I love my Country!


Happy 4th of July!  We’re out on a picnic and floating the river to celebrate.  Ginger is sleeping because she knows she’ll be up all night hyperventilating because of fireworks!  Grand!

I loved this display of hundreds of flags in Idaho Falls when I visited my sister.  It was so inspiring and took my breath away!  And then it brought tears to my eyes as I realized each flag pole had a paper attached to it with a deceased serviceman’s name and what city in Idaho he was from.  My kids and I walked around and read of all these brave, young men who had given their life for their country…and it was humbling.


To all the brave men in the armed services who lay your lives on the line for our freedoms, I thank you!  I love my country.  I love those who fight for it.  I will do better to fight for the freedoms here at home and not let misguided politicians or others try to destroy what we have.

God bless America!


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