How to UNSELL yourself–Lesson 1

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Most people write books, give lectures and training on how to SELL yourself.  But I offer you lessons of a different kind. Write what you know…the experts say. So that’s what I aim to do.

I’m a writer…not a salesman. That means that I love writing, but do not like selling things. Even if I wrote a story as great as JK Rowling or CS Lewis, I would not sell it to my next door neighbor, let alone the whole world.

I am an expert at unselling myself. It’s something I do quite well. That’s why I feel very confident in teaching you about this creative art. My first tip is probably the most important.

Don’t let your mom know what you do.

This is very important because Moms like to tell the whole world what their children do. I’m a mom and can attest to this truth. We like to brag up our kids. My daughter composed a song, and I had to brag all over Idaho about her. My mom would do the same to me with my book. If I told her I had written a book, she’d be all over that piece of news like a fly on garbage.

Even if what you write is like garbage, your Mom won’t mind. She will be the fly that thinks that it is the BEST DARN GARBAGE around! She’ll invite all her friends to feast on your garbage and get their friends to come to the table…and well…basically, she’s selling you!

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Stay away from Moms. They are the master salesmen when it comes to their kids. They act all sweet and loving, but they are after the SALE. I’m trying to teach you how NOT to shine, achieve, or publish. So don’t forget this handy tip. Love your Mom, but don’t breathe a word of what you don’t want sold to the world.

This first step is SOOO important, that I’m going to end here and give you the weekend to internalize this truth before I give you the next lesson. If you can’t learn to keep your talents hidden from your Mom, you aren’t going to succeed in Unselling yourself. You just aren’t!

So practice acting sly around your Mom. When she asks what you’re up to, tell her, “Why nothing important. I’ve just been pinning interesting things from others’ lives on Pinterest. It’s quite fun.”

Don’t let her smell your SHINE. She’s as wiley as any car salesman and will TOOT your horn if you slip and say too much. So MUM is the word when you’re with MOM.

Stay tuned next week when I reveal the next important step in UNSELLING yourself. You CAN do it! I’m going to teach you how. You can thank me later when you’re not famous!


26 thoughts on “How to UNSELL yourself–Lesson 1

  1. Hahaha, this is such a cute idea! God bless Moms, they’re the absolute best cheerleaders.

    I spent many a year in sales. I was good at it, but I felt kind of fraudulent because it wasn’t my passion. I’m much more comfortable out of the spotlight.

    They say the best products sell themselves anyway.

    I look forward to the series! Have a great day Char.

  2. This is so funny and definitely a better perspective than worrying about selling yourself all the time! Very true about moms too – mine is and always will be my biggest fan so I already screwed up with that first step. 🙂

    • Yes, most of us have screwed up that first step big time! Glad you liked my post. It was much more fun to write than an upbeat Sell myself as an author type post would have been.

  3. Haha. Too late for me. My mother already set up a book signing for me in New Hampshire. She emailed me and told me she gave the events coordinator my email, and that he’d be contacting me. Say what? So, on November 10th, I have a book signing in Keene, NH during a weekend that I’ll be visiting my mother. My own little marketer. 🙂

  4. Oh I’d love to have a marketing mom! That would be delightful! I completely understand your thinking. This whole selling oneself…it’s not for me. I’ll just slink off to a corner and pretend I never wrote a book!

    • Yeah, Carrie’s lucky with her book-signing gig Mom. I’ll slink away with you in that corner (I have chocolate, so we won’t be sad).

  5. I’m afraid the cat’s out of the bag with me, too. I’m normally very quiet about what I do. But for some reason I decided to tell people I was writing a novel. What was I thinking?! Oh wait…I did it because I knew it was the “prodding” I needed to keep with the writing. Three years later, I’m still “plodding.” 🙂 But I’m looking forward to your next installment. Maybe I got that one right!

    • That is one good thing about telling people about our writing…it’s embarrassing to not write then…so it is good motivation to excel. I look forward to your next installment too!

  6. I live 6000 miles away from my mom, so if she says anything good about what I do, I have no idea… But I know I’ll be my kids’ best promoter in whatever they do and are good at. I’m definitely not one of those moms who praises my kids for everything and anything that they do. That does nothing, except boast their ego in a horrible way!

  7. Uh oh… my mom knows about my new book, and she’s flying here tonight! (We live 3,000 miles apart.) On the positive, I edited the book, so if she cheerleads, she won’t necessarily be selling me; she’ll be selling my other 41 authors. Still a far cry from unselling. I look forward to the next installment!

  8. I think you might be onto something. So all I have to do is find a few enterprising mothers with great networking and marketing skills and I’ll be famous. 🙂 Actually, hold on a minute! I don’t want to be famous; I don’t like the attention and all the crazies out there. Perhaps we can compromise. I’ll continue as a hermit, but the book can be famous. Even moderate sales of my work would be nice. Looking forward to the series on how not to sell. 🙂

    • Mothers sell better when there is actually a blood link to you. Random mothers won’t work (they’re looking out for their own). And I agree, I’d like my writing to sell quite well, but be unknown myself. I don’t want people to know who the heck I am. Fame looks tedious (having to watch what you wear and have people want your autograph. I can’t hardly stand to sign my own checks–which are few and far between–what would I do if I had to sign people’s napkins or books all day? Yeck!)

    • One more thing, Justin. Have you used that Smart Edit program that’s on your site? It looks good. I just wondered if there were any glitches or things to beware of before I downloaded it.

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  10. The other thing about moms (connected to mistaking garbage for roses) is that they tend to misremember or skew facts about their children. Once, when I fessed to my mom that I lack confidence in really “bringing it” with my book, she pshawed me and said, “But you’re a risk-taker! You climbed a mountain!”

    I stared at her and said, “Uh no, mom, that wasn’t me. That was your youngest child, when she went to live in the Appalacian mountains for a month, with all of those ‘families’.”

    Really, moms will do anything to get you and your face and your name out there.

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