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I absolutely love where I live!  I really do.  Boise, Idaho is a quaint, comfortable city that isn’t too big…and isn’t too small.  And it has a cool name that is easy to remember when you’re a kid learning your state capitals; “Boysies and Girlsies live in Idaho.”  Clever, huh?

There are miles and miles of paths and trails that meander along the Boise River, starting at Lucky Peak Dam and going all the way through Boise and Garden City and ending in Eagle.

The Greenbelt has lots of parks along it…and a zoo.  Boise State University cozies up next to it as well (Go Broncos!).

Being a desert rat, I feel like Boise is lush and green (I know Easterners will laugh at that, but compared to Nevada & Southern Utah, it’s a garden paradise.  Trust me).

Things I see HERON Boise are:

GEESE…Lots of them.  I love their majestic bearing and trumpeting calls.  I respect them at nesting time because they’re tough (I had a male charge my van one day as I paused to let his woman cross in front of me.  I guess he thought I was getting too friendly, because he hissed and attacked.  I was glad for the steel reinforced doors).

June 025

POND PALS:  Turtles, wood ducks, blue herons, and the occasional beaver (or his mark on the world).


June 020

I love hiking, and maybe that’s why I like Boise so much.  I don’t have to travel hours to go hike somewhere cool.  In just 10 minutes, I can be on the Greenbelt and feel like I’m in the woods or mountains.  Just like in the mountains, there are wild critters like GEESE who will attack me if I try to steel their eggs (which I don’t, but my son looks mischievous…so they always give us the evil eye and honk).  But unlike the mountains, no bear will jump out and gobble me up (although there have been a few squirrels who tried).


And when I’ve had my fill of nature and my stomach growls, I’m minutes from Dairy Queen where I can STORK up on a Caramel Malt or a Hawaiian Blizzard.  You can’t do that when you’re in the wilderness.

I’m linking up to DesignMom today on her Love Where You Live series.  Where do you live…and what do you love about it?  I would love to HERON about it.  Leave a comment or link up your own post to DesignMom and highlight your home.  It’s fun!


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    • Yes, I’ve seen them attack each other, and ever since, I give them their space. My boy still loves to chase them though. I just need to teach him not to do it when it’s mating season. They’re very territorial then.

    • There is a LOT I still love about Vegas too, sis (like Red Rock, the brilliant sunsets, and surprising summer storms and hail). I’m not dizzing anywhere else by saying I love Boise. I think everyone should figure out how to LOVE where they live.

  1. Well. This settles it. I need to visit Idaho. Boysies and Girlsies. That is adorable. So, what does one do when a good attacks one? I’d grab it by it’s long neck, I think. It wouldn’t see that coming.

    • I saw a goose attack a lady as I was walking in a park (it didn’t mean to attack her. It was attacking another goose and she just got in the way). It didn’t look fun, and I was glad I was not in her place. Usually, geese don’t pay us any attention. It just happened that we were there in the spring when their hatching eggs or have young goslings, and there were hundreds and hundreds of geese around (they’re a little more touchy in the spring). And as to the neck…they attack each other there too.

  2. I admire how in tune you are with nature. You notice things that others just take for granted, myself included. Actually, since I started following your blog, I’m trying to pay more attention to what’s around me instead of just blocking out the birds, the wind, the flowers, etc. with my thoughts. Given I’m often caught up in my own little world, it’s a trait I lack. So thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • I drive my kids crazy being in tune with nature. We hike somewhere and I’m always lagging behind trying to take a close up picture of a wildflower, or telling them to pose in some pretty spot. They don’t find me inspiring at all–except for inspiring annoyance in them. So thanks for liking my annoying trait.

      • But I bet they will some day. And you’ll likely instill that trait in them. Funny how we don’t think they’re paying attention when in reality, they are…

    • Your welcome, Debbie. I haven’t tired of seeing the blue herons here. Of course, I’d love to see the grey ones in Nova Scotia (paradise!).

  3. Looks like a beautiful place. You’re not the first person to say it’s worth spending time there. I have to get it out of my head that Idaho is all about potatoes (it’s quite engrained in there).

      • Haha, I learn something every day and I’ll have to tell people about the famous Idaho sugar beets. It’s funny because San Diego is known for many things but not its agriculture. And yet our county produces a tremendous of produce every year, just as much as many other California counties. The good thing is, a large amount of this produce makes it to our local stores.

        • California has perfect weather for growing all my favorite things–avocados, citrus, strawberries. That’s nice that you get to keep a lot of your produce.

  4. Okay. You convinced me. I’m moving, stat. 🙂 Beautiful place, indeed. I have never had the fortune to visit Boise, much less Idaho, but you mention all the kinds of things that would lure me out and about. You need to work for their tourism office.

    • It’s a fun place to live (at least my side of the state). My sister lives on the Eastern side, and all I have to say about that is BRRRRRRRRRR!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. I wish I had that kind of natural environment close by. I live at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains – the ones you sometimes see as the backdrop to the Rose Parade. All the valley land here is developed and the mountains are very steep and very dry. If I want pictures like yours, I have to go to a cultivated garden.

    • Well, the foothills all around Boise can be very dry too (except for spring). But the Greenbelt and the parks where I took these pictures are quite lush around the river. I am in love with it coming from Nevada.

    • Yes, you can envy me that I had to watch a soccer game in the rain for an hour and a half tonight too. They don’t call games for weather around here (that took some getting used to for me).

  6. well i of course think Vegas is beautiful and I LOVE it with all my heart. It’s going to be sad to have to move away from it. After visiting you in boise, I was quite smitten with it and really was excited about the possibility of moving there. I can totally see why you love it so much.

  7. I lived in Boise for several (elementary school) years in the early sixties. Your pictures are lovely, and could have been taken right here in Seabeck, Washington where I’ll spend the rest of my years. It’s a wonderful blessing to live someplace you consider enchanted, isn’t it?

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