Hikes around Redfish–That’s Heaven

RedFish Lake 088

I’m excited for school to get out for my kids…because then we can get back to the Sawtooths and hike through some pretty country.  I’m loving my backyard right now with all the irises bursting out, but it still doesn’t compare to the mountains.

These next few pictures are of hikes near Redfish Lake in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountain Range.  The best thing about hiking these trails is that when you’re done and worn out, you just go sit on the beach and look out across the lake at the jagged peaks.  It’s Heaven!

Now some pointers.  You are in bear country here!  So beat some rocks together to scare bear away–or to throw behind you at the bear when he’s chasing you up the mountainside.  Or…just do what my kids do.  They climb on a big rock every time they see one and yell out that they’re King of the World!

RedFish Lake 073

Bears don’t mess with Kings of the World.  They hate politics.

RedFish Lake 091

My husband doesn’t resort to climbing on rocks to declare himself King.  He just climbs on his bike to do it!

“All Hail the Boise Biking Bear Basher!”

I feel so safe as I hike with my King kids and Biker-Bear Basher husband.  Who’s going to mess with me?  No one (that’s who)!

RedFish Lake 133

Thankfully, deer still surprise us.  They’re a little curious and political (unlike bears) and check out the Noisy Despots and Biking Bear Basher before hopping off to peace and quiet (which is everywhere we’re NOT).

RedFish Lake 146

Each hike we take around Redfish Lake makes me grin.  I love the view in front of me (I’m always in the back because I take too many pictures).  I love seeing my kids and husband happy in the outdoors!  It makes me happy too (especially because I haven’t had to throw rocks at any bears yet).

RedFish Lake 105

But this is my favorite part of hiking–the end!

Yes, I love all the beautiful views and wonders I see as I hike, and I love taking pictures of my Kings and Biking Bear Basher, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coming back to camp (or the beach) and relaxing with my book (while my husband cooks for me).  Early on in our marriage, I told my husband that if he wanted me to enjoy camping, he needed to do the cooking (because I’d much rather cook indoors at home than in the wild over fire).  And he has.

From being a non-camping type girl, my husband has turned me into a semi-decent camper.  I enjoy camping now, and don’t mind helping with chopping vegetables or prepping meat…but I’m glad my husband loves to cook over fire.  His dinners astound me!  They are so drool-a-licious yummy!  I can’t wait to get back to Redfish this summer and hike, eat good dutch oven meals and cobblers, and sit under a shady fir and read a book.   That’s heaven!


18 thoughts on “Hikes around Redfish–That’s Heaven

  1. Oh those dutch oven meals. I remember camping with the kids and making Hobo Dinners. The kids loved them. Just something about eating outside in the fresh air. Food tastes so good.

    • Yes, all the ash from the fire or something just seasons it up “just right.” We did hobo dinners (I’m assuming those are the foil dinners?) last summer and they were to die for. I added some Lipton onion soup mix to them and a Tbsp or 2 or mushroom soup, and it gave it some moisture (and turned out like gravy all over everything. Yum!)

  2. So that’s what it’s going to take to get my husband to cook a meal for me? Hiking with bears? Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that one… 🙂

  3. Luckily my husband and I take turns cooking, so I don’t have to brave bears for him to do it. We’ve only seen them on one trip—to Sequoia—and that was the one where the rangers said, “oh, you won’t see any.” Ha! They were everywhere we wanted to be. 🙂

    Looks like a great place to get some writing inspiration!

    • I haven’t tried writing in the great outdoors yet (I like my laptop for that). But I get lots of quality reading time in there.

    • You make me laugh. NOTHING is scarier than bears…unless you count buffalo. My daughter is terrified of them boogers.

  4. Beautiful place! Now I know you talk a lot about hiking in bear country, but have you actually ever seen a bear while there?

    They warn us about mountain lions here and with the various accidents in Southern CA over the years, I need to be careful, especially with little kids. I think we’ll bring a couple of annoying whistles for our summer vacation, to make loud noises if we need to.

    • I’m more scared of mountain lions than bears. I figure I’d see a bear and could hightail it away from it…but mountain lions could stalk you and you’d never know it. When I was hiking in Washington, I was terrified of mountain lions in that dark, dense forest.

      • I think most of the woods I’ll be hiking in with the boys this summer are not far from “civilization” so the mountain lions probably stay away. My kids are still little and unpredictables so we’ll take whistles and walking sticks, just in case.

    • Skunks would definitely scare me. My cousin’s dog got sprayed by one and it took them months to get the stink off it. And yes, we’ve seen bears. Once in the High Uintahs in Utah, we had just finished eating dinner and a small black bear meandered down the hillside into our campground. We hurried and got in the car, and watched as that bear stood up to our campstove and sniffed around. My husband finally got out and yelled at it and it went back up the hill…but for several hours we could see it in the trees. It was hard for me to sleep that night. Besides that close encounter, I’ve just seen them from afar as we have driven…but there are always “Bear in the area” signs from the rangers when we camp in the Sawtooths or McCall…enough to keep me a little nervous.

        • I’m getting that way the older I get. And when we went to Yosemite, I made us pay for a hotel outside of the park, because there was NO WAY I was camping with bears (that’s when I still lived in Vegas and had never camped anywhere with bears before). And that trip was where I saw the most bears ever–even more than Yellowstone.

  5. I have been hiking in the Sawtooth Mountains for 40 years and I have NEVER seen a bear. What am I doing wrong?

    • I haven’t seen one there either yet (just the signs saying they’ve been seen near the campground and to be cautious and keep your food put away). I think we’re too loud and scare any that may be close by away–or I haven’t hiked deep enough back country–which is okay with me.

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