Lake Powell 4: Slots of Fun

121Sorry for neglecting posting.  I’ve been out of town and had very limited wi-fi (frustrating); but, I’m home and can now conclude my Lake Powell trip.  Lake Powell has so many facets to it, that I couldn’t possibly cover it all…but I have tried.  On the flight home, I actually saw part of Lake Powell from the air, and it was magnificent!

You have the houseboat part of Lake Powell, which is lethargic and lazy.  You anchor to a shore or cliff and don’t move for the rest of the week, because houseboats take a lot of gas, and gas is expensive.

That’s why it’s nice to have speed boats as well.  On the trip out to where you want to camp, you tow the speed boats to conserve their gas.  Then once you’ve found the perfect spot,  you untie the speed boats and do things like this…


And this….


And this…


The driver of the boat does tight circles to try to throw us off the banana. It's great fun!

But my favorite thing we did in the smaller boats, was explore the narrow slot canyons up by Rainbow Bridge.  This was the coolest thing ever, and a little hairy, but Craig, our cool Captain (and my super awesome brother-in-law) kept us from crashing and sinking.  Thanks, Craig!  You’re my hero!

119These canyons are like mazes, and I’m glad certain people (ur…Craig again) knew where they were going…and also knew what to watch for in the water.  In one place where the lake took off in 2 different canyons, there was a big intersection we could have zipped through at amazing speeds, but Craig spotted a shelf of rock jutting out barely in the middle just in the nick of time and came to a halt.  The other boat didn’t see it, so Craig placed himself in front of it and we waved the other boat away so they didn’t hit it and tear a hole in the bottom of their boat.  Lake Powell has lots of little surprises like that.  Even in the main channel, you must keep your eyes open and watch for logs and other debris that can damage boats.

136Anyway, we maneuvered through these slot canyons, and sometimes they got so narrow that we had to reach out to push away from the cliff walls.

The crazy thing to me, was that in these narrow sections, Craig would call out the depth (he had a gauge that measured that), and it would be 380 feet, or something crazy like that—in a 30 foot wide section of the canyon.  He kept careful eye on the depth of the water as we explored, because sometimes it would quickly become 20 feet, then 10, and we’d have to slow and back up so we didn’t get grounded on a sand bar.  Whew!

138But it was fantastic!

You can see in this picture how dicey it gets at times when the canyon narrows dramatically, and how the waves from a boat up ahead made waves we had to fight against, hoping they wouldn’t push us into the cliff.  We didn’t hit, but I touched many cliff walls during that excursion.  Crazy!

That was my favorite part of the trip.  It was a true adventure!  And now I’m finally done!  The End…at least to this series of posts.  My kids want to go again to Lake Powell, and they probably will.  If you ever get a chance to go, it is quite amazing.   But plan and prepare well so you’ll be safe and have SLOTS of fun!


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    • Yes, I was actually taking a creative writing course when we went here and had to keep a journal and do a short story while I was out–so the setting was perfect for some dying desert scenes (very dramatic and corny, if I recall right).

  1. Great post on a beautiful place. I have never been there, but your lovely photos make me think I need to go…and soon!

    Welcome back to cyberspace.

    • I’m glad I got to go there. It was very pretty, and we were lucky and had not sweltering heat. It’s good to be back again.

  2. Your puns crack me up…:) but it’s great fun. Thanks for relating your story, it was a blast coming along for the journey. Where to next? 😉

    • Thanks for visiting! I look forward to seeing all your little visitors on your blog. The three-legged deer was very intriguing.

      • She was just an angel….I haven’t seen her since I finished the book. I can’t believe it’s been a year..she was a gift…but I’m SO glad I decided to do the book, just in the last year…before she left us.

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