Woghorts & Stinky Caves!

The Cave

The Cave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, on Monday I told you I would finish out my awards with the 7×7 Meme.  I lied.  It’s actually the Lucky 7 Sheila Hurst tagged me with, which I guess is different.  The Lucky 7 tag works this way:

You go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript,

Then go to line 7,

Post on your blog the next 7 lines or sentences – as they are,

Then tag 7 other people to do the same (I’m just doing the sites I wrote about Monday—Tripping Differently, Matthew Iden, A.L. Sowards, and Moments of Clarity.  These are either published authors or writers on their way, so I figure they have something to pull from to do this).

Here is an excerpt from page 77 of my book, Secret Keepers—Book 2 in the Eyes of Light trilogy (forgive its rough quality—I haven’t edited it yet, but am in the process).

After her father had saved her from her second suicide attempt, Suvi found herself on the plane heading to America, where he abandoned her to Aunt Mari’s care.  Never had she felt such fury as that morning she awoke to find him gone.  She had needed him!

In hindsight, she realized she hadn’t given him any options.  She had only lashed out at him in the preceding months in hysterical fits of rage…and then the suicide attempts.  As she tried to put herself in her father’s shoes, she realized he hadn’t known what to do.  He was a single father whose sweet daughter had transformed into a monster overnight.

Man, that excerpt ended up serious.  To lighten things up, I’ll throw on another excerpt from a different book I’m working on…it’s not titled yet, but is about this kid who becomes a wizard and goes to a magic wizarding school called Woghorts!  Just kidding.  No wizards in this one.  The character, Peter, cracks me up though.

Zach’s flashlight flipped on, eerily lighting up the underside of his chin and making his features glow red.  “Ya can’t eat my brains!” he growled.  “I’m a vampire and cain’t never die!  I’m gonna suck yer blood!  I’ve always wanted ta taste the blood of a zombie!”

“You stupid git!” I chortled, then moaned.  “I don’t have blood!  I’m the living dead!”

We both began laughing hysterically, totally amused with ourselves!  Then Zach cut a loose one, smelling up the cave and making us laugh even harder as we hurried farther into the darkness to escape his stench.

If you don’t have boys, you might not appreciate that.  I do have a boy though…and this scene makes me giggle every time.  Have a super day…and may the Lucky 7 help you steer clear of stinky caves!


26 thoughts on “Woghorts & Stinky Caves!

    • Yes…man caves (or preadolescent man caves–even worse). They are the bane of my existence (but at least soccer season is over–shin guards reek!).

      • My teenager just emptied out his school gym locker. A HUGE bag of dirty socks came home with him. I can’t believe he had any left to wear!

        • Strange. Your response to my last comment ended up in my email instead of here on your blog! You wrote: “Ew yuck! I hope you make him do his own laundry. If you don’t, you’d better put on the gloves and toxic waste suit so you don’t get infected with ‘something.'”

          And yes, it is time to make that boy do his own laundry. If not, then it WILL be time for a hazmat suit! 🙂

          • Really? It went to your email? I always reply to blog comments through my email, but it supposed to post to my blog (that’s how I have ALWAYS done it; I didn’t change anything today). Maybe WordPress and gmail were confused momentarily. Hmmm?

            • This has happened to me about five times with other bloggers over the past week. They, too, must be answering from their email. Must be a glitch.

          • Agh! Truly, I’d better stop answering you so I don’t fill up your email. I just work from home a little, so I’ve always just swung off a reply through email so I don’t leave my other program I’m working on. Adios…and I hope this doesn’t DING in your inbox.

            • I don’t mind it landing in my inbox; I just hope it’s not happening to your other comments. You’d hate to have your hard work dissolve into cyberspace. 🙂

    • Thanks, Carol! I would love to see these WIP get done…but life is so hectic right now. I don’t get as much time to write as I would like.

    • Yes, I couldn’t end on a downer with the first one. The 2nd one cracks me up–at least at that point in the book. It gets quite intense and tragic later–just not on page 7.

  1. Hmm… i have 3 WIP which one to pick… maybe i’ll do all 3 – hehhehee… thanks again for the tag 🙂 Oh that 2nd paragraph is just soooo boy – love it!

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