Stupid is as Stupid does

Have you ever wondered why pigs’ tails are curly?  And why are those delicious round candies called M&Ms instead of C&Cs? They’re chocolate candy, right?  Both words start with C’s, not M’s.

Has anyone ever asked you a stupid question?  My mom told me there was no such thing as a stupid question. Forest Gump said, “Stupid is as Stupid does.” But sometimes I wonder! I have a daughter who loves to talk. She’ll ask me whatever comes off the top of her head.  These off-the-cuff questions stump me all the time.

So in honor of my daughter and all others out there who aren’t afraid to ask stupid questions and become the Einsteins of the next generation…here’s a bunch of questions just for YOU!

What came first:  the chicken or the egg? 

(The stupid question that has passed the test of time)

Who came up with dinosaur names? 

(They’re way too hard to pronounce, except for 4 year olds)

Who came up with the term: LOL?

(ILTST, = “I’d love to smack them”)

What does Hello really mean? 

(If you break it down, it almost sounds like you’re cursing someone instead of greeting them)

Why are stop signs octagons instead of heptagons or just plain squares?

(Those shapes would be easier to make)

Why do dogs look like their owners?

(It’s sometimes freaky)

Why is football named that when only one player on the team uses his foot?

(Look at all those guys–they’re touching the ball with their HANDS! That should be a penalty!)

OUCH!  My brain hurts.  Maybe I shouldn’t get mad at my daughter anymore for asking stupid questions.  It’s harder to do than it seems.  Why don’t you give it a try before the day ends and see if you agree!  Feel free to leave your comment here with YOUR stupid question.


Images from Stockxchng or Microsoft Images, except the dog (I linked to the picture back to that site). 

36 thoughts on “Stupid is as Stupid does

  1. Why does the ATM keypad in the drive-though lane often have Braille dots on it? I’ve never heard of any blind drivers and surely it would be hazardous for a blind person to be standing in the drive-through lane. Seems to me it would be safer to install all Braille-enabled ATMs outside a building. Weird.

    • I don’t have a cat, but maybe they don’t like your attention being drawn off them for even a minute. “World news? Bah!” your cat says, snuggling up on the paper, “The world revolves around ME!”

    • You’re welcome, Naomi. Stupid questions make us laugh all the time…but sometimes, they lead us to dig deeper and figure out things we never would have thought of previously.

    • I don’t know. Cans always tear me up for some reason. Here’s another one I just thought of: Why do Barbie’s come packaged as if they were high tech, NASA equipment? Maybe you wouldn’t have experience with that since you have boys. It takes hours of work and power tools to extract a $5 Barbie from her package. Toy Story didn’t show you that. The packaging has to cost more than the actual doll.

  2. I think M&Ms are named after the Mars company and of course, the chicken came before the egg. Come on, where did you think the egg came from? 😉

    I don’t know about the octagon shape of the stop sign but it sure doesn’t nothing to stop drivers! I personally think they should have a very scary shape to actually be effective.

    As for dinosaur names, my 4-year old can tell you there are 3 ways to name a dinosaur (by location, finder’s name or the way they look/function) and yes, he can’t say “cinammon” but can pronounce almost any dinosaur name.

  3. My question – why do you say you pick someone up when you don’t actually lift them off the ground? u know pick it up.
    Another one – why does it always rain when i don’t have an umbrella? Wait i know that one… Mr. Murphy had a law about it, didn’t he? 😉
    The Stop sign – maybe all the angels would make people pay attention?
    Bank Machine at drive-through – the bank or atm machine makers wanna save money – they just make one type of buttons – the ones with braille and use it for all the machines regardless of where they are installed…

  4. Why do hot dogs come in packs of eight, but hot dog buns in bags of twelve!

    I love daft questions like these – so long as no one expects an answer – and feel I should prepare for when my kids can talk. They absolutely have the best questions!

    • That’s an AWESOME question, Ileandra! I’ve thought that many times. I love Father of the Bride 2 when Steve Martin tears open the bag of buns to take out the ones he doesn’t need and ends up in jail. Makes me laugh!

  5. M&M are mmmmmmmm good. Re the ATMs, it is probably a Federal mandate that all machines are handicap accessible. Leave it to the government to make a bunch of useless mandates that apply to everything and helps almost no one!!!

  6. I know the reason they call it football. According to my favorite red-headed third-grade boy who just began playing football (Go Irish!), they call it football because Moms wouldn’t let them play it if it was called Knock’em down and bruise’em Ball.

    • Oooo! Dogs in purses. That is a good question. Thanks for stopping by. As soon as I finish my work, I’ll have to come over and see your blog.

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