I got a facelift.  Not for my skin…but for my book.  I joined the Facebook world with a new author page.  My daughter designed the banner for the page, and it made me smile.  I love having talented children.  Check out my Facelift page here: http://www.facebook.com/c.stastny.author.

I’ve had fun searching through pictures and uploading them into categories that go with my book–places that Suvi, James and Austan find themselves in at different parts of the story.  I’ve labeled the photos on my author page so you can link them to the story if you’ve read it (or are going to read my book).

In the future, I’m planning on having random giveaways of books and gift cards for Facebook friends that LIKE my page…so jump on the bandwagon (or Eyes of Light wagon), and LIKE my author page.  Your LIKE will tell me that you appreciate my FACELIFT…and that’s always nice.  No one is happy when they undergo plastic surgery and come out looking uglier…and getting a Facebook page is kind of like getting plastic surgery (not that I’ve ever done it or ever will–but I can pretend); you just want people to notice you.  Right?

My analogy is going south.  It’s because I’m in the middle of serious revisions to Book 2–Secret Keepers, and my brain is fried.  Please help a poor fried-brain author out and LIKE my Facebook page.  I hear that works wonders for the creative writing juices…and I fear I’m running low.  Oh, Woe is me.  Or is it “Whoa is me?” (like what you say to a horse? Please advise in the comments as I’m too tired to look it up right now.)


24 thoughts on “Facelift

    • Thanks, Gina. She had fun learning Photoshop to mess around with pictures, and I had fun saying “Ahhh” as she showed me what she did. Could I duplicate her steps…not unless she shows me about 100 more times.

      • That’s so true. My son tries to teach me things on the computer and he might as well talk in Arabic for as much as I understand.

  1. I’d like it, but I’m not on Facebook. Every time I think I need to join to help promote my book, I read an article saying it’s a waste of time, or at least, that it doesn’t offer more than a blog. Plus, I’m on Twitter so my social media life is busy enough. I’ll be interested to know how you think it goes. Maybe you’ll have to do a follow-up post on whether the additional time you’ve put into it is worth it. Either way, good luck with the revisions!

    • Yeah, pick your battlefields, I guess. I haven’t wanted to brave Twitter yet. Most everyone I know is on FAcebook so I find out most things through there. It is easy and takes no time, so I like it. Don’t want to learn another platform yet (I don’t have time).

  2. Okay, my 4am author page just liked your Eyes of Light page, and now they’re friends. Of course my 4am author page is nowhere near as professional or beautiful as yours, but it’ll have to do for now…

    • Exciting. I’ll have to go find your 4am author page now. I love author pages on Facebook and seeing all the different styles out there.

  3. I like it (and I clicked Like It). Unless Carrie above, I’m on Facebook, but not on Twitter. I agree, it’s tough to be on them all. It’s probably better to do a good job on a few social platforms than a poor one on all of them.

    • Yeah. I hear all these authors say how good Twitter is, but it looks too much like busy work in High school…so I’ve shied away from it. Posting several times a day doesn’t sound like fun to me. Thanks for liking my facelift.

    • Thanks! I scoped out other authors for a long time trying to figure out what I liked and what I didn’t. It’s fun. Now I just have to learn how to use it. I’m kind of shy about posting (even on my personal Facebook). I don’t want to be bothersome by posting too much.

  4. Well done! What’s the name of the font on the banner and novel? I really like it. Children are the best. My son helps me with all my technological challenges too. 🙂

    • It’s Philosopher, I believe. It is a cool font. I looked through about a bajillion fonts before I found this one, and I really like it. I agree with you about children. They pick up where us parents fall short. The circle of life.

  5. Reading the comments I see that Carrie is not on FaceBook. I thought I was the only one left on the planet that hadn’t joined. I don’t know why I’m just stuborn. . Like most IN things by the time I finially think somthing is cool or in fashion it’s long gone and I’m standing around alone in shoulder pads. :+) Funny about the new face life :+) clever.

    • My sister’s with you and Carrie too–determined to never break down and join the dark side. I’ve come to like FAcebook because it’s an easy way to keep up (i.e., spy) on my grown kids that are in college. I know who they’re in a relationship with, what their friends are like through comments, etc. Stupid, I know. But I do find out a few things I probably wouldn’t otherwise.

      • I bet that’s actually a really good idea. If I had grown kids I’m sure I would do the same. Who know’s one day I will probably venture to the dark side :+) It is amazing how world wide it has become.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Laura. I see that I missed your giveaway of The Secret Journal Of Brett Colton on your site last week. Sad. I loved that book when I borrowed it and read it a couple years ago.

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