Yes, I’ve got a sweet tooth

I like sweet things…if you haven’t noticed yet.  I’ve posted about Ormie and his quest for Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’ve posted a tribute to candy, and I seem to have a knack of twisting any blog post in a sweet direction (or can blame some of my readers for this since they remind me of Sugar in their comments; Shame on you!)

This is probably why Asha awarded me with the Super-Sweet Blogging Award last month. Unlike a lot of other awards…I kind of feel I deserve this one for my sweet tooth alone. Thanks, Asha, for passing along the good stuff! There are only a few yummy questions to answer for this award. I can do that.

(Oh, there’s a bee outside my window on a flower. Hi, Bee! Usually the wasps are on the flowers, and I want to smack them.) Sorry…back to sweets. Bees make honey, and honey’s sweet, so I wasn’t too far off on a tangent. Here are the questions I must sweetly answer:

Cookies or Cakes?  Most definitely cookies. Cakes aren’t my favorite unless there is something yummier than cake batter in them–caramel, coconut cream, jello, ice cream, fruit, delicious cream cheese frosting (about 10 layers of it to cover up the cake taste). Yeah!

Chocolate or Vanilla? I love them both. But the vanilla malt I got the other day at Sonic was lacking flavor…so for this week, chocolate moves ahead in the polls.  I never have a problem with chocolate lacking flavor.

Favorite sweet treat?  Brownies are delicious. If you add caramel or peanut butter to them, the delicious factor goes up by 10.

When do you crave sweet things the most?  When I’m awake. (That was an easy one to answer)

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  Sugar (oh yeah!), although if my husband called me Sugar, I’d probably die laughing.

There you go! Do you like sweets! Do you want this Sweet award? I’m too busy watching bees out my window right now to pick recipients to hand this off to and do all that linking to blogs work that goes along with it.  But if you’d like this award, tell me in a comment and I will graciously and most sugargariously (that’s my new word for the day) bestow this award on you. Imagine me placing a sugary coronation crown on your head (and then it rains and you get all sticky). Ha! Bees make me silly. You don’t have to imagine the rain part. Keep your hair nice. Goodbye for now. I just bought and hid a bag of Almond Joys for Halloween…but I know where that bag is and am going to go sneak one! It’s great being a mom and not the kid!


34 thoughts on “Yes, I’ve got a sweet tooth

  1. I don’t necessarily need a sweet award to be bestowed upon me, but I just want to say congrats to you for getting one! I also want to say yum to brownies – big slabs of heavy, fudgy, chewy brownies for me! I’m a bit worried that the ones in the photo look too cakey.

    • Yeah, I agree about the photo not showing the best sample of brownies. But the ones I wanted to steal were from another blog and I didn’t want to be a thief.

  2. Chocolate, who doesn’t love chocolate? I’m with you, cookies and brownies make for a happy mom. I’ve been on a diet kick lately and I’m starting to get a little grouchy. Meeting a girlfriend for lunch today……lava cake at Applebees here I come 🙂 Congrats on the award!

    • Enjoy your lava cake. Those aren’t too bad since there’s lots of drippy, gooey chocolate to cover the dry cake. And yes, when I cut sugar all the way out of my diet, I was grumpy too. I’ve decided to not go overboard on it, but when it comes my way (which isn’t as much as I make it sound on this blog), I enjoy it and keep exercising.

  3. I saw your picture of brownies in my reader, and I had to hustle right over. Leave it to Char to get my mind back on the goodies (as if it ever left). I believe I have this award, though the image is different. But that doesn’t stop my mouth from watering… 🙂

    • I know. I have a couple brownie recipe titles in my cupboard that explain the decadent delicious factor of this sweet treat: Knock you naked brownies and Slutty brownies. Both involve caramel and other naughty ingredients.

  4. I am the odd one. I don’t crave sweet treats very often. I’m going to make something sweet for a friend’s birthday today. Not sure what it will be. I’m a bread pudding kind of gal…or coconut cream pie. I never opt for chocolate. I know. You just fainted. Wake up Char! The bees will get you!

