Tribute to Candy

Using my Holiday bible—aka the internet (it’s so handy for useful information like that)—I found out that JUNE is CANDY MONTH!  Yea!!!

To celebrate, I wrote a candy tribute.  I’ll warn you that if you’re on a diet, you may not want to read this.  June’s a stupid month to diet though–since it’s Candy Month!  Start your diet in July instead (I promise not to talk about candy then).  Hope you enjoy…and please don’t drool all over your computer.

Candy is

because it brings so much

If I ever get in a

on a dark

…or have a

of a bad day…or have my throat close up because a

is nearby that I’m allergic to, I don’t need a


to save me.  I just need candy.

Candy takes all my troubles away.  It makes me feel like I’m an astronaut exploring the

or it helps me believe I’m good enough to kick the winning

in a World Cup Soccer game. 

It makes me feel as if I’ve just received a

of a

…or am a

out watching my

Things like that.

Who needs to vacation when you have candy?  Candy makes me feel as if I’m in New

prancing down

with fancy

on my feet.

candy is the magic that brings a

into your life.  

If you want a

to call you his

Then offer him candy and he’ll be your

for life–Guaranteed, unless you offer him a

with peanuts in it…and find out he’s deathly allergic to peanuts and he dies.  Well, then the guarantee is off. 


you and me, if you’re careful and

to ask about peanut allergies before you woo your

love—you’ll be fine.

at all the things candy brings:

of love,

happiness, and

I don’t care who you are, that’s a lot of good stuff. 

If candy ever becomes extinct, then there will be a

and our world will cease to exist as well. 

But don’t worry.  Candy is the

that keeps on saving.  We don’t need Superman.  We just need candy.  

So don’t be a

Be cool and

your way down to the candy store some time this month to pay tribute to the

that makes life sweet.  CANDY!

To show your support for candy and all the happiness it brings, leave a comment below with YOUR favorite sweets.  (Pretty please…with sugary sprinkles and M&Ms on top!)


44 thoughts on “Tribute to Candy

  1. I love me some Baby Ruths…Snickers…Reeses…Starbursts…Mambas!! Yum I am so excited to celebrate candy month all month long!!!

  2. What a clever and fun post, Char! The title alone had me craving. This must have taken quite some time to put together. Very impressive.

    As for my favorite treats: anything from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, but especially their concoctions that throw everything into the mix (marshmallows, nuts, chocolate, pretzels) and dark chocolate. But I’ll take pretty much anything containing chocolate. 🙂

  3. I love any sweets…and I have crowns but I still eat chewy candy. My favorite are Looks candy bars…what’s the worse that can happen with your crown?? You can always recement them!!! Dentist can always use the bussiness!!! LOL

  4. Can’t eat it too often, but I love real fudge, reese’s, snickers, m & m’s (plain), … Mmm, chocolate. Non-chocolate candies are okay. But chocolate is king. 🙂

    • I agree! Chocolate is king. It might deserve it’s own special post–but not in July. I promised not to tempt any possible dieters in July. So chocolate will have to wait.

  5. Your blog made me smile! Just give me anything chocolate…which reminds me, I haven’t had any today!

    • Wow! I’m amazed by the comments how many people like dark chocolate. I’ve always felt in the minority in my family for liking it (which is good, because then I get all the Specials in the mini candybar packages…and I’m okay with that)

  6. Dove dark chocolate. (chalk up another one, and yes I’m surprised at how many others like it too.) This post is amazing. I couldn’t believe how long you kept it going!

    • Sorry, I got a little carried away. I love making candy bar cards for birthdays and can never fit that many on a poster board, so this was my indulgence.

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  8. Love it!! i’m such a sweet tooth – when i worked (a lifetime ago), my desk was famous for the snacks it contains. & everyone stops by, not because i’m cute but because i’ve sweets 😉

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  11. Oh yum! My favorite of all time is definitely Mike and Ike’s (like oblong fruity jelly beans) with Jelly Bellys being a close second. Reese’s peanut butter cups at third, twix bars fourth, then cow tales (how cool to see them posted!) to round out my bottom, err, I mean my TOP five.

    This would be fun to share next week. Ok if I reblog or would you prefer to keep the focus on your new stuff?


  12. Reblogged this on Running On Sober and commented:
    Happy Halloween Week! To those in Hurricane Sandy’s path- please stay safe and stock up on the water, batteries and CANDY!
    Enjoy this creative ode to candy- I’m sure it took Char a lot of time and candy bars to complete. LOVED IT! Hope you do too!
    Thank you Char for allowing the reblog. (I finally met someone who loves candy as much as I do!)

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