Yippee! It’s done!

EyesofLightWEBv2Maybe you already noticed, but my book is finally out!  Sigh!  Finally.

It’s taken a lot of work and editing and revising (about a gajillion and four times), but it’s done.

Eyes of Light was fun to write.  To read more about it, you can click on My Books to see a summary of it, links to both printed and digital versions, etc.  But for this post, I wanted to share a few pictures that go with scenes from my story.

On my 100thPost, I have a picture of the painting the ‘real’ Suvi painted, which was the catalyst for my story.  Suvi was social, talkative, and super bubbly.  I liked her a lot, which is why I didn’t send her on her way when she came door-to-door selling her paintings.  I formed my book’s main character with her in mind.

My fictional Suvi is from Haifa, Israel, but was brought to the States at age 14 by her father and left with her aunt and uncle on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, Washington.  Here are some photos of the Seattle skyline and Bainbridge Island from the ferry, and a close up of Bainbridge Island.



Bainbridge Island, WA

Austan is another main character in the book.  He’s Hispanic and is an excellent soccer player; he’s also the ultimate actor with many secrets.  These pictures are silly, but I love soccer and it gives you an idea of what it’s like to play, and what an indoor game can be like—ick, except that the weather is under control.

state soccer 041
20071006 244

James Hinton is the last character.  He’s a missionary in Guatemala and is based off my little brother, who served a mission there for two years.  I tease that James is exactly like my brother—except cool!  Here are a couple photos I grabbed from my brother and Wikipedia.

View of Guatemala City with the "Agua&quo...

View of Guatemala City with the “Agua”, “Fuego”, “Acatenango” volcanoes in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Characters are so fun to get to know as an author.  I get so involved in their lives, in fact, that I have several notebooks and deleted chapters sitting in a file for my own satisfaction.  I have to KNOW what happens to my characters, what experiences formed them, and stuff like that.  That’s why I like WRITING!  With my own characters, I find out so much more than I do from a normal book.  I know the back story and a lot of the future after the story ends.   It’s exhilarating!

I have more pictures to post later, but don’t want to wear you out!  If you’re interested in reading my book, I’m giving my readers a DISCOUNT of 30% off the printed version (which puts the price just under $10).   Enter this code J2QQPHSU when you check out at my CreateSpace estore (not Amazon).  This code expires May 31, 2012.   The ebook is available as well for $2.99.  Have a great week!


36 thoughts on “Yippee! It’s done!

  1. Congratulations, Charissa! I love your pictorial journey with your characters. Although, the alligator (crocodile?) immediately below the mention of your brother threw me. “Is that him, or is he inside?”

    I will be back to order your book. I play the MasterCard cycle-date-dance with The Hubster. Billing cycle closes in three days with seven Amazon book purchases. I think that hits exceeds his tolerance level.

    • Ha ha! Yeah, I guess I should have clarified with the alligator. My brother was taking the picture–he’s not inside, thank goodness.

  2. Got it! Figured with the discount it’s free shipping basically. It’s estimated delivery date is the day I’ll have the baby. I’ll have a book to read while I nurse!!! Congrats on getting it published 🙂

  3. I just bought the ebook. Congratulations. I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to read it.

  4. Charissa is it going to be available on the nook? I couldn’t find it. If not I will just have to get it on Savannahs kindle:).

    • It will be on Nook as soon as I upload it to Smashwords. I’ll try to do that tonight and email you when it’s done.

  5. A big, huge congratulations! What an accomplishment. I’m going to go get the e-book now and add it to my ever-growing cue. But I’ll get there. 🙂 Sounds like an intriguing concept.

  6. I should be getting an e-reader soon, so I will download when I do! Congratulations, and as stuartart said above, may it be the first of many!

    • Thanks a ton! I’m just doing the Smashwords upload now so that it’s available on Nook (several people have those and can’t get it on Amazon). I wish all these places would keep formatting the same. What a pain.

    • E-readers are nice because books are so cheap to buy on them. I’m glad you’ll get one for your B-day. I got mine last year for my birthday…and I’ve had to fight my husband ever since for time on it.

  7. What a great idea to use photos to give us a taste of your book. I don’t have a kindle but I may splurge for the real thing. I’ve got to place an order on Amazon very soon so hopefully I remember your book.

    • I had a lot of fun looking through photos, and might need to do a little walking/photo session through parts of town for my book. I also uploaded the book to Goodreads tonight finally, so there is a little blurb to read there if you’re a member.

        • Tell me if it looks hokey on Goodreads. This is all so new to me. I felt so stupid writing up a review on my own book, but I wanted it on my list of books I’ve read on my shelf, so tried to be honest about how it was biased because it’s from me…blah, blah, blah.

          • Well, one review is better than none, and as people read it, make sure they review it, both on goodreads and amazon. I think that’s the hardest part to get going with, so people start talking about your book and the reviews build credibility. I’d love you to discuss self-publishing in more detail in the future. I have some children’s book ideas I should try to go through a real publisher for, but other books I could self-publish. There’s a lot out there to get lost in, that’s for sure.

  8. Congrats, I can’t wait to read it! I noticed in the comments above that you’re on Goodreads. I’m a member so I will put it on my list. Love the photos!

  9. Congratulations! I’ll get this right away and will add it to Goodreads too (though I haven’t done much there yet since as it turns out I spend most of my computer time with the blogging). I can’t wait to read it – the last few books I’ve read have just been too boring so I need to read something good! 🙂

    • I hope you like it. I feel like I’m opening up myself to terrific brow-beating by the mobs by putting this out there. I’ve read awesome books that I loved and been appalled when I read some mean, nasty reviews about that same book. Some people are harsh! (Oh, and I just finished Kitchen House by Grissom…I think? It was an amazing story–happens in slave times on a plantation. It’s not showing up on my Goodreads chart to the side for some reason, but it’s super good).

      • I’m sure your book will be great! I love your blog anyway, so I know I’ll love the book. Thanks for the book tip – I’ll look for you on Goodreads too.

        • Yes, look me up! I love getting other friends so I get more good book ideas to read (or not read–just as important).

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  11. How exciting! In the switch over, I completely missed your book coming out. I can’t wait to read it. I’ve been to Israel twice and would go back in a heartbeat. I didn’t realize you’d been there, too. So amazing! I’m downloading the book now, but probably can’t get to it for a few weeks, but I’m anxious. Congrats!!!

    • I went on the BYU semester abroad study. Is that how you went, or did you do a tour? My character goes back to Israel in my 2nd book.

      • My parents were tour guides and went a couple dozen times. They took us kids twice. I would have loved to do semester abroad and spend a couple months there. I fell in love with the land, the stories, the feelings. All of it. How fun to write about it!

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