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October is Cookie Month, National Diabetes Month, as well as Sarcasm Month. Do you see a correlation between these three things? Hmmmm? I still wonder who the guy is that has the cushy job of making up all these weird holidays.

Don’t get me wrong. I love celebrating. I invent a lot of things to celebrate myself.

I’ll say to my husband, Hey, you know what today is, don’t you?”

Him: “No, what?”

Me: “It’s a spectacular day. We should go out for sushi.”

Him: “What’s so spectacular about it? There’s nothing on the calendar.”

Me: I point to the calendar. “See right here. It’s Tuesday.”


Me: “Hey, do you know how much money I save you by not clipping coupons?”

Him: “No.”

Me: “Well….a lot! By skipping out on all those ‘great’ deals each week, I’ve possibly saved you millions. I think we should celebrate by going to Cheesecake Factory.”


My son scores a goal in his soccer game.

It suddenly becomes a national holiday that we must celebrate by buying milk shakes.

But I’ve digressed…a lot. Sorry.

All I meant to say in this post was:  HAPPY OCTOBER.

Celebrate Cookies! (I feel Cookie Monster’s pain in this video as he tries to get those dang cookies!)

Celebrate Diabetes! (I don’t have a video about this…do you?)

Celebrate Sarcasm! (Ditto)

Whatever you want to celebrate, October’s the month to put your party hat on and blow your horn. Whooooot!

Personally, of the three holidays, Cookies won’t be forgotten in MY household. I will diligently celebrate them by making and eating them…and then starting the process again. I am a stalwart, loyal cookie fan. Have been for years.

Thanks for stopping by…now go celebrate something. It’s October!


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42 thoughts on “Celebrate something!

  1. October is Cookie Month? YEAH, BABY! I will feel justified in sarcastically mocking anybody who tried to mess with my cookies.

    And now I’ve got this craving for chocolate chip cookies…must get cookies …must get cookies… drat it, Char! See what you started? 😉

  2. That song is going to be in my head all day now!

    The type of cookie I want RIGHT NOW is a giant soft macadamia and white chocolate cookie, please. I love how you can’t really tell the difference between the macadamias and the white chocolate just by looking, so every bite is a surprise! 🙂

  3. Oh, Char, you do make me laugh! 🙂 In Australia, we use the term biscuits rather than cookies and one of our favourites is Tim Tam, a chocolate covered double layer biscuit with chocolate cream centres (see Wikipedia). I think you can buy them over there somewhere. They have a dark chocolate version too.

    I like your strategy for sanctioning special celebratory days. Tuesday really is a good day to celebrate, as are the other days. We shouldn’t discriminate. 🙂 I use a different strategy. I’ll say to my wife ‘I have a craving for xyz’ and she’ll say ‘well, now that you’ve said it, we’ll have to get it.’ Never fails. 🙂

    • I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for those Tim Tam’s. Those sound scrumptious! All these comments are making me hungry, and it’s barely 8am! I’d better exercise some self-control.

  4. I, too, wonder who comes up with all these “special” days/months. But I can live with a national cookie month. As long as it’s in moderation, of course. 😉

  5. Well, you’re in luck. There are so many options in October. Celebrate the National Diabetes Month. Low-carb would be good for that.

  6. I’ve never been big on making or eating cookies, but a nice warm chocolate chip cookie, not long from the oven, is a fine thing with a tall glass of milk.
    Now, the sarcasm month. I’m going to be all over that one! And the Tuesday celebration! Thank goodness you’ve notified us about that one!!! To think of all the Tuesday’s I’ve missed when I could have been having a chocolate malt, or sushi! (by the way, in my small town of 2,500 in Nebraska, sushi means undercooked catfish during Lent at the fish fry in town.)

    • Ha ha! I love your town’s definition of sushi. Boise’s not huge, but it’s big enough to have a few sushi joints (not that I shop around. The one down the street from me is divine and I am loyal to them). Start catching up on your Tuesday festivities…and I expect a nice sarcastic post sometime this month now as well.

  7. How ironic that October is National Diabetes Month with halloween right at the end. If there’s one thing October should be is Candy month! And at my house it must be Nutella month because I believed I’ve had some every day so far this month…

  8. Every day should be celebrated with cookies! We try to celebrate all kinds of crazy things too – it’s more fun that way. Thanks for making me laugh with this post and enjoy those cookies!

  9. Mmm, cookies. 🙂 Must eat them in moderation, though. I don’t want to become a poster child for diabetes research because I ate too many cookies (and cakes, and Belgian chocolate, and ….)

    Chocolate chip, macadamia nut, my mother’s Christmas walnut crescents…. Mmm, yummy. 🙂

    • Have you ever tried the cookies with Rolo’s melted in the middle? They’re divine. And yes…moderation. If I ate as much as I talked about sweets, I’d be 600 lbs.

  10. Your picture makes me want to go grab a cookie. The fact that those three things all happen in October makes me laugh. And I think I’m going to try that not-clipping-coupon line on my hubby and see what he says.

    • The coupons are true for me (maybe not the millions of dollars). Unless you’re super smart about coupons, I have found that they can make me buy things I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten. Keeping in my routine–knowing my one store thoroughly–helps me keep my budget down quite nicely.

      • yeah, I’ve had some luck with coupons, but only when I spent a ton of time at it. and most of the “great deals” are for junk food, so it’s cheaper and healthier not to bother.

  11. Warm, homemade chocolate-chip cookies (chocolate chips have to be melty, and the cookie part soft and chewy) with an icy cold glass of milk. It’s the best way to get your dairy.

  12. Funny as I was reading your post I was hearing myself saying Celebrate cookies yea!………Celebrate .Diabetes?? What?,,,,, sqreeech….:+) Silly it reminds me of reading Womens magasines one page diet help the next page a photo and recipe of a yummy dessert.

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