The Funny Farm

Today is National Sibling Day.   I’m the oldest of 9 kids.  To celebrate this made-up holiday, I won’t send my sisters and brothers any chocolates or flowers (that’s expensive), but instead will describe them all as an animal.  We grew up on the Funny Farm…so it’s only fitting.

  • #2—Tamera the Tortoise.  She’s a slow walker.  When we spent a semester in Israel together, we drove each other crazy walking anywhere.  I would be several steps ahead telling her to speed up…and she would lag behind ignoring me (thinking in her head, “Shut up!”).  Despite her slow walking flaw, I love her so much!
  • #3—Ollie the Owl.  He’s a HOOT!  He makes me laugh all the time and is the greatest brother ever!  He’s an expert at working my dog into an excited frenzy with his loud voice, as well as my kids.  Life is never dull when Ollie comes around.
  • #4—Tina the Tiger.  She’s teenie, yet she can be a tiger if pushed (which I admire).  Tigers are beautiful and majestic, and Tina is both.  As a kid, she had a defiant attitude—“Don’t tell me what to do!”—but as an adult, she is amazing…Queen of the Jungle.
  • #5—Don Quixote.  Don fears nothing…not even windmills!  He keeps a pellet gun at work (or maybe it’s a real gun—I don’t know), and keeps his workplace safe from pigeons by shooting them from the roof during breaks.  His boss probably gave him a raise for this (pigeons are a menace to rooftops–seriously!)
  • #6–#6.  This isn’t an animal, but she’s so proud of her 6th place in the family that I don’t have the heart to animate her.  #6 should be a Disney princess—she has the voice for it, always belting out a Disney cruise song at odd times when we’re together.  She cracks me up.
  • #7—Lilo the Lamb.  She’s easy-going, but can bleat quite loudly (when competing with Ollie the Owl).  Lilo does hair, and is gorgeous!  Is it wrong to look up to a little sister?  Well, I do.
  • #8—SpongeMop Bossy Pants.  She’s bossy and keeps things very clean.  I say that with the most loving admiration.  In an indecisive family, it’s nice to have one person able to make decisions quickly and organize the rest of us.  Thanks, SpongeMop!
  • #9—James the Jackrabbit.  My wee baby brother is tall, lanky, and quiet.  He might be able to jump, but I’m not sure.  I based my character James in my upcoming book off him.  James is a good sport and lets everything roll off him without getting upset.  That’s good, because in the Author’s notes of my book, I said that my character James was my little brother, only cool!   But I love you, real James (whose name isn’t James).

I LOVE all my brothers and sisters!  They’ve always had my back growing up on the Funny Farm.  I wouldn’t trade my life or family for any other!  Happy Sibling Day Tamera, Ollie, Tina, Don, #6, Lilo, SpongeMop, and James!  You all are the best sisters and brothers EVER!


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25 thoughts on “The Funny Farm

  1. Ahhh I love this!! We definitely did grow up on the funny farm and I wouldn’t have had it ANY OTHER WAY!!! Love you all!!

    • Well, there are probably only 2 of the 8 who read mine, but that might be good (then they’re not offended–especially the Bossy Pants one…although in my defense, SpongeMop actually does admit her bossiness).

  2. A tortoise, seriously? If it hadn’t been for my slow walking, we’d have been long gone that time when the fat man mooned us. Aren’t you glad you have that memory? Never would have happened if we’d all been walking at your bustling pace. It’s funny that you think that I walk so slow because the other day I was walking for exercise with some friends and someone told me to slow down because I walked too fast. She literally passed out while we were walking and then blamed me because I was apparently keeping too fast of a pace. Times have changed… Thanks for thinking of all of us. If I was going to pick an animal for #1, it would have to be an eagle – graceful and majestic, ever the example, and leading the way high above the rest while keeping a watchful eye on those of us toiling along (slowly, mind you) down below. Thanks for being the best big sister! Love you!

    • I don’t remember the fat man mooning us! I must have been walking ahead and missed it (or blocked it out because it was so horrific). I’m glad you’re fast now; it makes me proud that you made someone pass out! That’s awesome. I do like eagles–they have ‘large talons.’

  3. ah what a fun post. i must have your fast walking gene too because i’m always getting after my kids to keep up with me. I like Tamera the Tortoise’s animal for you. You’ve been a great example and leader for all of us younger ones.

    • That is 3 out of 8. Yea! I miss you guys already. It was bad that you came, because now I want you to move here SUPER bad…and will be disappointed if you don’t.

  4. What a sweet dedication. I love it! I come from kind of a big family (i’m in the middle of 6). Now you’ve got me figuring out which animals to represent my sibs!

    • Oh, you definitely have to do it. It was so much fun. Some of my siblings could have been several animals, but I didn’t want to bore everyone with a long post. So you’re the middle child. Did you have a lot to prove all your life…or have to go out of your way being crazy to get attention?

      • I was the serious, introverted bookworm who didn’t crave attention. I wasn’t really your typical middle kid, actually. My younger sister was the “clown” and was crazy enough to get us both into trouble!!

        • Well, I am not surprised to find out you’re serious…since you are dedicated enough to get up to write at 4AM. My younger siblings got crazier and crazier too the farther down the line we went.

  5. This is a really cute blog post. I love learning about families and boy…nine of you! That’s a big one. I know a gal from a family of 16 kids! My dad came from a family of 13. I think kids from big families are the best adjusted people.

    • Wow! 13 and 16. That’s big. I remember when there were maybe 5-6 of us kids packed into the back of a Datsun and how people would get wide eyes and start counting us as they’d come up beside us at lights. A couple of us smart aleck ones would hold up our hands with how many of us there were, just to embarrass them.

    • I haven’t seen that on sibling relationships. Will have to look at that when I sludge through my mess from being gone for the weekend. I don’t think Spongemop read this post. I was wondering if she’d have something to say to me about that.

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