to read.

  5. It was so nice of Ginger to do an interview. Rommie, my golden, enjoyed the part about Scooby Snacks, bacon and salmon. In fact, she is quite jealous of Ginger as I have not bought her Scooby Snacks for some time.

    Good luck with the book sales.

    • Ginger sends her love and bacon breath to Rommie. She only mentioned Scooby Snacks because she misses them too. I usually get her the cheap cardboard tasting treats at Walmart. Huge bag for the same price as the little box of Scoobies. As much as I despise Walmart, I will brave the strange crowds and yelling moms to get Ginger’s food there.

  6. Well, you sure have the best book interviews on your blog! Maybe you could use Ginger as your interviewer next time you talk to another writer. 😉
    You should submit Ginger’s interview to your local newspaper!

  7. I didn’t know dogs ate salmon. Bears yes, but dogs? You’ve certainly created intrigue with your summary of Secret Keepers. Just out of curiosity, how many words did it run to?

    • Ginger goes berzerk for Salmon. It ranks right up there with bacon…but she doesn’t get as much salmon as bacon because we love our salmon too and humans get first dibs in our house. She usually eats the nasty skin. We don’t fight her for that. And word count for Secret Keepers came out at about 120,000. Kind of high, but that was with months of cutting to get it down from 150,000. A lot happens in this book.

  8. I’m glad Ginger loves it and it looks like it might give me dreams of running through grassy meadows too! Ginger already picked me for another book, so I’m going to go ahead and download this now! I’m looking forward to reading it.

  9. This is funny because my mother told me I smelled like bacon the other day. I was like, what are you, a retriever? Then I remembered I’d fried bacon for BLTs that morning. Man, that smell certainly lingers!! Congrats on your book and neat idea to use rafflecopter. I hear great things about that service.

    • Yeah, I’ll let you know how the raffledcopter thing goes. This is my first time trying it. Your bacon story makes me laugh. That smell does linger all day. But it’s a yummy smell.

  10. i just finished Eyes of Light – my fastest read in months – i like it! There are some parts i feel conflicted about – but that’s me personally… i’m going to do a review of it soon – i have to be honest, i feel funny reviewing a book by someone i sort of know (i know you virtually, not in person – hopefully some day we’ll meet in person 🙂 ) But i’m going to do anyway… so i would be quite honest in the review & hope i would not offend you in anyway… looking forward to Secret Keepers 🙂

    • Definitely be honest. I wouldn’t want you to review it if you weren’t. Hope you’re doing good and that spring is getting closer for you. It’s getting closer here (I’m SOOOO glad).

      • i would most definitely be honest… just wanted you to have a heads-up… Well, the days are getting longer but the temps seem to be staying real low over here…

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