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2012-06-02 07.43.22If you are a mountain biking fan, then the Boise foothills in Idaho are the place for you.  My husband likes them so much that on Saturday he did an early morning ride and took this picture just after the sun was up….

Then by evening, he was bored and went back to bike another trail.  In the summer it stays light until 10:00 pm here…which I love, love, love!  Below is the picture he snapped as the same sun was setting.

I quite liked the morning and evening shots.  And I especially loved that I didn’t have to work to get them.  I just downloaded them from his phone…and wa-lah!  Instant blog post (if you count an hour or so writing this and formatting it just right ‘instant’)

2012-06-02 21.19.42The good thing about the foothills is that they’re minutes from downtown Boise.  When you’re done biking or hiking, or dancing like Julie Andrews on the ‘hills that are alive,’ then you can stop and grab some chow on your way home.

2012-05-28 12.24.18My favorite place is Boise Fry Company.  It’s a hole in the wall burger joint that has the tastiest burgers ever (the pickled onions are amazing!).  But even better is that there are about 8 types of fries on the menu (as well as that many different salts and ketchups to enjoy them with).  YUM!  We usually split a burger so we can splurge on more fries.  My favorite is the Okinawa fries with vanilla salt and blueberry ketchup.  The yam fries with marshmallow ginger ketchup is delicious as well.  Actually, all the choices are pretty scrumptious (from hot and spicy to sweet and salty, to any other odd flavor you might imagine in between).

And when it gets too hot to bike in the foothills, we bike down the Greenbelt which meanders along the river.  There it is shady and cool…and so scenic.

P1020965Even though you’re in the heart of the city, the greenbelt is designed so that you feel as if you’re in the mountains with the river beside you.  In my book, Eyes of Light, many scenes take place here.  Since it goes for miles, there are lots of spots here that lend themselves to different moods in my story.  On a rainy day at a secluded section near an industrial area, I wrote the scene where Suvi is attacked and dragged off the path by Mike into the lush growth.  That scene takes place in early spring on a colder day; there wouldn’t have been many people out walking to hear her cries for help.  To see more pictures of the Boise Greenbelt and other settings from my book, see my Facebook Page.

P1030418Most of the scenes that take place in my book relating to the greenbelt are with Suvi and James as they court and get to know one another.  They like to walk along the lush paths…just like my husband and I do on our dates.
P1010965That’s why I love Boise!  There are hundreds of miles of trails between the greenbelt and the foothills for bikers, hikers, doggies…and writers with a few characters in their imagination they want to play around with.


26 thoughts on “Biking Boise

  1. Beautiful pictures, Char — they look like postcards. I love to bike, my husband and I do it often though we don’t have the foothills you do. But it does seem very inspiring and thanks for sharing this.

    • Biking is so fun. Glad you get to do it too. I prefer solid trails to the hilly gravel or sand ones that my husband likes…so am glad we have the greenbelt here.

    • I am in love with this city! Whenever my husband talks about possibly moving, I tell him to bite his tongue and go sit in the corner.

  2. Settings are hard, even if you have beautiful inspiration around you like this! I really admire writers who can make realistic places out of whole cloth without getting bogged down in details. I’m not there yet. 😉

    • But you will get there. You sound like you’re an outdoorsy kind of person…so you have the first step down–appreciating nature.

    • Yes, it can get very busy on some days. It’s fun to see a little family with all the little kids on their bikes riding along. Your boys would fit right in.

  3. One of the great things about biking is biking to a restaurant for lunch! This is how I pictured their walks too. I love how Suvi has a hiding place behind the weeping willow leaves.

    • Biking to lunch is definitely the best, especially if there are fries and milkshakes involves (biking burns lots of calories, right?). I have huge willows across the street from me at the park next to a pond. They looked so cozy and inviting to sit under; that’s where I got my idea for Suvi to hide away.

  4. Great pics. The burgers and fries sound amazing! Marshmallow? Really? What a trip. I need to check that place out. I like how you wove in a bit of your book in this post, nice job. 🙂

    • Yeah, the marshmallow is amazing! They change up the ketchups each time I go, and didn’t have marshmallow last time, which made me sad. They still had blueberry though. I’m glad you liked my ‘weaving’ job.

  5. Great post, Char and you’ve given me some ideas for a future blog post on settings. 🙂 One of the things I enjoyed about your novel was the attention to detail for settings and looking at your photos it shows you knew what you were doing. It’s funny, but that scene with Suvi and Mike, I sometimes think of how it would look in winter with snow. I think I got that image when you mentioned the icy current and the white birch, so you managed to evoke two seasonal views of the one setting.

    • I love settings, and reading great scenes from other books that bring pictures to my mind of places I haven’t been to. That setting you mentioned was in early spring. I picked that season purposely because there are the start of leaves, but more bare brush and branches. The growth along the river is so thick in some places, that I’ve always felt it could be used for sinister purposes…especially when it’s still chilly and only a few brave souls are walking/biking very far along the greenbelt. Walking along here in early spring with my husband, we are sometimes the only two around…so I felt I was safe in making that attack scene happen there and then in my book. In summer, it would have had to have been night for there not to have been dozens of people who could have jumped to Suvi’s rescue.

    • I’ve never felt Boise is very pretty from the freeway. You have to get off on the connector that takes you into the downtown area. That puts you close to the river and trees. From the freeway, you just notice that it’s a desert and dry. But you feel like you’re in a whole new place when you get downtown on the greenbelt with all the parks and paths. The greenbelt goes for miles and miles from the dam outside the city clear out to the city of Eagle on the other end.

    • I know–it has been dry. It’s just green by the river. Everywhere else here the grass is just kindling ready to spark with the next lightning strike.

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