Thoughts on Motherhood

I’ve loved this week of sharing some of my Writing partners’  thoughts on Motherhood.   Today’s guest is Shanell Wallentine.  She’s one of my role models.  She has 7 children, 1 new grandchild, and is busy as a bee helping not only her own family, but everyone else around her.  Amazing!  Here are her thoughts on Motherhood:

Motherhood was the way we played house as little girls; wrapping dolls in blankets and feeding them pretend milk out of pink-nippled bottles; putting them to sleep and laying them in miniature cribs and then making vicarious crying noises so we could pick them up and play some more.  Our babies never cried when we held them; we were such good mommies.  Motherhood is wearing mom’s apron and high heels while cooking dinner with a pretend oven and plastic dishes; talking to a mute audience about eating dinner when daddy comes home.

Motherhood is thinking back to what it was like then; no morning sickness, no sleepless nights, and no stretch marks.  Motherhood is more difficult than we expected.  Sometimes our babies cry, even when we hold them.  Motherhood is feeling like you will never sleep again; it’s when you find yourself at your weakest—physically and emotionally—and realize that you are responsible for taking care of a totally helpless human being.  Motherhood is relying on divine help.  It is finally realizing what your own mother did for you and how much she loves you.

Motherhood is wishing to enjoy each moment with your children, but finding ways to cope at the same time.  It is hugging a child when you feel like yelling.  It is having a child try to talk to you during an important phone call and having to lock yourself in the bathroom to get away from all the screaming.  It is not crying when milk, or worse yet, soda—spills on your newly mopped floor.  Motherhood is the greatest teacher of patience.

Motherhood is getting teary when your child starts Kindergarten; feeling happy after about a week; and getting excited about every new thing he is learning.  Years later, it is crying when that same child leaves on a mission; feeling happy after about a week; and getting excited about all the new things he is learning.   Motherhood is what lifts you off the ground when you finally see that son or daughter come into view wearing their worn-out shoes, well-placed nametag, and smile.

Motherhood is what draws you to help a child, even when it’s not your own; following a person around the grocery store to make sure the child they are screaming at doesn’t get hurt; jumping in and defending a child that is being teased on the playground.  It is what causes that potent feeling inside when a child is lost.

Motherhood is watching your children grow up and leave home.  It is looking at young families and telling them the same thing people used to tell you (that you really didn’t believe then, but now know is true) —to enjoy them now because they grow up fast.  Motherhood is infinite.  It is holding a grandbaby and knowing she is connected to you forever.  It is feeling like you didn’t do enough, but realizing that God made up the difference.  For in reality, motherhood is a partnership with Him who created all.

Thank you for sharing your touching thoughts, Shanell.  I must go now and grab a tissue.  Seriously.


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