Fathers—a Force for Good

1969circaDadCharI love Father’s Day!  I love Fathers–my own, my husband’s dad, my husband who is a terrific dad to our kiddos, and all the other great dads out there that are a Force for good!

To me, there is nothing sweeter than watching a Dad with his kids–playing, acting goofy, chasing them with a ‘big bear’ voice that makes kids break into giggles.  Dads are the best!  No doubt about it.

They are God’s hands on earth to take care of His little ones.  Dads are protectors, providers, and playmakers.  Dads inspire imagination in their young ones.  They give the best piggy back rides, and do all sorts of fun outings like hikes and one-on-one basketball games where they let their kids whip them, even though if they pulled out all they got, they’d put Michael Jordan to shame.

Fathers teach responsibility, instill strength, and inspire courage.   They are heroes without the tights and cape (thank goodness–and my condolences if your dad wears his hero suit.  I’m afraid he must not have got the memo saying that wasn’t cool anymore).   Dads do a lot.

And sometimes, that makes them tired.


Dads make daughters feel special…wonderful…and beautiful!  And their little girls grow up to become young ladies.  I think that has to be a little scary for dads.  They raise their girl, and then some guy comes along and wins her heart with a few smooth lines, fancy dates, and moonlight kisses.

Yet dads trust…and let their daughter go eventually—maybe with a threat (spoken or not) to that guy to “treat my daughter good…or else!”

I think that ‘letting go’ makes dads even better.  Let’s face it.  Dads never stop being dads…even when their kids marry and move away.  We kids still seek their approval and love the rest of our life…and strive to emulate the great man that is our hero (without the blue tights, thank goodness).


My dad is quiet and smart; he gardens, and can make anything grow and thrive—even in the Las Vegas desert.  He hikes, speaks German and knows everything there is to know about BYU sports.  He can talk politics like no one’s business, and is well read and educated.

He makes me laugh when I call up and say, “Hi Dad.  What’s up?”  And he answers, “Well, I don’t know.  The sky, I guess.”

I love his silent manner; I love seeing him get upset and only show it by shaking his head as he sighs deeply.  I love walking through his garden and sampling berries, corn straight off the stalk, cherry tomatoes, and grapes.  I love when he talks politics and I purposely take the opposite view, just to see him get riled up and try to convince me of my error.  It’s funny.  I love how he still yells out not to slam the door to grandkids—or my husband—just like he did with us kids a million years ago when we terrorized his house.

I love all the memories of hikes he’s taken me on, and the crazy places we explored and climbed in LaVerkin, Utah when we’d visit my grandparents.  My favorite story of him is when he was an adventurous kid who always ran off into dangerous situations—like climbing steel girders under the bridge 150 feet up in the air.  His mom tied him to a tree to keep him from escaping, but he shimmied out of his britches and ran off in his underwear.  Things haven’t changed much (just kidding!).


Yes, here’s my dad fighting Darth Vader–to protect me.  He uses the Force to do good and fight off any bad guys in life.  That’s what dads do (at least ones that haven’t gone to the Dark Side).  Dads are the best!  I think mine is perfect…at least the perfect one for me.

Thanks for loving me through the years, Dad–from when I was the cutest baby on the block, to when I was the ugliest teen-ager alive with braces and feathered hair that hung in my eyes, to when I was stolen away by my handsome prince and we raced away into the sunset on our white steed (or maybe that was the primer black escort on its last leg; I can’t remember).  You’ve loved me no matter what…and still do!  And you don’t wear tights and a cape (and I want you to know on this Father’s Day weekend that I really appreciate that).  Love you, Dad!

How about you?  What things do you love about your dad…or another father figure in your life?  Let me know how the Force has been with you.


23 thoughts on “Fathers—a Force for Good

  1. My step-dad would do anything for anyone, and it was a wonderful day when he entered our world, even if I was an adult at the time.

    Your father sounds wonderful. I imagine my kids will say similarly good things about their dad when they are older, because my hubby is a wonderful father indeed. 🙂

  2. I would have to say ditto since my dad is the same as yours! Loved reading this post about him.

  3. Wow, you really wrote a beautiful post there, Char. As a father myself, I can tell you that your father would feel on the top of the world for having such a loving, thoughtful daughter.

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  5. I never knew my father but I can see how important or valuable having a father can be. I love your post, even though you make it sound like being a good father is “natural”. There may be a lot of great fathers out there who know how to be great, but I think a number of men are clueless, maybe because their own father was clueless. My kids’ dad still has a lot to learn and I hope he does, since he’s such a big role model for his sons. The three of them spent the whole day yesterday watching the idiot box and arguing about turning it off and figuring out what else to do. Not how I would have imagined spending Father’s Day and I’m glad I wasn’t there to see it!

    • You are very right! There are many loser fathers out there (either because they never had a good role model themselves, or they’re lazy or selfish). I chose to focus on the good, because the news and the other media saturates us with the bad and depressing. Sorry about the bummer Father’s day for your sons. Since you are such a good role model, they have a great chance of becoming awesome dads someday (when they look back and remember all the books you read to them, the outings you took them on, and all the quality time you gave them). You are doing good work (sorry you have to do it alone).

  6. That was a very sweet tribute to your Father on Fathers Day. Made me teary just thinking about my Dad who I love dearly with all my heart. My Dad hasn’t been doing great lately so this fathers day was hard. Hopefully he will be doing better soon. He told my husband to take care of his princess.

    • Oh, your comment made me want to cry! That is just like a good dad–to worry more about his princess than about himself.

      • Now I’m crying reading your comment. I think having a great father is amazing and when you have someone so dear in your life you know how important it can be and how it can touch heart so deeply. Thank You

        • Thank you! It’s good to be reminded of our blessings (and sadly, it usually takes rough times with our loved ones like sickness, disease, death…to remind us of all we have and cherish). Enjoy every moment you have with your dad; those memories will carry you for the rest of your life.

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