2013–Think Big

happy new yearIt’s that time again! Last year when I started my blog, I made BIG goals. They were so big I don’t think I can outdo them…so I’ll just report on how I did and say ditto (try again in 2013).

  1. Clean out my garage. Good news! I did two shelves instead of one. I am on my way to garage cleanliness (if only my college daughters would stop dumping their priceless junk there between semesters).
  2. Lose 200 lbs. Good news again. If you count all the times this year that I’ve lost a pound or two, then I am well on my way to those 200 lbs. (We won’t count all the times I gained each of those pounds back).
  3. Run a marathon. I made good progress with this goal. I watched my 3rd daughter run cross country for months…and I felt very tired and fit from watching her.
  4. Climb Mt. Everest.Β My home life isn’t pathetic enough yet to make me want to do this. I consider that wonderful news (because I don’t really like the cold).
  5. Swim the English Channel. Seriously. What was I thinking when I made this goal last year. I wasn’t. I like swimming just about as much as I like the cold (and The English Channel is both. Ick!) I might procrastinate this one again.
  6. Sing like Josh Groban. Didn’t come close, but I listened to him a lot and sang by myself in the car, and sometimes I wondered if I actually sounded better. And then I hit a sour note and realized NOT.
  7. Work on my memory. Why bother. It’s already gone. I will try to work around this by getting my kids to remember things for me.
  8. Visit the Moon. I’m counting this as done because the moon and I have become good friends. I visit her when I walk at night (and she helps me see the big owl nesting across the canal and makes me glad I’m not a mouse).
  9. Become the first female President of the U.S. Obama beat me out this year, but he’s out of the running in 4 more years, so I’m getting my campaign shoes on and pretending I care about politics so that people will vote for me in 2016. I like candy. Vote for me.
  10. Win the lottery. Failed miserably. Didn’t even enter, but I have big plans for that 3 million in case someone else enters my name on a fluke and I win.

2013New Year’s Goals tire me out. But I still like making them. What about you? Do you have big plans for 2013? Can you beat mine (just kidding)?

But can you?

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37 thoughts on “2013–Think Big

  1. Great goals! Of course, I share the lofty number 10 goal. Weird huh? πŸ˜‰ I’ve always wanted to create a writers factory from lottery winnings. I would supply the basic plots while the writers would write the stories. What could go wrong? πŸ™‚ But seriously, my main goal is to just continue writing and improving.

    • I would sign up for basic plots to write. Great goal…good luck with it. And may your writing continue to improve and bring you much happiness in 2013.

  2. Love the practicality of your goals. Especially being the next president. With that chex mix recipe you introduced me to, you get my vote. Happy New Year, Char!

    • Yeah, who needs to give out lollipops to babies. I’ll just pass the trough of Chocolate Chex mix around and everyone will support me in droves. Or not. But it could happen.

  3. I love the idea of you being the first female President. You have my vote! I will volunteer to be your campaign manager for the state of Ohio. Wishing you and your family health, happiness and prosperity in 2013.

  4. You know, I’m pretty sure most of those are achievable, I mean, they’re all things that HAVE been achieved by others right? And those others aren’t any more special than you right? Although, I’m not sure that any one person has achieved ALL of them, but that shouldn’t put you off trying.

    In terms of your number 5, on another blog I follow, she took part in a ‘Swim the channel challenge’ where she had to swim the equivalent distance, but in her local pool over the course of a month (I think it was a month). It was some kind of charity thing to raise money. She knew how many lengths that equated to, and set her daily goal. So I’m thinking you could achieve several of yours in a similar way!

    • Bite them off in tiny morsels. That’s great advice. I already was doing the weight thing that way…but I hadn’t considered doing that with the others.

  5. Char, Char, Char…

    You obviously don’t take your New Year’s resolutions as seriously as I take mine. My least ambitious goal for 2013? 1. Become a Rockette and dance in the 2012 Christmas Pageant

    It’s number 1 because I first have to learn to do a lock-kneed-leg stretch to touch my nose while balancing on one food. I suspect I have to grow about 6 inches in height (not breadth, please no) before tryouts.

    Stop by New York on your way to England. I’ll get you back stage passes.

    Should you find me in handcuffs, chained to a light pole — it’s all part of the show. Really.

      • Oh, Gloria! You crack me up. I will definitely stop by NY on my way to the English channel. I would love to see your Rockette performance (preferably not handcuffed to a pole though). Way to go beating my resolutions. I didn’t think anyone could…but if that is your least ambitious one, I think you might have me.

  6. Yep I got you beat.

    “Give up sugars, artificial sweeteners and grains for a whole food diet for at least 30 days.”

    I’d rather climb Mt. Everest or run another marathon–backwards. Lol.

    But I’m at the end of Day 3 of no processed food, no added sugar, no grains (boo!), and only sweetener in my coffee. Shooting for 30 days, we’ll see!

    Happy New Year my friend.

    • That is harder than climbing Mt. Everest. Way to go, my healthy, running sober friend. I cheer you on; that is an a challenging thing to do. Let me know how you feel. When I tried it years ago, the first week almost killed me. After that the desire for sweets was a lot less though and it got easier.

      • Starting Day 4, and I feel a lot less foggier than I did the first 3 days. It’s similar to that post-run sludgy feeling I had. I’m not sleeping well, I wake up several times a night, but I read that your brain chemicals have to get rewired and all that stuff so sleep can be difficult, even though you may be exhausted and fatigued. I’m eating a lot of fruit and natural food, and I’ve even dropped a few pounds–water I’m sure from the holiday bloat, but I’ll take it! So far so good, an interesting experiment for sure, considering how much I LOVE my breads and bagels.

        • Yes, the breads and bagels are some of my favorites too. My mom made cinnamon rolls during Thanksgiving and I realized that I have absolutely NO control with those tempting little suckers. Good thing I’m too lazy to make them for myself.

  7. I thought for sure “eat more chocolate” would also be on your list! I’ve added it to mine, but that one will be hard to accomplish because I already eat so much chocolate. I’m glad you’ve been able to visit the Moon – that’s a great one! Happy 2013!

    • Sorry, no more chocolate for me. I already eat plenty. And I was too stubborn to put eat LESS. And the moon is nice to visit. She doesn’t talk back or interrupt.

  8. I figure the day I’ve knocked out all my goals is the day my life is complete. I’d rather let things carry into the new year. πŸ™‚

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