Doggone Best Friends

IMG_7043Ginger is a very social dog.  When we got her, we planned on her being an outside dog (and my house would be immensely less-hairy if she had cooperated).  But she insisted on being near one of us all the time.  She doesn’t like to go outside, unless someone will go with her (big blond wimp).

Of course, we—her family—are her best friends. Ah!  My kids get a kick out of Ginger’s eyebrow twitches and the way she’ll come up and lick their toes to let them know she’s still alive and loves them.  But I want to focus on her canine friends today.  These are who she hangs out with when we leave town (she hates the kennel; they treat her like a dog…ha,ha).

Winter08-09 007This is Phoenix.  He’s my brother’s massive Marmaduke dog.  This guy is probably two of Ginger, but he’s the nicest dog alive.  My brother named him Phoenix because he is the size of that Arizona city.  I love this picture.  He just plops down on the couch to shoot the breeze with the humans.

Ginger and Phoenix love to play chase.  They’re two silly kids when they get together.  Ginger feels Phoenix is like playing with a horse.  Giddyap!  The only negative of Phoenix is his drool and the fact that he’s bigger than me and knocks me over when he runs past me.

january 21 2006 024This is Sir Nicholas de Mimsey-Porpington (or just Nick).  He’s my cousin’s dog.  Nick loves Ginger.  He’s smaller than her, but Ginger is alpha dog to none—so she lays on the ground or stands still and lets Nick sniff her until he is satisfied.  I am glad I’m not a dog.  The sniffing thing would really gross me out.  Nick is an acrobat compared to Ginger, and can jump on 2 back legs and dance.  He’s named after Nearly Headless Nick from Harry Potter.

oct 2005 097This black fur ball is Roo.  My kids call her Roocifer, because she reminds them of Satan (she’s quite moody and elitist).  She’s my sister’s dog (although she has only lived with my sister for a few months in her life).  My mom, bless her sweet soul, has taken care of Roo for many years (since my sister’s husband would probably use Roo as bear bait or target practice if she lived with him.  Roo, with her snobbish upbringing, wouldn’t last long in a cowboy household.)  As you can see, Ginger is quite taken with her.

preschool-november 020This sweet, mellow dog is my favorite friend of Ginger’s!  I don’t know if she has a name.  I’ll just call her DOG.  Ginger loves DOG because this friend is the only one that allows Ginger to be alpha-dog.  Ginger loves that feeling.  I love DOG too.  In fact, if Ginger ever dies, I will only consider replacing her with a dog like DOG.  I like that DOG doesn’t poop, bark, shed, or slobber.  All you have to do is move her occasionally to dust.  (I can handle that).


11 thoughts on “Doggone Best Friends

  1. There is nothing like a dog. I love my Schnauzer, Schatzy. He’s a diabetic doggy, and I have to give him an insulin shot twice a day. He’s a real champ about it.
    I though Roocifer was a really funny name. Your kids are clever!

    • Yes, I’m not sure if my kids came up with Roocifer, of my mom, who deals with her each day. My kids pick up a lot of what Grandma says.

  2. Thanks for a great laugh this morning (although Roocifer kind of scared me…). I love that first photo–so cute. I have to be honest, however. If I saw a dog like Phoenix with his big bum on my couch, I’d be less than thrilled. 🙂

    • Erm, yes! That’s my brother’s couch. Not mine, thankfully. He’s a bachelor, so I think the dogs do more sitting on his furniture than he ever does.

  3. Dog’s are funny about their friends. My Chessie was a bit too sober for other dogs because of her past experiences with bigger dogs. We did have Bo Jangles (a long haired ex-stud dotson). He was a bit much for her too. She was more of a cat and person dog.

    • Yes, some canines are just too doggone good for other dogs company. Roocifer is that way a little. She looks loving in that picture, but she’d just as soon snap Ginger’s ear off. Ginger doesn’t seem to mind though. She just likes anything that breathes (and DOG, who doesn’t breathe, but looks like he does)

  4. I love that you can create such wonderful stories from just ordinary things! I never would have thought to find a story in dog friends. DOG will definitely be our next dog.

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