Beat the winter blues–Go to Kauai

Heavenly ScentLast week I wrote about Winter funk. This week I’m writing about the cure…Kauai. If money wasn’t an option, I would move to this island paradise in a heartbeat and write in blissful peace for the remainder of my life and never suffer winter funk again.

There are many reasons why I love Kauai:

1) It’s the only island paradise I’ve been to (so I have nothing else to compare it to, and don’t really mind that)

2) Kauai NEVER has temperatures under 0 degrees Fahrenheit, NEVER has ice storms, and NEVER has their ocean or rivers freeze over with ice.

Non-icy roads

3) People on this island NEVER have to drive on icy or snow-packed roads.

Kauai trail on Na Pali coast

4. The beauty on this island rivals what I imagine the Garden of Eden to look like. No joking (except I’d do away with mosquitoes. Thanks for nothing, Captain Cook).

Dark jungle hikes5) This island is packed with awesome hikes into lush, dark, humid jungles WITHOUT snakes, reptiles and other scary creatures that want to kill you. The only critters lurking within Kauai’s dense jungles are bright colored roosters.

Strut your stuff

Instead of monkey sounds being heard in these “Indiana Jones” like settings, you only hear Cock-a-doodle-doo! (And I’m okay with that.)

PrettyHawaii_1 181Hawaii_2 163Hawaii_1 209

6) Every type of flower imaginable seems to exist here. Even the rivers are covered with floating orange flowers that fall from the trees.

deserted beach

7) There are no crowds. This makes me happy. We had many of the beaches (especially on the north shore) almost to ourselves.  Perfect.

Sea turtle

snow turtle

8) Snorkeling is fun. I saw a purple octopus creep across the sandy bottom, and then get on the coral and turn instantly into a rough, brown piece of coral. If I hadn’t seen him do it, I would never have spotted him. That made me wonder how many other critters were hiding right in plain sight. The sea turtle I followed awed me. They are so graceful…and lots more interactive than the one my daughter made out of snow.

Hanalei Bay

9) Peace! We started each day on this beach and took a walk along the bay and watched the sunrise and rainbows form before our eyes. I want to live in Hanalei Bay. If you’d like to leave a donation to send me there, I’m not too proud to accept them (I’ll even send you a receipt for tax purposes, if you’d like).

Ke'e Beach

10) Peace!  We ended each day on this beach and watched the sunset. What a life.

Sigh. I love this place! There’s nothing like imagining being on a beautiful warm island to beat the winter funk. I think I’m cured. Now how fast can I book a flight and get to the airport on these icy roads to make it a reality? Not fast enough,  me thinks. Where do you imagine going when it’s gray, cold and icky outside?

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54 thoughts on “Beat the winter blues–Go to Kauai

  1. Oh, yes, you’ve sold me. That water is so blue! Everything is pretty much gray where I’m at right now, so Kauai would be a welcome diversion. And as you alluded to, maybe I’ll never return home…

  2. I would love to go back some day and get a place right on the beach, or camp right near the beach. I’d do just what you did. Walk the beach and hike and look at all the beauty everywhere. It really was Eden on earth. We went way to fast and tried to do too many things. It would have been the perfect place to lounge and just explore on foot. I sure do hope you can go back some day! My husband and I want to go back some day, too.

    • The first time we went, we had fun, but we did try to do EVERYTHING! This last time, we just focused on the north side of the island (because that was our favorite from the first time) and meandered at a slower pace and had the time of our lives. And the kayak day trip down the NaPali coast was my favorite excursion ever. So fun! Definitely I want to do that again.

        • It was so dang fun (a lot of work too, but oh the thrill of being on those ocean waves…I can’t even describe it). I wanted to cry when we finished and I had to wobble on my sea legs to try to walk. I wanted back on the ocean. Of course I was loaded on Dramamine (they almost forced us to take it since there was no way out once we started the trip). So maybe I’d be a vomiting fool without that drug. I guess I’ll never know.

          • We kayaked in Main on the ocean. No dramamine and it didn’t bother me. Were your kayaks doubles or singles? I’d like to have a single. Steve and I can’t seem to ever get coordinated when we do it together.

            • We were in a double…thank goodness. I would have ended up in New Zealand if I had to steer. I just pretended to paddle. Brian really did all the work. I love my man. Another couple though, fought like cats and dogs the whole time because they couldn’t figure it out and kept almost crashing into the rest of us.

              • That would have been me and my husband. Love the man, but he’s incredibly uncoordinated and we’d barely get in synch then he’d go off kilter again. So, next time we kayak…I need a single!

                • Ha ha! That’s funny. It’s good at least one of us in each couple is cooridinated to keep the other from being lost at sea. For that reason, you shouldn’t get a single. You can’t lose your good husband now.

  3. Beautiful Captures of Paradise – thanks for sharing:) I think about pops of color and warmer weather when in a winter funk. I know this sounds strange, but I like hitting the gym this time of year too. Happy Monday!

  4. It looks like you could have walked up to the end of that rainbow! Where to go on a cold, snowy, dark winter day…. Someplace where the sun is shining and the temperature is just right. The Mediterranean? Hawaii? Since I can’t just take off and do something like that, I try to immerse myself in some of my characters’ settings—preferably a warm, comfortable one. 😉

    • Yes, writing can be a release when the days are miserable…getting into your character’s lives in bright sunny places. But I’ve really missed going outside and walking for real (it’s been too icy to safely do that).

