Rowing on Red Fish

IMG_6388Last week I wrote about how amazing the Sawtooths are.  Today I thought I’d post about our Canoe adventure on Redfish Lake.

If you’ve ever sung the song Row, row, row your boat, then you know that one thing you have to do in a canoe is ROW.

What you might not know is that there are certain ways to ROW…and other ways that lead to WAR.

Our family rented canoes and spent a few hours exploring the lake.  I took 2 kids with me, and my husband took the other 2 with him.  I was sad I couldn’t have my husband in my boat, because he knows what to do…and I don’t.

But I was with my oldest, and she is athletic and strong, so I thought we might be okay.

IMG_6380My husband and 2nd daughter rowed together well and slid serenely through the lake (ooo!  I like that alliteration!).  My #1 daughter and I rowed wrong…and went in circles.  What!!!!!?????!!!!

Something was wrong with our oars.  We rowed gently (and as we became more frantic–a little less gently), and yet we did not go merrily down the stream like a dream.  Our experience was more like a nightmare.

ROWING became WARING as we watched my husband’s canoe glide away.  We rowed like Nordic warriors trying to catch up…but still only managed weird half circles and non-straight lines in the water.  We exerted lots of energy…but were getting nowhere fast.  (Have you ever felt that way in life?  It’s frustrating!)

IMG_6394Our canoe was not merrily doing anything…especially rowing.  As we rowed in unmerry-like movements, my daughter and I growled at each other.

My oldest yelled:  “Mom, you’re doing it wrong?”

And I snapped back:  “No, I’m not!  The back person steers!  It’s your fault we’re not going straight.”

That didn’t endear me to her.

My husband and the other two kids were living the Row, Row, Row your boat dream.  My boat, on the other hand, was almost to the point of a fist fight.  Good thing we had #3 in the middle of us and the fear of capsizing if we stood up and went at each other to keep us in line.

IMG_6425We made it back to the dock somehow, but my oldest girl and I were muttering under our breath about lazy, inept rowers.  Neither of us could accept that it was our fault for our canoe’s faulty guidance system.

The good thing about families is…even when accusations fly as you ROW (or WAR), 10 minutes later you’re sitting on the beach laughing about your earlier exploits as you munch on Cheetohs and wait for the hotdogs to get done as you gaze at stunning vistas.  Love conquers all!

Row, row, row your boat

Gently up the lake

Merrily, Carelessly, Glaringly, Wearily

Life is like a steak!

And I love steak!  And I love my oldest daughter…even though she still thinks it was my fault we couldn’t row in a straight line to save our lives.


13 thoughts on “Rowing on Red Fish

    • Yes, I am rowing-challenged. When he took everyone out one at a time on kayaks, he said I was the worst. I don’t understand–because I row my little heart out but nothing works. I can’t steer and seem to only hinder. It’s still fun!

    • It is amazing! My oldest was very sad when she found out we were scheduled to go there this summer while she was still at school. Maybe we’ll have to fit in a day trip up there for when she’s home in August. If you go, reserve camping spots early (they go fast). There are places up there that are first come first serve, but I never dare rely on them.

    • It was funny (now that I look back at it). At the time, my daughter and I were so frustrated and tired that we didn’t fully enjoy it.

  1. I’d be best placed in the middle between two people who knew what they were doing. 🙂 On top of that, I could sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

  2. Litke your story. It reminds me of Arlene and I paddling on the Salmon River. We too went in circles and at one point ran ashore right into a fisherman. The difference in our story was we couldn’t stop giggling, which made it even worse. Love the Sawtooth Mountains.

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