The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (Week 21)

There are books like Twilight and Hunger Games that everyone has heard about; but what about all those books written by people you’ve never heard of? Some of them are treasures, just waiting to be found, and that’s what this blog hop is all about–the books you might NOT have heard about, but that you might end up loving.

This blog hop is like a game of tag. One author posts and tags other authors who link back to their website the next week and tag new authors. If you follow the blog hop long enough, you’re bound to find some books you’ll love–maybe even one that ends up being the next big thing.

I was tagged by A.L. Sowards. You can learn more about Sowards and her book Espionage from her website, facebook page or through twitter (@ALSowards).

This blog hop includes some questions to help you learn more about an author’s current work in progress. Here’s mine:

1: Working title?  Secret Keepers

2: What genre does this book fall under?  Suspenseful romance

3: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?  Ha, ha! My weakness is remembering names of movie stars. Even if I could remember, I’ve never come across an actress that looks like Suvi to me in my mind. I purposely didn’t put a picture on Eyes of Light for that reason. There will be a faded picture on Secret Keepers, but that is Suvi with a wig  and colored contacts (she’s in hiding). As for the guys in my book–Austan would be some handsome Hispanic hunk, and James has to have a cute dimple. If you’re good at Hollywood names, fill in this question for me, please.

4: What is a one-sentence synopsis of your book?  Suvi, Austan and James must battle terrible secrets from the past in order to survive and find happiness in the future.

5: Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? Self-published for now.

6: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?  I wrote the whole trilogy (very rough, rough, rough draft) in about three months. That was years ago. I’ve been revising and editing Secret Keepers since May of this year.

7: Who or what  inspired you to write this book?  I’ve written about this HERE

8. Tell us more about your work in progress.  This 2nd book is intense and darker than the first. I’d compare it to the 2nd Star Wars movie–Empire Strikes back–where Han is frozen at the end…except that I don’t freeze any of my characters. That made me cry in Star Wars, and I just refused to do it in Secret Keepers. Can you imagine if James or Austan was frozen! NOOOOO! There also is no giant sludge creature like Jaba the Hutt in Secret Keepers, but light sabers might be seen in a scene or two (just kidding).

Serious now…the same three characters (Suvi, Austan, and James) are followed in this book as in Eyes of Light, and tested to their limits and beyond at times. That sounded like Toy Story…but I assure you that there are no Barbies or talking pigs in Secret Keepers either…or space men. Now you know what it is NOT.

Here is a list of authors who will be joining the hop for week 22 on November 21st. I hope you’ll visit their blogs next week and learn more about their books. Maybe one of them will become your new favorite author!

1 Gina Barlean –  has several books out, including: Casting Stones and Recipes for Revenge (which I loved!).  All her links can be found here:

2 Rebecca Belliston – is the author of Sadie. I loved this book too, and can’t wait for the sequel, Augustina. You can find out more about her  and her book at:

May the Force be with you now!


38 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (Week 21)

  1. Ooh, sounds intriguing! If you need any help choosing the hunky males for the movie version, just give me a shout, I will selflessly do that for you, because that’s the type of gal I am!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Char. I’ve got this on my calendar. I’ll squeeze it in somewhere between making pies and brining a turkey! 😉

    • It was a hard decision to make. I finally caved to my fans who would have hunted me down and done something awful if I’d frozen my characters.

        • Oh now! THAT is a good idea. Next time I go I’m going to branch out and try a new blizzard flavor than usual (in your honor). The Hawaiian has never disappointed me, but there are lots of flavors I haven’t tried yet (maybe they will give me magical writing powers).

            • Gosh, between the Dairy Queen and the chocolate conversations, you’d think we’re a group of very large women! Does anybody want to write a book about this? Like the Dairy Queen book club? Oh, oh, the Dairy Drag Queen book club?

              By the way, did you know you can bring whatever you want to put in your blizzard to DQ and they’ll make it for you. It just has to be in little pieces. How do I know that? Because one day I commented they seemed to have all candy bars on the list except kit kat and the kid behind the counter told me I could bring my own. Mmmm, I can just taste it right now.

  3. Char and Carrie, I think the blizzard solution is to buy two—one in your go-to favorite and one in a different flavor. 🙂

    So many books, so little time! Oh for those carefree days of youth when I had plenty of time to devour books!

    • Yes, I can turn any post into a Star Wars related theme. Maybe that’s due to my 12 year old son who has talked about those movies for years. I’m looking forward to your tag and hearing more about Augustina.

  4. Star Wars and Toy Story. Gosh, you know how to keep our attention on track! I think you could have thrown some chocolate in there too. Or maybe something about Ginger… I like how second episodes/books of a series have a darker turn. As long as the last book ends well, I’m all for it.

    • I guess it makes sense since a trilogy is all one big story and usually the problem climaxes in the middle, which would be the 2nd book. Dark and dreary. And yes, my thoughts turn to the same subjects all the time because we have these conversations around the dinner table. My boy will ask: Who would win in a fight? Yoda or Iron Man. And I don’t know, although Yoda is my favorite, so I always pick him to kick butt.

  5. Sounds like a great one! No zombies though? Didn’t your husband try to add those in? That’s amazing that you wrote a trilogy in three months. You must have really been inspired (or maybe you were chained to your desk at the time?) 🙂

    • Zombies are the first things I cut when I find them, since I know my husband likes to throw them in. Star Wars characters I allow in because they’re not gruesome looking (except for some of those beasties they fight in the arenas;I don’t like them).

    • I just read your Bio, Allison, and think we’ll get along just fine since you love Star Wars too…enough so to name your son Luke. That’s awesome. My son tells me when he has children some day, he’s naming one Chewie. What a lucky grandma I’ll be.

  6. I love the sound of this book, too! I still, sadly, have not read your first one as my mom-in-law has been out of the country and she took her e-reader with her (which is where your book has been downloaded). I really hope to read it soon, because of The Next Big Thing of yours. 🙂

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