You spin me round and round!


My daughter loves shopping thrift stores.  She is always picking up cheap records that look cool.  Since we don’t own a record player, I thought she was a bit silly…until she unveiled her creations to me…

…like this BOWL!  Then she became my hero.

She was nice enough to make a bunch of bowls and document the whole process for me to share with any other record loving crazies out there.

So here is how you make one of these vinyl bowls.

First you need these things:

  1. Records (duh!)
  2. Markers (Metallic Ink Elements markers from Walmart work the best; Metallic Sharpies work okay too, but can bleed)
  3. A straight edge of some type (optional:  if you want a design with straight lines and don’t want to do ziggy zaggy lines).
  4. Oven (if your house doesn’t come with one).
  5. Glass bowls (one large, one smaller)


Next you color your record (unless you like black boring bowls, then skip this step).  Here are some ideas from my daughter.  You can design as simple or complex as you want to; do both sides of the record, unless you purposely want one side black.


It looks like a cityscape.  I see the Empire State Building.


Beginning a new design with the “Scribble” look.  This is easy to do.


“Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star.”


Twinkle, Twinkle…jazzed up a bit!


After you design your record, then it’s time to turn up the heat!

Turn your oven up to 200 degrees (don’t go much higher, otherwise the toxins in the record could release…and no one wants that).

Put your record on top of another bowl…like this.


Warm it up until it’s pliable, then start working it!


Without burning yourself too much, use your hands to smoosh it around the glass bowl.


Record-breaking moments, for sure.   No more flat, vinyl record to sell at a yard sale.

Now you have a warped, demented cool thing to sell at a yard sale.


Another method you can use is to take a 2nd bowl or pan to help mold it into shape.  This is a little easier than the above method.


The melty records harden really quick, so work fast to shape it.

WA-LAH!  Bowls!

If it doesn’t turn out right the first time, then just put them in the oven and re-melt and try again.

This is a pretty forgiving craft!


Ah!  So lovely.


[Sidenote:   Don’t tell my daughter this (I don’t want her to feel sad), but I think these bowls are terrible for soup.  They have a tiny hole right in the center that drives me insane.   But hey, if it’s a soup you don’t like…that might come in handy.   The one thing the little hole is good for is if you hang this bowl up on a wall.   A tack holds it up very nicely.  You can thank me in the comment section for these useful tips!]


35 thoughts on “You spin me round and round!

  1. The record molding is very cool, but her artwork is also outstanding. I’m very impressed! Is she going to sell these?

    • She definitely could, but she’s like me and has no clue how to market herself. She is extremely talented with art and music composing. I hope when she takes off to college, she’ll get some ideas how to market herself someday.

      • She should look into Etsy. Those bowls would sell. Maybe a local gift shop. They are gorgeous.

    • I want one too. She wants me to pin this to Pinterest, but I don’t know how and don’t feel like learning. Maybe Jessica (Pinterest queen) will help me.

    • She buys these records for a few cents at the thrift stores. She has fun looking for different colors and designs on the records themselves. She found a red record the other day. That one turned out cool.

    • Thanks. I think she’s pretty talented. I’m sure there is some venue to sell them in…but I’ve never looked into it before.

  2. Beautiful! I bet they would be great for chips or any kind of non-watery snack. She should get a booth at a local craft fair and try to sell a few. I’m sure she’d be quite successful. Price? $5 to 10. I’d test the high price first and see if it moves. I know it’s hard to market yourself though. I do marketing for other companies for a living but I hate doing it for myself!

  3. I’ve never seen anything like them – it’s amazing that such a thing is possible. The bending/melting part reminds me a little of shrinky dinks for added nostalgia. Much more artistic than those though!

    • Shrinky Dinks! I haven’t thought of those in years! Funny. I was amazed by it too. She even took them out and melted them outside on the trampoline, but that was sketchy and the oven worked faster.

  4. When I was younger, I didn’t “get” the thrift store thing. I liked my stuff brand spakin’ new. Now, I think thrift stores and consignment stores are great. 🙂

    • Yeah! I thought my mom was terrible as a teen when she’d ever take me to a thrift store. Now I see their charm. Some times the pickings are slim…but every now and then you pick up a gem. And the nicknack stuff like records and books are the greatest deals.

  5. Really creative and cool! Thanks for sharing this with us. Your daughter has a wicked creative streak. 🙂 Guess she gets it from Mom? 😉 This would also be great for holding fruit or candy.

    • I used to be creative…but don’t get into crafts as much anymore. So she makes up for my laziness now. Fruits would be cute in it. They’re actually super cute just hanging up on her bedroom wall.

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