Feast upon THIS!

It’s time to do another Award blog post!  June was a crazy, busy month…so my apologies to all the people who gave me awards then.  I wasn’t ignoring you…I just wasn’t around much to do your awards justice.  But I’m back.  Sigh.  My feet are healing and I don’t think I will ever cook again.  Just kidding.  I like to eat…and so does my family.  Since cooking was such a big part of June, I thought I’d theme my award post around it.  Yum!

Let’s start off with an APPETIZER.  Naomi Baltuck served me up the Kreativ Blogger Award.  It tasted a lot like the Black Dragon roll I ate at my favorite sushi place last week.  It had eel, avocado, tempura in the middle, a piece of ginger on top…and all that good Japanese YUMMYNESS!  Thanks Naomi.

SALAD was served to me by Kevin at NittyGrittyDirtMan.  That fits since he loves gardening and bagpipes (both remind me of salad.  Doesn’t everyone play the bagpipes when they eat lettuce?).  Kevin presented me with One Lovely Blog Award, and it was tasty…sprinkled with candied walnuts, raspberries, Gorgonzola cheese, and a few sprigs of spinach

The MAIN ENTREE was served to me by my archeological friend, Jacqueline McDowell.  She called it by the snazzy name of Thanks for Writing.  The meal was delicious—kind of like a medium, juicy tri-tip.  I’m salivating just thinking about it.  I’ve never eaten this award before, but I like steak, so am sure to like this one.

Holly Michael at WritingStraight dished up DESSERT.  In fact, she knew me so well, that she gave me two desserts.  YEAH!  The One Lovely Blog Award she served didn’t taste like Kevin’s salad.  It tasted like macadamia crusted cheesecake, with a fascinating pineapple sauce drizzled over the top.  Then I gorged myself on the Reader Appreciation Award, which was like a big brownie sundae.  Yum!

I like awards.  They make me happy…and make me gain weight.  Sigh.  I’m standing and doing leg lifts while I write this to make myself feel better.

There, I feel better.  Now where’s my snack?

Oh, that’s my job.  I now will serve up a smorgasbord of SNACKS!  Feast upon these blog sites my wonderful readers!  They can taste like what I’ve written down, or you can pretend they are something you like if you happen to be allergic to my choices.

Kreativ Blogger (Blue Diamond Wasabi flavored almonds)

  • Adrienn’s site (she has short posts on organizing and simple home decor tips that I love)

One Lovely Blog Award (Fresh strawberries and blueberries)

  • EllieFreckles (this site has great pics from where she’s traveled; I loved the pictures of Italy right now)
  • Elisa Ruland (Elisa has fun posts and pictures that are so fun to look at; I’m a sucker for great pictures)

Thanks for Writing (Seasoned Cottage cheese and Ritz Crackers)

  • Jenny Ford (She has a short story in an anthology coming out in December called Make Believe; I’m excited for her and want to truly say, “Thanks for writing!”  Her blog is fun and informative.)

Reader Appreciation Award (Yogurt and granola)

  • Laura Stanfill (her site has fun author interviews and creative writing exercises; well worth a look)

There!  Wipe off your mouth, please.  You have a little ‘something’ on your lips.  Have fun snacking on these great sites I’ve nominated and the ones that nominated me!  The blogging world is so yummy!


21 thoughts on “Feast upon THIS!

  1. You come up with such clever ways to present your posts (I’m still salivating over the candy one). This was no exception. Congrats on the awards. I’m glad they were so filling and–here’s the best part–calorie free!

    • Thanks! Good thing they’re calorie-free. I have to make up for girl’s camp when I tanked down on chocolate milk and Twinkies to survive.

        • Your response to my last comment went to my email inbox and not here, but I wanted to respond, as I can’t believe they’re going to stop making Twinkies. 😮

            • I’m about 28% through your book now (according to Kindle–although I like numbers, I’m not really THAT precise). Just read some during my lunch break. I laughed out loud on page 65 when the Sister tells everyone that Hinton suffers from diarrhea (I don’t really think that’s a spoiler alert for others 🙂 ). But I won’t spill anything else, as the tension is high where I left off, and others will have to read it and find out for themselves. 🙂

  2. What a cool idea for an awards post—you are so creative with these! 🙂

    That’s part of why so many awards come your way, I think. And now, I’m hungry. And thinking dinner won’t look anything like this post. 😦 But that’s probably good for my health. 🙂

    • Yes, I love to imagine lots of unhealthy caloric food (if I’d posted about tofu and bean sprouts, I might have lost half my following–those things are so bland).

    • Haha! You’re funny. Thanks for the compliment though. It’s easy to get a backlog (I’m notorious for saving them up…obviously).

  3. What an clever blog post! My mouth salivated all the way through it. Thank you for nominating me and providing links to all the other ‘delicious’ sites. I shall now wipe off the remainder of seasoned cottage cheese and crackers and ‘table hop’. to the other ‘chefs’ and winners. 🙂

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