The Funny Farm

Today is National Sibling Day.   I’m the oldest of 9 kids.  To celebrate this made-up holiday, I won’t send my sisters and brothers any chocolates or flowers (that’s expensive), but instead will describe them all as an animal.  We grew up on the Funny Farm…so it’s only fitting.

  • #2—Tamera the Tortoise.  She’s a slow walker.  When we spent a semester in Israel together, we drove each other crazy walking anywhere.  I would be several steps ahead telling her to speed up…and she would lag behind ignoring me (thinking in her head, “Shut up!”).  Despite her slow walking flaw, I love her so much! Continue reading

Good, Bad, and Ugly Reviews

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My husband recently downloaded a book based upon the reviews.  The 5 star ratings made it seem like this was one of the most well written books in history.  It was the right genre–starting life over in a post-apocalyptic world–KABOOM!  Good MAN stuff.  How could he go wrong?

Well, when a review is vague or outright lies, you can go very wrong.  My husband finished the book, but he complained the whole time about what a cheesy, terrible, boring plot it was…and wondered why it was called The Mission.  He was done and didn’t know what mission those bozo characters had done.  And there were mutant mind-reading goats in the story–in fact, they were a central part of it…but nowhere in the reviews were they mentioned. Continue reading

Easter Joy–Spring after Winter

April in Utah 005Just a quick post to wish you all a wonderful Easter today!  Spring is truly here…even in good old Idaho!  It makes me happy to see the blossoms coming out, my grass turning green, and daffodils, tulips and irises beginning to form.

Springs brings new life after the dead of winter.  It makes me know that even through the dark, cold winters of our life when everything can go wrong and things can seem so bleak, because of our Savior, Jesus Christ, the hope of spring is sure to come.  New life, new growth comes only after the trials and hardships we go through in this life.  Faith in our Savior helps endure them easier.

Here’s an Easter video that’s about 7-1/2 minutes long.  I loved it!  Jesus is the reason for this season.  He is the Hope of life.  Have a great Easter.

Easter Video


When you get OLD

1970 1 yr oldToday ends my series on birthdays.  I’ve covered birthdays for Wild Things (aka 11-year-old boys) and birthdays for giggly 14-year-old girls…and now will conclude with what happens when you get OLD and are three feet away from the grave.  (Since it’s “Plan your Epitaph Day”…it’s fitting).

From your 1st birthday on…you’re on your way to getting OLD.  When you’re YOUNG, birthdays are magical.  The world cares that you have grown another year older and nice people (like your Mom) honor you with a beautiful cake and presents and a bunch of other hullabaloo.  My mom made the coolest cakes for me as I toiled to grow OLDER each year. Continue reading

Giggly Girls vs. Wild Things

IMG_0028Remember my son’s 11th birthday party where the Wild Things came and partied at my house?  Well, today I thought I’d post about my daughter’s 14th birthday party and make comparisons.

I hadn’t given her a party for several years (this picture is of the last party she had), so she felt she deserved a party for turning 14 (it takes a lot of effort to age).  Even though I was still in shock from what the Wild Things had done to my house, I had to be fair…right? Continue reading

Wedding Portraits…and Awards

IMG_1137A year or so ago, my niece got married.  Her dress was stunning; she was gorgeous; her groom was handsome; the reception hall looked amazing.  But…this photo is the best one I have to remember that wonderful day.

This is also my niece…but not the one that got married.  She took my camera and kept herself entertained taking pictures. Seriously, her pictures were much more exciting than mine (which amounted to a blurry one of Continue reading