Why I love Hiking


I love hiking because I get to see new things, be in the wild outdoors, and enjoy God’s creations.  Since I’ve been focusing on the Sawtooth Wilderness in the last two exploring posts, I thought I would continue on that theme (I have lots of pretty pictures I have to use, right?).

Hiking clears your mind.  It is a great way to unwind and get back on track.  As a teen, I remember doing little lessons in my mind as I trudged along.  It was easy to do, seeing symbolism in every small flower or rock I passed.  God’s hand is visible in everything.

There are certain necessities to remember to take along with you on hikes.  Just like a car needs fuel to run, so your body needs food to not get grumpy or sick.  Here are my little rag-a-muffins doing the universal sign for “Give me a handout.”


There are times though, that even if you forget the snacks (which we never do), a scene like below will make you forget your hunger and grumpiness.  This is how I picture heaven (minus bugs; I might allow ladybugs and butterflies, but that’s it).


I guess that’s why I like hiking.  It is a preview of heaven.  There have been a few occasions when a hike hasn’t thrilled me, and has been so taxing that it has been more like hell (forgetting water can do that; dehydration isn’t fun!  My sister and I did that in our teens.  I don’t recommend it).


But usually hiking is great!  Be prepared with fuel and water…and a good camera to capture all the previews of heaven so you can remember them when you get home and life gets tough.

The best part of hiking is taking time to enjoy the views along the way.  This is one of my favorite views in the Sawtooths!

Life is like that too.  It’s easy to get so caught up in the mundane that we miss out on what can bring us joy along the way!  So lift your eyes from the dusty path and focus on the beauties around you.  Life is a hike.  Enjoy it!

So what about you?  What hikes have you done or places have you visited that left a lasting impression on you (your preview of heaven)?  Please tell.


16 thoughts on “Why I love Hiking

  1. I love this post. I remember hiking in the Tetons, and once up in the Rockies. Both times we came across such pretty mountain lakes. Just gorgeous. Hiking is a wonderful time to be thoughtful and appreciate God’s blessings. Keep writing. I’m reading!

    • I LOVE the Tetons, but only went there in college and back then I never carried along a camera. I would love to hike it now so I could have some stunning pictures. Where did you go in the Rockies?

      • Not sure. I was in my early 20’s and with friends. Probably not far from the Denver area though. Seems like a lifetime ago. I have a picture of that lake somewhere though.

  2. Can you imagine seeing a view like that every day? Talk about inspiration! I don’t hike, but my husband and son have been doing a lot of backpacking for boy scouts. They’re going on a 2 week hike this summer–no showers, no toilets, just God and nature and dozens of other smelly men/boys. My other son and I will be going to Vegas that week. And no, that’s not as bad as it sounds. My youngest is a very talented magician, and he and I are going to take in some great magic shows. Otherwise Vegas would definitely not be my top vacation spot!

    • My husband does the scouting with my son too. I’m not jealous when they go on their man-vacations. I wait for family ones (you know my bad luck with lots of boys…the party, urgh.) I was born and raised in Vegas, and always wondered why anyone would want to vacation there. Ick! Maybe if I was into gambling, I’d see the draw (but even then, I’d pick somewhere prettier). They do have great shows though…so enjoy the magic!

      • I was happy to boast that I’ve never been to Vegas, and honestly, if it wasn’t for my son’s strong interest, I wouldn’t be going there. Considering I don’t gamble, I’m sure I’m not the demographic the tourist board is going for :). But it gives me some special time with my son, who really is amazing at magic, and the hotels are ridiculously cheap!

  3. I love hiking too and I’m trying to “make” my kids like it, and understand why it feels so good. I love the smells of the outdoors, the refreshing feeling of walking among nature, feeling I’m such a small part of a giant world. I like the smell of the ocean too and looking at the waves, but hiking in the woods will top that any day.

    • It’s hard to make kids like anything, isn’t it? When we hiked in Yosemite, my son was the biggest punk-skunk you could imagine. He’d just flop down on the trail and refuse to go any further. Needless to say, we didn’t get in as much hiking as we would have liked. He’s matured (thankfully), and now loves hiking (but not really for the scenery–but for the exploring and adventures). Maybe you have to grow up before you appreciate nature’s beauties.

  4. Oh, the Rockies, Olympic Peninula, Glacier National Park, and Kenai Peninsula jump to mind. Those are some stunningly beautiful places. But even the C&O Canal close to home is lovely. There’s just something about a good hike that clears the mind and soul. 🙂

    • I loved the Olympic Peninsula when I went there. But you’re right, even just a hike close to home (or even in the neighborhood) can be refreshing. I love outside!

  5. Wow, so beautiful! I have to admit, I’ve never known the real difference between hiking and walking. I remember being invited on a hike and being disappointed when it was over because it just seemed like a walk to me, only through woods in a more interesting setting! Am I missing something? Regardless, getting out into nature is so therapeutic and spiritually gratifying.

  6. Who wouldn’t when you have scenery like that. I get a real serene feeling when I’m out in the woods and hills, I love it and want to do more of it. 🙂

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