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I was tagged by JMMcdowell a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  But I’m back, and trying to regain my intergalactic groove.  Jaqueline made this tag’s questions author-related.  So buckle up your seatbelt and lets go to light speed on my latest read…Secret Keepers.  It will be out this fall (this is just my sample cover we’re working on–don’t read the back cover verbiage–it’s just garbage about meat we threw on there to take up space).

1.   Which genre best describes your current WIP?

Contemporary suspenseful romance (clean—not a bodice ripper)

2.  Who do you consider the audience?

Women (although I’ve had several men read it, and one of my beta-readers is a male)

3.  How did the idea come to you?

My character Suvi is based on a traveling artist who knocked on my door and charmed me into buying one of her paintings.  She was such a dynamic personality that I made her a character and my story came alive.

4.  Are you an organized outliner or a pantser when you write?

Definitely a ‘pantser,’ if that means writing by the seat of my pants.  I do find outlines useful when I get bogged down in a part of my story.  Currently, I’ve had to outline to figure out how to make one of my 3 characters more dynamic in Book 2.  It’s changed the whole story, and is causing extensive revision (that’s why I don’t have it out early to make my impatient sister happy).

5.  Is this book part of a series/sequel or standalone?

This is Book 2 in my Eyes of Light series.

6.  Did your research lead you to new twists or scenes for the story?

Not yet.

7.   Some agents suggest comparing your work to that of a published author. Can you think of a good comparison for yours?

There are tons of clean romance/suspense authors that I like.  Recently, I read Sadie by Rebecca Belliston, Blind Sided by Cheryl Leigh, and Taken by Storm by Angela Morrison.

8.  Who is your greatest cheerleader/supporter for your writing?

My friend Summer (in my writing group) has been reading my WIP and, not only checks for grammar, but tells me when a character is bugging her, or gives me ideas of tangents to improve the story.  She’s the best.

9.  Seated next to you on a plane is one of your dream agents. Do you have a 3-sentence description of your WIP ready to pitch?

“Ms. Agent, excuse me…can you stop snoring and listen to me?  My book—Secret Keepers—has no zombies in it.  Absolutely none!  Well, maybe one, because I threw in a reference in the character’s dialogue just to show my husband that I could write the word.”  (I haven’t got an agent yet…and can’t figure out why)

10. Book covers and ads often carry a short excerpt from the story. Would you share your choice with your readers?

James shrugged.  “Maybe I can come with you—I could get online tonight and buy a ticket.  How long are you going for—a couple weeks?”

Suvi swallowed and made a face.  He couldn’t come!  The whole purpose of leaving was to draw away the enemy.  That red-capped creep had popped up several times in the last week.  She was terrified that the Dragon’s threat was very real, and that James was in danger just by association.  “Um, longer than that.”

11.   When your book is published, how will you celebrate?


Stop warp speed!  We’re done.  I enjoyed this author interview tag, and am tagging these author’s with the same questions so I can learn more about their upcoming books:

There are other authors I follow, but some have already received this tag and I don’t want to be redundant.  If you’re a writer and haven’t received this tag, please feel free to tag yourself.  But let me know so I can read about your book.  May the Force be with you.


24 thoughts on “Light Speed on My Read

    • Thanks, Gina! I’ve been madly trying to catch up on work items here, but plan to download your book tonight and start reading it. I didn’t download it immediately because I want to try to read it within a week of purchase so that shows on my review. I guess since it isn’t on Amazon that I’m getting it that it won’t matter…but still…I wanted to be prompt.

    • I always enjoy chocolate. My daughter made me ooey gooey brownies for my bday yesterday, and I’ve been piecing on them all day today. So much for whatever diet I was pretending to be on. Glad you like my book cover. It’s still not done; I’m trying to decide whether to mute the colors or not. Sigh. Hard choices.

    • I’m excited to read your tag answers. Sorry I forgot to inform you of the tag. I wrote up my post, told myself to go comment to the 3 authors, and then put it off because I’m backlogged on work and then totally forgot until your comment.

    • I had these 3 books already written before I started blogging in January (and that had taken me over a year). I’ve just been going through the editing/revising process with each since then. So I don’t think I’m very fast. You should see how long it takes me to write a silly blog post (that’s why they’ve been scarce lately as I try to finish my 2nd book edits). I try to write in all my free time, but lately, that hasn’t been much (an hour to three each day). Some days I feel I’m very productive…and others can be disheartening when I look back and see I only got through a half chapter. I wish I could just write for fun all day, but am pulling 2 part time jobs (one proofreading, one grant writing) to bring in money. My fun writing doesn’t bring in squat. I wish I was fast…but sadly, I’m not (ask my sister–she’s on me all the time about getting this 2nd book out; she thinks I’m the slowest writer ever).

  1. Congratulations — and what an interesting interview. I am always interested in learning how writers write. Personally, I find myself with ideas for longer works than a blog post — I just can’t seem to take that next step. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Great stuff, Char. I love seeing how other writers come up with their ideas and the one flash that makes them decide it’s story material. A traveling artist knocking on your door seems like a gift sent from above. 🙂

    Congrats on your second book and good luck with revisions.

    • Thanks, Kate! It was interesting how Suvi showed up. I’m usually quite cold-shoulderish to salesmen. I don’t like strangers knocking on my door. The fact that she not only got in my door, but we talked for over an hour and I bought something I normally would never buy tells how intriguing the girl was. My daughters and I loved her! I need another character like that to grab me in real life and give me inspiration for another book.

    • Hope you had a fun vacation, Jaqueline. I’m behind on reading blogs myself because I’ve been buried in rewriting, madly trying to get the sequel done for this fall. I have 2 sisters that are not patient with me and keep hounding me to get it out.

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