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    • Thanks, Hilary. I’m just fighting the formatting part with Amazon, but should order my proof copy by tomorrow, read through and make any changes I didn’t catch on the computer, and then push Publish.

    • Thanks, Renee. You have a great one too. That grafting demo on your post today looked neat. That is an art I wouldn’t mind knowing how to do.

    • I like them too. They’re from the greenbelt here (And the butterfly was from the butterfly event at the zoo one summer; They were landing all over us)

    • Yep. They’re from the greenbelt and Albertson’s park downtown. We just did our family photos there during Christmas break and they turned out awesome too with the snowy trees. Except we were super cold because we were out there for about an hour in 25 degree weather (my son was the worst; his coat didn’t match ours, so we kept making him take his off so he didn’t clash in the pictures. Poor guy)

  1. Best wishes with the final production work! If you wouldn’t mind being a guinea pig for my first blog interview, I’d be happy to do a post on the book. πŸ™‚

    • Wow! Thanks, Jacqueline. I would love to be a guinea pig. I just ordered the proof book today, so am anxiously waiting for it to ship to me and then I can do final proofread. Yea!

    • Yeah, I was pretty pumped today after I bought the proof copy on Amazon. I know I will need to make changes once I see it in print, but I’m crossing my fingers that there isn’t much to change and that it will be available to readers before the end of the month (or at least early Feb, if nothing else)

  2. Very exciting news. This one I am NOT downloading on my mother-in-law’s ereader, ahem, as now I have my own. This way I get to keep the books myself. πŸ™‚

    I’m happy to host you on a blog tour or something, if you’re planning on marketing in that vein.

    • Thanks so much, Kate. I would love your help with the marketing, if you don’t mind. That isn’t my favorite thing (maybe it’s nobody’s)

  3. Well. For whatever reason, I’m out of the loop. I used to get email notifications whenever you (and Carrie) put up new blogs posts. I haven’t in weeks. I just stopped by here because I wondered why you haven’t been posting. I have some reading to do!! Sorry I’ve been silent. I just didn’t get my reminders so I forgot to check.

    I’m excited to get your next book!

    • Thanks, Gina. Maybe I should double check yours to see if the same holds true for me not getting reminders. (just checked my email, and I see that your name is in the email with a post….so I guess I’m not having your problem). I hope that doesn’t happen to me, because I rely solely on my email to inform me of when my favorite bloggers post. The WordPress reader is too messy and confusing. Are you missing Kauai now that you’re back in winter? I’m missing it, and I’ve been home for 2-1/2 years.

      • I AM missing Kauai! I’d love to just spend a whole day on a beach. What a great place.
        Yes, I rely on my email, too. Can’t do that now. The only reason I knew Carrie posted was because I saw it on FB. I didn’t see any of these you’ve done on FB. 😦 I’ll stop by the site to make sure I’m reading yours, though.

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