Tips for Holiday Recovery

recovering holidaysDid you have a great Christmas? I hope you did. I loved mine, but Ginger shows how we all feel inside as we look at our messy houses with gift wrapping still stuck in the carpet and bows scattered in odd places…not to mention all the tempting candy and treats laying around on the counters. And now you have to put away all your Christmas gifts and vacuum your carpet to get rid of tinsel, tape and dog hair (if you have a Golden Retriever).

If you are having an AFTER-CHRISTMAS MELTDOWN because you feel sick from sweets, lazy, and miss the Christmas cheer already, then let me ease your burden and give you some recuperating tips.

Tip 1:

Hurry and eat all those tempting treats before New Year’s. I think you’ll get less cavities that way than if you nitpick at them for the next month. That is bad on the teeth. Have an After-Christmas party with whoever and snarf down that peanut brittle, fudge, chocolate Chex mix, and whatever else Christmas left in its wake. Think of it as a tsunami for your stomach. It will cause major damage, but once it’s over…you can get down to real life (without tempting treats).

Tip 2:

Exercise as if you’re going on a beach vacation next month. Maybe even staple some pictures on your wall by your exercycle or treadmill to encourage yourself to greater calorie smashing sessions. Watch Lord of the Rings while you exercise. Those are so long (but think of how many calories you’d burn. You might be dead by the end, but you’ll be a skinny dead).

Tip 3: 

Watch your husband and kids like a hawk and pounce on them for any misdeed. If your son forgets to take out the garbage or make his bed, ground him until he cleans up all those bows around the Christmas tree. When your daughter begs to be driven to her friend’s house, make it contingent on her putting all the empty boxes away in the garage, and then reward her with a piece of fudge (one less that you have to eat). The Christmas mess will get cleaned up faster this way.

Tip 4: 

If you’re too lazy to put the tree away, tell your kids to cut out hearts and skewer them to the pine branches. Then you have a broken heart tree for Valentines and will have bought yourself another month and a half that you can procrastinate taking the lights off that silly tree. By February, you might be completely recovered from Christmas. I hope you are.

Tip 5:

Unplug the Christmas lights out on the house so you don’t look completely like a lunatic in January. But wait until spring when it”s warmer to climb that ladder to take the lights down. No need to slip and break your back. I’ve heard that completely ruins the Christmas spirit you once had.

Whew! I’m so glad I could help you all out. Do you happen to have any other Christmas recovery tips you’d like to share? I would love to hear them.

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23 thoughts on “Tips for Holiday Recovery

  1. There’s a recipe for chocolate Chex mix?????

    Must. Make. Then, I’ll snarf it before I ring in the New Year.

    Post Christmas, I focus on The New Year. 2013! Woot! Goals list in the making. First one? Start the new year with an organized underwear drawer. A good friend once told me, “If you want to organize your life, start with your underwear drawer.”

    • Yes, the glitter. My Christmas flower arrangement has a few glittery stems in it and it always makes a mess. I hear you on the water and avoiding sweets…I spent all day yesterday with the stomach flu, and am still kind of weak from that. I might not get all the sweets eaten before New Years now with this mishap.

  2. Excellent tips, Char! My boys would prefer your post-holiday attitude. Living with Sheldon as a mother ensures that all wrapping paper is discarded shortly after present opening, and all presents are put away by the afternoon. Of course, how well put away those presents are in their bedrooms is a different story. But at least I don’t have to look at the mess there.

    By the way, your comment “You might be dead by the end, but you’ll be a skinny dead.” gave me a good laugh. Lord of the Rings would indeed be a long movie to exercise to. 🙂

    • To be truthful, I kind of like the Christmas mess for a week or so in my living room. Now that I live far from family, I don’t get surprise visits to embarrass me, so I like seeing everyone’s presents out. We have lots of lego set up all over the living room right now. I almost want to go buy the Lego architecture sets so me and my oldest daughter can get into the fun too (but those are pricey, so I’ll go watch Les Mis instead. 1 hour. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it)

        • I’ll let you know. Les Mis is my favorite book, movie, musical, PBS sing-a-thon, whatever in the world…so they’d have to really flub it up for me not to like it. I’m just hoping I don’t cry. That is not something I like to do in public.

            • Okay. Here’s my short review. Awesome. Russell Crow can sing (who knew?). Wolverine was a great actor, but my girls thought he fell flat on some of his songs (I was too into the story to notice things like that…probably since I’m not a singer myself and have no right to judge another). Very emotional and well done. I’m glad I got to see it.

  3. Those are so funny – thanks for making me laugh! That’s one thing we all have to do after the holidays…recover. Another thing we all have in common is putting Christmas bows on our dog’s heads – I took a picture like that but was too lazy to even transfer it from the camera.

  4. I agree with tip #1, forget about tip #2, but then, when it comes down to removing the remnants of the holidays, I’m not following you. I’m all for dragging the decorations as long as I can, at least inside the house. My ex the grinch used to nag me to take down the tree by January 1, but I love looking at it as long as I can. I think I’ll keep it up until mid January this year. I love how we turn it on as soon as it gets dark and its glow in our dark living room. It’s just magical and I don’t want the magic to go away yet.

    • I hear you on keeping the decorations up for as long as you can. It’s always sad when the tree comes down. The house feels a little empty.

  5. No. 1 is a great tip. And the heavy can’t-eat-another-sweet-thing-my-stomach-hurts feeling is a great bit of negative reinforcement. I don’t want to eat anything sweet until at least Valentine’s Day after all those Christmas goodies are gone!

  6. Great tips and so funny. 🙂 One of these days, you’ll have to try writing a humorous short story. You’re a natural!

    We had a lovely Christmas, but I’ve had major computer problems since Christmas Eve. 😦 Fortunately, I have all my important data, photos etc., backed up.

    • So sorry about the computer problems. Those aren’t so fun. We had oven problems the week before Christmas (which made baking for neighbors very hard…well, um impossible). Unfortunately, I couldn’t back up my oven and reboot it. Why are appliances such pieces of junk now days? Oh well. Thanks for the encouragement. I love being goofy when I write, so I’ll keep your advice in mind.

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