Happy Halloween and Nevada Day!

P1010928Just wanted to wish everyone a fun, candy-filled Halloween and Nevada Day. Nevada has the coolest State birthday EVER! I’m making pumpkin soup right now (it’s my favorite Halloween tradition…as well as Nevada Day tradition and every other week tradition because it is so yummy. Click HERE for the recipe. You’ll like it if you like pumpkin and bacon).

Ginger is moping at my feet because I didn’t give her a taste of the crunchy delicious bacon. Maybe I’ll give her one since she’s a native Nevadan like me. There you go, girl. Now stop biting at your pumpkin costume!

Since I need to get this soup ready before my family takes off in different Halloweeny directions (getting lost in a corn maize, bugging neighbors for candy, etc), I am linking to my CANDY post here so you can get in the mood for Trick-or-Treaters. UR Welcome! May this night be filled with SNICKERS and ALMOND JOY and may your BUTTERFINGERS be clean tomorrow and not sticky with Caramel. Yum!

P1010930To those in Nevada…congratulations on having your state turn one year older. You should be so proud! I know I am.


Ginger! Stop taking your costume off!

28 thoughts on “Happy Halloween and Nevada Day!

  1. Because of Sandy, our Halloween, here in my little corner of Ohio, is Sunday 11/4. Rommie loves her court jester collar. She flips out when I take it out of her top dresser drawer. She knows what it means – lots of kiddies and their parents are coming to see her! It is her favorite holiday. Hope you have lots of fun tonight.

    • Ginger wants a court jester collar now. How cute. This is one of the kids younger costumes that they tortured her with. She really doesn’t like things on her…but we still try anyway. Best wishes on the cleanup from Sandy. Did you have a bunch of trees down in your area?

      • No, we got lucky. I have twigs in the front and back yard. The neighbor had a tree leaning against her house, thank God it did not crash through it. Other parts of Northeast Ohio got hit harder, but nothing like the East Coast.

  2. Adorable post. Ginger is such a beautiful dog. I love labs.
    I think that Pumpkin soup recipe sounds very good. I like the potatoes and sour cream in it. I make a butternut squash soup and I could eat it all the time too. So creamy and warming. I think it’s really neat to have as a halloween tradition. Good job, Mom!

    • Yeah…I used to try to do the casserole in a pumpkin and cook it, but I never enjoyed those. Since we’ve tweaked this recipe to my liking, this has been the winner for 5-6 years now…although my son wishes I’d do a pumpkin pie as well. That’s just too much. I told him he’d get candy (if there are leftovers).

      • I think it’s fun your son wants the pie too. I don’t blame you for not making it though. Now I’m going to be trying to think of an easy dessert out of pumpkins for your son! It would probably be easy to find something on Pinterest.

  3. Ginger is my new best friend. She and I both love BACON!

    What a face! I bet she’s an absolute sweetheart.

    (and you know I loved your candy post!)

    • Bacon is divine! Ginger is everyone’s best friend. She even likes cats and hurt birds. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. I wish all dogs were like her (except guard dogs…she’s not a good guard dog).

    • Thanks, Dianne. I think she’s a pretty, happy-looking dog too. We did have a good Halloween…but I’m glad it’s over. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for the year (probably because the stores haven’t figured out how to commercialize it too bad).

  4. Ginger is So cute and such a pretty girl! :+) Sounds like your family had lots of fun over the holiday. I will check out your pumpkin soup recipe. Thank You for the recipe!

    • The good thing about pumpkin soup is that you can use it to celebrate November too (and the rest of the year, besides summer when it’s hot and soup isn’t so appealing)

  5. I think I may have mentioned that I have a dog named Ginger, too. She’s an English Setter, and I have never tried to dress her up aside from sunglasses and a sun hat. I really like the pumpkin costume. Your Ginger looks splendid.

    I lurve pumpkin soup, and the one I make does not have bacon. But I lurve bacon, too–so I’m going to look at your recipe and try it out! 🙂

    • Ginger’s a great name for a dog. And I can’t say that Ginger likes being dressed up. My kids did that on a fluke, and then we took a funny video of her trying to get it off. You’ll have to tell me how this pumpkin soup compares to your other recipe.

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