Motherhood Is Just the Best!

My friend, Summer Bell, wrote this poem below about Motherhood.  She’s an amazing writer and when I read this, I laughed out loud.   Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!   Take it away Summer!  

Motherhood is…

Newborn baby
Mommy humming
Didn’t realize
What was coming

Sleepless nights
When baby cries
Mommy whispers
Down a bra size
That’s ok
Didn’t need it

Battle scar
One, two, three

Mommy bum
Not so hot
Looks like
A tater-tot

Tickle monster
Baby skin
Make her giggle
Gummy grin
Reading stories
On my lap
Wishing for
A little nap

Croupy coughing
Mommy’s scared
Deep breath in
And say a prayer

Blessed bedtime
Close my eyes
Daddy snores
So baby cries

Perfect cuddle
Snuggle pup
Please stay little
Don’t grow up

Moments passing
Babies grow
Three angels
In a row

Another bra size
Wish for
Plastic surgery

Potty training
“Look at you!”
Clap and dance
About a poo

Muddy fingers
Want to know
How the pretty
Flowers grow

Lids scattered
Markers dried
Table ruined
Mommy cries

Feather boa
Ruffled dress
Princess beauties
At their best

Blonde hair
Flower bows
Mommy’s makeup
Head to toe

Silly giggles
Make me laugh
Spaghetti night
Bubble bath

“Dad’s a monster!”
Girlies scream
“Get him!  Get him!”

Play nice
Don’t get hurt
If you’re good
You’ll get dessert

Baby blues
Full of tears
Healing kisses
Mommy’s here

Getting bigger
Growing tall
Trying to
Remember all

School drop-off
Blow me kisses
Please be safe
Mommy wishes

Tough questions
Show them love
Heaven help me
Not screw-up

Love the chaos
I am blessed
Motherhood is…
Just….the best!

I agree!  Thanks for sharing, Summer!  If you’re a Mom…or have a Mom, enjoy this week!


14 thoughts on “Motherhood Is Just the Best!

  1. Wonderful poem. It’s all true! I found myself nodding at each stanza, and some parts were so poignant I had to stop for a minute and count my blessings.

  2. So realistic and true with the right touch of humor, love, and gratitude. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

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