Book Buffet…the holidays aren’t fattening enough

With Christmas right around the corner (Ah! Coming in at full speed!), I thought I’d spotlight some books I’ve read over the last few months for anyone who needs gift ideas or personal reading ideas.

Since writing my own books, I realize how much symbolic blood, sweat and tears are put into each tale. So today I’m offering you a buffet of books to choose from that I’ve liked. There are appetizers (fun romances), main courses (stories that stay in your mind long after you finish them), and desserts (short books with inspiring messages).

Pick what you want from my smorgasbord. Hopefully, you’ll find a book or website that you want to feast upon. Now hurry up! You’re holding up the buffet line.

Espionage – A.L. Sowards

WWII Suspense. Plot that centers around an American spy sent into France to deceive the Germans into thinking the Allied invasion will come at a different beach and time than they suspect. Story has intense action scenes, a budding romance, and…of course, espionage.

The Seneca Scourge – Carrie Rubin

Medical Thriller with a touch of sci-fi. Reading this will make you want to run from everyone who even looks like they might sneeze…or snidely tell that person that coughs on you (in your best Napoleon Dynamite imitation), “Gosh! Turn your head. Thanks for wiping out mankind!”

Reluctant Bachelorette – Rachael Anderson

Contemporary Romance. Fun read with witty characters. The gist of this story is that the main character is steamrolled into being the town’s Bachelorette for a fundraiser; she must date a bunch of men as the online audience whittles down contestants. The clincher–one of the bachelors is the man who broke her heart years ago and she’s determined to get him kicked off the show.

Slow Dance in Purgatory – Amy Harmon

Paranormal Romance. This story involves a 50-year-old ghost and an orphan girl with the ability to see him. Written very well. This story sucked me in, even though ghosts aren’t my thing. This ghost is kind of dreamy though. I’m definitely going to read the sequel. It was that good.

Are You There Blog – It’s Me, Writer – Kristen Lamb

Educational Nonfiction. Nonfiction usually puts me to sleep, but this author was hilarious and I found her book easy reading (obviously, since I finished it so fast). She gives great advice to writers (whether you’re published or not) about what to do with blogging and other social media to market your writing in today’s changing world. Loved it.

The Wicked Wager – Anya Wylde

Regency Romance. Most books in this genre can be very stuffy as the characters stick to English conventional mannerisms, social patterns and speech of that time. This story wove a lot of  wit into the pages and made me laugh as the characters dug themselves deeper into a tangled web of deceit and intrigue.

Casting Stones & Recipes for Revenge – Gina Barlean

Dark Suspense. Barlean’s books stay with you long after you’re done with them. The tragic events make it so you can’t put them down. The author is brilliant! Recipes for Revenge is a collection of short stories about different women who get abused by the men in their lives…and how they get even. Darth Gina loves the Dark Side of stories, but her wit comes through in her sassy female characters.

A Reason to Live & One Bad Twelve – Matthew Iden

Crime Thriller. This follows a retired police detective as he tries to help a young woman solve an old murder (her mother’s) because the murderer is back and stalking her now. The other book has 12 shorts that cover a wide spectrum of genres and topics. Iden’s writing is precise, sharp, and stunning. He has a way of connecting the reader to the character in gripping plots.

The Santa Exclusive – Brent Boswell

I just finished this one. It was a novella that had a great message for this time of year. Similar to The Christmas Carol with a scroogy old guy (a journalist) who needs to be taught the truth about Christmas and himself. If you need some Christmas cheer, try it out (especially if it’s still free on Amazon).

Edenbrooke – Julianne Donaldson

Regency Romance. Sigh. This was one of my favorite books of the year. I devoured this story twice within the same week. You will love the characters.

Origin – Jessica Khoury

Sci-fi Thriller. Set in the Amazon rainforest in a science compound where they are experimenting with immortality in Pia, a 17-year-old girl. The writing is great and the moral questions brought up in this are unique and thought-provoking. (Bonus: her website is amazing!)

Yummy! There are so many great books out there…just not enough time to read them all. But I still try! Happy Reading.


25 thoughts on “Book Buffet…the holidays aren’t fattening enough

  1. Thanks so much for listing my book! Very nice of you. And I loved the summary you provided on the others. I’ll have to bookmark this page for future reference. Ah, if only we could fill the day with reading instead of those annoying real-life things that need to get done.

    As always, you’re a delight, Char!

      • As much as I love Christmas, its prep is slowing me down a bit. But I still work on my WIP for at least an hour in the morning before I start anything else. That way I know I’ve at least done something. Hope you’re finding some writing time yourself.

        • Yes, I’ve been working a couple hours a day on my second book. It’s almost ready. I’m still trying to shave off 20 more pages, and then I’ll probably be happy with it. I don’t want the print copy to be too expensive.

  2. This looks like lots of good reading! I bet I’ll be doing different reading once I get a Kindle (which won’t be for another 6 months at my birthday). You just reminded me I still need to read Are you there, God, it’s me, Margaret. It’s been on my to-read list for a long time. I should really get to it.

    • I’ve enjoyed my Kindle. It took me a few months before I got used to it and liked reading it over a real book, but I love how easy it is to get new books now. Can’t wait until you get yours! And yes, I need to read that same book.

    • I know what you mean. I have a huge list to read, and yet each week I add more to it (and then my in-laws and parents sent me home with dozens of other books from their place after the holidays. Sigh! I sometimes wish I could speed read (but that might take some of the magic out of the stories if I read them too fast).

    • Yeah, Carrie did a great job on her book. Even with all the technical jargon (or maybe because of it), I was easily transported into her world without hiccuping on overly large doctor words.

  3. So many more books! Thats just amazing Char! I added all of them to my pile of TBR! Thank so much for inviting me to the delicious feast! 😛


  4. Fun reviews of some great books. I haven’t read all of the books you mentioned (I am soooo far behind on my reading list). But I love to give books as presents, so your list will come in handy.

  5. ORIGIN – now that sounds a bit different… and just in time, too, because I’ve been growing weary of YA books. I was starting to get all the heroines confused and blurring dystopian worlds.

  6. Which book is the chocolate one? Origin sounds like good eating – I’ll have to add it to my list. I love picking out new ones to read. Thanks for the recommendations!

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