  5. I’m with you a hundred percent! My parents went on their mission to Hawaii . . . isn’t that disgusting?! They served at the Polynesian Cultural Center and loved every single minute of it. They tried to tell us that they were working soooo hard, but we didn’t believe them! (just kidding) They’re really feeling winter this year in a big way. Lovely pictures!

    • That is my dream mission! How I wish my parents or in-laws would get missions like that. So far, no luck. I hope you went and visited them while they were there. I’m jealous.

  6. Lovely photos. Where I live I don’t have to ever battle snow or ice, but on our hiking trails you have to be careful not to get eaten by a gator. 😉 Kauai does look like heaven.

    • I think I’ll take the snow and ice over the gator, thank you. You probably have mosquitoes too, right? Watch your step so you don’t get eaten…and I’ll watch mine so I don’t slip and break my back.

    • If you like outdoor adventures and hiking, Kauai is perfect. Look into the kayaking the Na Pali Coast. It’s 17 miles (I think?) of open ocean kayaking beside the most spectacular cliffs in the world (I’m biased, but it’s true). Truly the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.

  7. This place is awesome – a true tropical paradise! I love that there are no creepy creatures as well (we have too many where I live!) Roosters are fine 😉

    How sad you must have been to leave such a magical place. You need to win the lottery – and when you do, I’ll come and visit you on in your mansion the island 😀

    • You know, I’d be fine with a little shack on that island. I don’t think I’d want to be indoors very much. And yes, not having the snakes is quite the extra bonus for this beautiful island. Hawaii is very diligent about checking incoming planes for stowaway snakes that get on at tarmacs and hitch rides from other places. They don’t want snakes to ever get there or else they’ll take over since there are no natural predators to keep their numbers down.

  8. Lovely pics, Char. Glad to hear you’ve been able to think warm thoughts. My version of paradise is the Great Barrier Reef. I had a holiday there many years ago and ended up staying an extra 3 days because I didn’t want to leave, but alas, money or should I say the lack of it, defeated me. I really hope to go back there one day.

    • The pictures I’ve seen of the Great Barrier Reef are incredible. And I LOVE snorkeling, so that would be an awesome place to do it at. I wish the money issue didn’t always have to make itself known at times when we’re enjoying ourselves. We’d have so much more fun if we could forget about it.

    • Well, donations are accepted if you’re looking for a good cause to contribute to (hee hee). It is a beautiful, peaceful place…heaven.

    • Yes, we’ve thought about trying Maui next time. I bet the snorkeling is even better since Kauai has so many rivers flowing into the ocean causing it to be silty viewing compared to the crystal clear waters of Maui.

  9. Char, I’ve been to Kauai as well and it is everything it is “hyped” to be! Some places aren’t but this is one that didn’t disappoint. I did get to go to Maui — and it’s the same. I’ve been craving some tropical, humid places myself. It’s that winter funk. Beautiful pictures!

    • Oh good! Glad to hear Maui is as good. We’ve considered it, but always wonder if we’d like it as much since its more crowded. What were your favorites about Maui, if you don’t mind sharing?

      • It’s a bit different. I’d have to dig out my pics. This was a long time ago. I do remember black sand beaches and it was more “commercial” than Kauai. I remember shops, bars, a few restaurants. But Kauai is more “unspoiled.” Isn’t that where they filmed some of Jurassic Park?

  10. That’s funny that there’s only roosters and no monkeys in those jungles! It looks like a perfect paradise to retreat to, even if it’s only in our minds. I like thinking of walking around or hiking in the hot, dry heat of Italy or Utah on winter days like the ones we’ve been suffering through, but this looks like an even better fantasy. Thanks for this burst of warmth and color!

      • Both – once you go you’ll want to go again and again. I loved everything about it – especially the people, the sound of the language, the melt-in-your-mouth pasta, the gelato…Now you’ve got me wanting to go to Kauai – too bad we can’t just keep traveling everywhere all the time!

  11. Ah, tropical weather. Never been there, but I did go to St. Kitts for Christmas a few years ago and it was divine. Monkeys galore, beautiful beaches, relaxed pace. Luckily there was a lot to do there — I’m not a sit-on-the-beach-all-day type of gal. I need to be active and explore. Thanks for the tantalizing thoughts!

  12. Gorgeous! I wish I could spend everyday there too! 🙂 That tortoise was beyond cool. At first I thought you were wickedly skilled with sand building. 🙂

  13. Sigh indeed…. What a heavenly, sunshiny post–and much needed–thank you!

    I’ve never been to Hawaii, but Aruba is one of my favorite places in the world. Vegas is always fun too!

    • I’m from Vegas, so it has never appealed to me (except Redrock and places outside of it). Aruba looks amazing. I’m not a big traveler, so don’t have a lot to compare Kauai to…but it’s stuck under my skin and in my heart now since I like hiking (and most of the island is inaccessible to cars so you have to hike to get places…nice unspoiled beauty).

  14. Amazingly lovely! Sigh! i wanna be there too… right now packing (or at least husband is packing) to go up the mountains for skiing for a few days – i like the snow but wish it weren’t so cold & i didn’t have to keep falling down the slopes ;)…. enjoy!

    • Yes, I know what you mean. The snow is lovely, but I’m a wimp in the cold too (and I fall too much when I ski…and it hurts). I feel much more comfortable on a warm beach or hiking (minus the snow)

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