    • Wow! I’m in awe. My husband likes the bread pudding and coconuty things (we always try to sway one kid to our side on Sundays to make what we want–I want brownies…he wants the bread or rice pudding). And the bees like me…that’s why I don’t hunt them to extinction like wasps. When I work in the yard, they buzz around me nicely and do their work. Wasps attack me and make me hate them.

      • I believe I’m going to attempt to make a peach pie today. I froze some peaches this summer. I think that will be good.

    • I didn’t know about cupcake day. And yes, I keep putting my resume in for the job of creating holidays for every sweet thing out there, but I’m overqualified for the position

  5. Can I have cookies and cake? A well-made from scratch cake is moist and yummy—especially when topped with a “healthy” layer of real buttercream frosting. (Cream cheese comes in second.) Hmm, I think I feel a cavity forming…. 🙂

    Congratulations on the sweet award!

    • Most people like cake…and I will never turn it down. But I always wish weddings had brownies instead of cake. Maybe I can talk my daughter into doing such a thing someday.

    • Yummy. One year for my bday, my daughter made me a decadent chocolate cake that was so rich a couple bites would satisfy. Does your recipe use Nutella? That’s some good stuff.

  6. Haha, no, only 70% dark chocolate. But the secret to the recipe, besides the many eggs and butter, is to use a teaspoon of dehydrated coffee (is that what it’s called?). It’s not too much so the cake doesn’t taste like coffee (I can’t stand coffee) but enough to enhance the chocolate flavor. It’s delicious. I might make it when the weather eventually cools down and I can fire up the oven without baking the house.

      • 4 months of continuous heatwaves, most of the time over 100 degrees. So, so, so tired of it. Today it got down to 80 (compared to 105 yesterday). I’m not sure I can rejoice yet because it cooled down last week, only to heat up two days later again. September and October can be the hottest months of the year in San Diego and this year, they really are.

  7. My son and his wife call each other sweetie (still in their first year of marriage). Sometimes it’s like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry and his latest girlfriend call each other shmoopy …

    I’ve been reducing my sugar intake this year, virtually no cakes, biscuits etc and chocolate has to be ultra dark and therefore less sugar, except for special occasions. My wife has been brainwashed by that book ‘Sweet Poison Quit Plan’ by David Gillespie. It’s probably best I don’t have the sweet award as it would give me too many cravings, but I love your post and the bees and your idea of including peanut butter as an ingredient in brownies!

    • I will never encourage someone to get back on the sugar wagon if they’ve stepped off! More power to you. My husband has been calling me sugar all day because of this post…and it’s driving me crazy. I keep telling him if he calls me that, he’d better back it up with a box of See’s chocolates. Maybe at Christmas. (Oh, and peanut butter in brownies is pretty dang good. You just mix up a couple tablespoons with a tsp or so of sugar and melted butter, and then swirl in the brownie batter and Walah!)

  8. Oh man, and I just ran out of chocolate chips. There’s a deplorable lack of sweets around here. I made Paul promise he wouldn’t buy halloween candy until the day before. I might have to make a secret run because this post has got my mouth watering. Is there such a thing as a dessert that is too rich? Haven’t found one yet…

    • I know what you mean. I graciously bought ‘Halloween’ candy and hid it in my bathroom cupboard and have been enjoying a candybar a day since (I share with Brian when I’m feeling nice). There should be a few pieces left for trick-or-treaters (maybe). If not, I might be nice and go back to the store.

  9. I don’t need a sweet award, but I do want to say your post has made me sufficiently hungry for black forest pudding cake, warm, with vanilla ice cream.

    Excuse me while I bake.

  10. I think it was no coincidence I found your blog on National Cookie Day. Gimme chocolate chip or snickerdoodles or even just a tub of raw cookie dough and I am a happy girl.

    I do love some Ben & Jerry’s FroYo though and salted caramel anything… 🙂

    • Oooo! Salted caramel sounds so good right now. I just got finished cutting up apples to dehydrate, and caramel would have tasted so good with all my samples.

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