Angels in our Lives: Deevoted Daddy

I started the Angels series thinking it would be nice to write about inspiring people who truly deserve our hero-worship, instead of Hollywood celebrities who mostly get it.

Today’s angel is a devoted father who knew how to treasure and make the most of each moment with his family.  His name is DEE.  He’s my friend, Crystal’s, Dad.  She wrote me about him after The Magical Box post, and I knew he was definitely an angel I had to explore.

As a child, Crystal’s Dad would take out his dinosaur video camera and interview his kids or help them perform skits.  Crystal’s first ‘star roll’ was when she was 4.  She dressed in a monkey costume and jumped on the bed as her mom sang a song.  When it was time to fall off the bed, her Dad threw a doll in the same monkey costume to the floor- OUCH!  Then, Crystal dressed as a doctor and ran to the dummy with a telescope to check him and say:  “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

Crystal’s Deevoted Daddy fought a triumphant battle with cancer, but caught an infection when he was recovering and passed away at age 38.  The last video he made was of all 6 of his kids singing to the music video, ‘I’m walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves.  Crystal says this about her angel Dad:

So many days I wish I had a Daddy to run to, to cry to, to get advice from and listen to. There are too many times I’ve regretted taking for granted all his love and thoughtfulness while he was still on this earth.  I was only 17 when he died; my youngest sister was only 1.

In the early years of his passing, I was always saying things like, “Why didn’t I hug him more often?  Why didn’t I tell him I appreciated him?  Why didn’t we take that last family picture he wanted? ”

But looking back, I am convinced that he’s still with me—looking out for his family better than he ever could have in his mortal life.  While I still miss his voice and all his big bear hugs, I truly feel blessed having a Daddy for an angel.  I’ve written a few poems to express my gratitude. I love you DadDee…

My Dad- He’s There

by Crystal J. Wells

He’s there when I’m lost, He’s there when I cry

He’s there when I do way more than a “TRY”

He’s there when I smile, He’s there when I laugh

He’s there with my family, the REAL, STEP and HALF

He’s there when I play, He’s there when I work

He’s there when I feel like I’m being a jerk

He’s there when I’m sick, He’s there when I’m well

He’s there when I think I am going through hell

He’s there at the park, when I see a bright kite

He’s there in the shadows, I can see him at night

He’s there when I toss, He’s there as I turn

He’s there as I’m thinking of all I could learn

He’s there when I wake, always up in the skies

He’s there as I see him through my own kids’ eyes

He’s there when I’m silly, He’s there when I’m not

He’s there when I’m lying and afraid I’ll get caught

He’s there when I screw up, He’s there when I’m proud

He’s there when I feel like it’s time to get LOUD.

He’s there when I pray, He’s there when I curse

He’s there when I’m looking everywhere for my purse

He’s there when I’m lonely, he’s there when I’m sad,

He’s there when this girl, just needs her own dad.

In this next poem, Crystal writes what she thinks her Dad would say to his family:

 I’m Already There

 I’m already there on your birthday-I am smiling and sing along with everyone.

I’m already there attending your graduation – I’m the loud guy shouting “that’s my son! “

I’m already there as you travel long distances- giving directions and keeping you awake.

I’m already there when you’re thinking I’m not, yes I see everything for goodness sake.

I’m already there crying at your wedding, even if I can’t walk you down the aisle.

I’m already there when you’re hurting so badly and just need to talk to me once in a while.

I’m already there as your babies are born, then I watch over them each day and night.

I’m already there smiling in family photos; barely visible in the camera’s light.

I’m already there when you go meet Mickey, lie on the beach or play in the sand,

I’m already there as we catch an amateur doing the thumb trick or sleight of hand.

I’m already there around the holidays, watching traditions that you and I started.

I’m already there as you covered your nose; yes it was Dad that somehow just farted.

I’m already there as you fall fast asleep, even if you’re not sleeping in bed.

I’m already there as long as you remember me- otherwise I will always be dead.

Please remember me as I was- not a magician or man with no debts.

I am father, a brother, a son- and a husband who has no regrets.

Ah!  The magic of angels.  Even when their bodies leave this earth, they still walk beside us and lift our hearts to heaven; they help open our eyes to the joys around us.  As Crystal so beautifully wrote in her tribute, angels are alive as long as we remember them…and even when we might forget, Angels have a way of helping us eventually remember.  Thank you, Crystal, for sharing with us a little about your Angel Daddy.  May we all live to be angels to others.


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