Priceless Pearls

Happy Mother’s Day!  On this special day, I want to thank my Mom and my husband’s Mom for all their love and support through the years.  I hope someday when I grow up, I can be as good a Mom as you two are to me.   All mother’s are different and wonderful in their own ways.  Mothers have the best (though riskiest) job on Earth.  Here’s my poem in honor of Mothers everywhere:

Motherhood is the business of forming rare pearls,
They once were just sand, plain and simple and gritty.
Once grains of sand in a mother oyster’s inside,
Causing irritation and burning that would not subside.

The kind oyster, however, did not spit the sand out,
For deep down within, she had no doubt.
She knew if she worked and ignored all the pain,
That someday that sand would make a great gain.

Through tribulation and trial it someday would be
A pearl of great price to cherish and see.
Like oysters, Moms toil and work through the years
To mold and shape sand, while shedding some tears,

For pearls are not made overnight or with ease,
And children take effort and faith, if you please.
Mom teach and nurture with love and with care,
And begin each day with humble prayer.

They raise up their children from life in the sand,
And teach them of truths so their lives may be grand.
As Mother’s pearl necklace gets bigger each day
From children and grandchildren still on their way,

A white pearl necklace.

Her pearls grow with honor and treasure her love;
Their faith grows to knowledge that they came from Above.
The pearls known as children can ne’er fully impart
All the love felt for Mother deep in their heart.

Motherhood is patient love…and pearls are her token
That life, faith and hope will never be broken.


19 thoughts on “Priceless Pearls

  1. I have enjoyed your tribute to mothers all week, Char. Thanks for a beautiful poem to start out my own Mother’s Day. Have a lovely day with your babies!

    • Thanks, Carrie. Hope you had a great day too–breakfast in bed, foot massage, that kind of stuff. Are you laughing yet? I know you have boys, so would be shocked if you got that treatment. Even my sister with 5 girls doesn’t get that.

  2. Oh, lovely poem and I really like the analogy. I spent most of the day at the San Diego Safari Park with my boys and the weather was beautiful. It always feel nice to breathe fresh air and walk around.

  3. Your peom is lovely, but I must admit, the poems and songs from my kids have this beat hands down. They had spelling errors, and sometimes I needed help reading their writing, but that was part of the charm.

  4. I loved your poem. It is easy to be a good mother when I have sweet daughters-in-laws and daughters like you. This was a a pearl of a mother’s day getting to spend the weekend with you and a lot of our family.

    • You are the BEST mother-in-law EVER! I loved seeing you this weekend and can’t wait to see you next week too! Yea for graduates!

  5. Wonderful poem! i like it very much.
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    i know a little late but who’s to say everyday can’t be Mother’s day… 😉

    • Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes. I actually had fake Mother’s Day this past Sunday as we were traveling on the real Mother’s Day and I got nothing. I’ll take wishes any day I can get them. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day too.

  6. I have bought my three daughters a pearl bracelet,but i wanted a special poem,you just did that for me,with respect to you may i have a copy if possible emailed to me so i can put in the mothers day gift

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