Life is like a Piano…

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Many years ago my husband and I purchased a piano, and I have never regretted it.  This is one item in the house that gets used over and over and over, and has probably gained value, not lost it.

Sometimes (like now), when a recital is looming on the near horizon, it is used SO much my husband almost goes insane (a ‘good’ insane; it is nice when recitals are done and we can move on to new songs though).

Music is powerful.  The deepest emotions I have ever felt have been because of music.  In the words of Berthold Auerbach:  Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  Good music cleanses and makes our spirits shine.

Life is like a piano (and like a box of chocolates, if you remember Forest Gump).  You get out of it what you put into it.  I have heard awful discord come from my beautiful grand, and I have heard amazing melodies and harmony as well.

The piano is not at fault for what notes come out of it…just like life isn’t at fault for how we each develop.  Just as one must study and practice on the piano, one must also study and practice at life.  Whiners don’t become proficient pianists…neither do they win at life.

Those who put forth the effort to study and play correctly will bring forth beauty.  Those who play falsely will exude ugliness.  When I began piano lessons as a child, I wanted to play the masterpieces.  I hated the simple songs like This is Up.  This is Down.  But it is through the simple things (the simple kindnesses, smiles and sacrifices in life) that great things are brought to pass.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned how important the REST was in music.  As Truman Fisher says:  The pause is as important as the note.  It is that way in life too.  We must PAUSE…and rest occasionally for that spiritual break, that communion with God…to give life and energy to our life’s melody.  When we do, then beautiful harmony results.

I will leave you now with this amazing piano masterpiece from Jarrod Radnich to enjoy (make sure you watch till the end–that’s my FAVORITE part).  May it inspire you to make the most of your own life and SHINE!

ThePianoGuys – Pirates of the Caribbean


19 thoughts on “Life is like a Piano…

  1. I often conclude my piano pieces with a butt thump, too. I feel it adds that classy touch…

    What a wonderful clip. Thanks for including it. I took piano lessons for years as a child. I finally got my baby grand several years ago, but sadly I hardly ever play anymore. In fact, like my French, my skills have sadly deteriorated. But I can still read the notes, and there’s a thing called muscle memory, so with a little practice, I know I could bounce right back. 🙂

    • I don’t play as much as I used to either, although I’m very tempted to try the butt thump ending! That was awesome! My girls play enough for me that I don’t feel bad.

  2. I had to lift the quote about music and send it to a friend who is a music director for a church. Thanks for sharing. Another beautiful photograph. I had a photography studio back in the 90’s, so I really appreciate your great photos!

    • Thanks, Gina. My daughter took that photo. She has taken dozens and dozens of all the parts of a piano to do her AP art portfolio emphasis on. It’s pretty cool–some time I’ll have to post some of her drawings of it.

  3. Lovely simile — enjoyed this post! (I have never regretted purchasing my piano either.Can’t imagine life without it.)

  4. Love the comparison of practicing the piano and learning the skills of life. 🙂 I took lessons all through school, but alas, the desire to play didn’t stay with me. Other interests called me away. But maybe someday….

  5. I wish…
    I tried piano lessons three different times in my childhood, but there is something broken in me, some lack of hand-eye coordination, something missing. I did a little better with the recorder, where you only have to play one note at a time, but still… even after much practice I never got to the point where I could really read music or play a simple, slow piece reliably without fumbling somewhere.
    In my next life, I will play the piano.

  6. I enrolled in a piano lesson in 1989. But I think, piano is just not for me. Now I’m 39…and I still wish to learn. Piano is my favorite instrument to listen to.

    Thanks for sharing! I agree: life is like a piano. Everything that comes out of it is the responsibility of the one who plays.

    • Piano (and any instrument) is daunting to learn. Life is too, though…so if you have to focus on one, life is the better one.

  7. I had to learn the piano as a kid (apparently it was a family tradition) and I was good at it but had no passion put into it. I actually wanted to learn to play the guitar but my mother made me continue the piano. What I’ve learned from it is, if my kids want to try to learn something new, I’ll let them do it and they can figure out if they like it or not, but I won’t impose my choices on them!

    • Imposing is never a good idea. I made my kids play through elementary school, then they got to choose whether to continue or not. One quit and did flute. She still loves piano now as a college kid though and has picked it up again from the years she had under her belt. My boy quit, but after a year, he asked to take again. But he’s made the choice (it helps them be motivated to practice, because it’s not me forcing it on them anymore; I got them to a point where they could finally play ‘real’ songs, and then they decide whether they like it or not).

  8. I used to take piano until I was struck down with mono/pneumonia at the age of seven, and I was unable to take lessons for 6 months. My piano teacher (the only one within a 30 mile radius) refused to take me back as a student because I had missed so much time. I never played again. 😦 Now that I have kids, I long for them to take piano but they haven’t expressed interest in that part of music; they prefer singing and dancing. My sister has a piano she said we could just have. So, now it’s a matter of convincing my hubby that we have space for a piano–even if no one wants to play it. 🙂

    Thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to click on it!

    • Oh, sad story! Mean teacher not to take pneumonia as an excuse! I was ecstatic when we got a free piano in our early years of marriage. I hadn’t taken forever and had to learn all over again, but it was free! I say take it!

  9. i always wanted to be a concert pianist so badly. I wonder if I had ever had real lessons if I could have ended up better than I am. I dream of the day I can buy a baby grand! it saddens me that my girls hardly ever practice and seem to take their piano lessons that i’m paying for for granted. What i would have done to have lessons. I think i’m going to just have them quit and then see if they ever desire it on their own. It’s sad though that they might not. I love the Piano guys. they always have amazing, inspiring videos.

    • Yes, it’s sad to see kids take things for granted. But I understand. I got a couple years as a kid, and I, too, wanted to be a concert pianist. But did I practice like I should have? Nope. As an adult, I have picked it up though enough so that I can enjoy it when I want to.

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