The Drive for Inspiration

Do you name your cars?  Most people in the world take their cars for granted.  In third world countries, cars are even abused and treated like beasts of burden.  Here in America, we treat our cars a little nicer, but still, some of us refuse to give them a little humanity by naming them.  How rude!

Just like people, cars have personalities, vices, gaseous exhalations and make obnoxious noises.  For those of you who have never named your car before…YOU’RE MISSING OUT!

Now, unlike a human being, a car’s name doesn’t have to be normal.  It can be more along the lines of a dog or racehorse name…like Dun Run Out of Cash, Hillbilly Hobbit, Winnie the Pooch, Fat Cat.

When I was a kid, the naming of a new car was an inspirational event.  We’d even have a meeting to vote on what to call the new family member that would DRIVE us crazy.

With a name, comes responsibility.  When your car gets dirty, you must wash that ‘named’ family member.  But when it acts up, or doesn’t start when you turn the key, you have the right to curse it by name (and what a GREAT feeling that is).

However, be careful when you name your car.  Some guys give their sports car such sexy names that they actually fall in love with them (it can happen with bikes too.  My husband fell in love with his bike after he named her Lola).  If you’re careful though, and name your car Ethel or Hildegard, or better yet, Gertrude, you should be safe from that snare.

Now, why this post about naming cars, you might wonder?

Because it’s an inspirational thing to do…and I’ve been given the Very Inspirational Blogger Award by Michele at…and so I feel a little more inspiring than usual. Michele is a widow whose blog shows that joy returns to those who experience loss in their life.  Check her site out when you get a chance.

I don’t know who started these blog awards, but they don’t seem to have any set in concrete (or asphalt) rules…so I’m choosing to pass it on to 5 other inspiring blogs (the number’s higher, but 5’s a good number that doesn’t DRIVE me insane—so I’m stick-shifting with it).

  • End City Begin Desert— This site makes me homesick for Nevada.  The places he spotlights are hikes I’ve been to as a kid with my dad, except he has great pictures of the desert, and I don’t.
  • Jennifer Eaton—This blog gives me great tips and insight into writing; Jennifer also inspires me to wear sunscreen more religiously since she’s dealing with skin cancer right now.
  • Design Mom—This is a big time blog, so I don’t see myself jumping on her site and saying, “Hey, I nominated you…blah, blah, blah.”  I think she’d laugh.  However, if you haven’t heard of her site, she puts out a lot of information for moms, and it’s fun to peruse.
  • Discovering Writing--This blog takes a refreshing, clean look into writing, reading, and life in general.  Ryan and his family are definitely inspiring.
  • The Nitty Gritty Man–Kevin does a great garden blog, but it’s not boring.  He is good at likening his gardening to life, Super Bowl or books he’s reading.  I like that.

Now I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about me, but 7’s a weird number…so I’ll stick with 5 again.  Here are 5 Cars that have had a Profound influence on my life.

  • Vanda:  The 15 seater two-toned blue van that helped me learn to drive.   I ran over every curb in Las Vegas in that beast; I also ran it out of gas right in front of our driveway (after I’d blocked the whole street in a wide, lame turn)
  • Fred:  My boyfriend’s old green Ford truck in high school that I adored.  I liked it so much, in fact, that I married the driver.
  • Ugh:  The teal Chevy Astro Van that made me hide my head in shame every time I drove it.  I never truly named him, but UGH was used enough that it became his legal name.  I still shudder when I see a Chevy van on the road.
  • Clifford:  A red Toyota Corolla that brought comfort to my toddler when she was broken-hearted about leaving behind our old car at the dealer when we bought a new one.  When she found out our new car was named after her favorite story book dog, all was good.
  • Bruce:  My cousin’s family car that sounded constipated.  Because of the name analogy, I’ve never had a problem remembering what Bruce Springstein’s songs sound like.

So DRIVE yourself wild and name your car some INSPIRING name!!!  You won’t regret it!


14 thoughts on “The Drive for Inspiration

  1. What a fun post! And now I’m ashamed. I’ve had my Prius for six years and still haven’t named it. My sons call it the “Furmobile” due to a less-than-desirable license plate number, but I’m not thrilled with that name as you can imagine. Guess I better get busy. 🙂

  2. Haha, my family drove a red Chevy Astro. I think her official name was Bessie, but her nicname was the blood red van because of how many animals we had run over (yuck!) She even had a guardian angel pointed out to us by one of our mechanics. :p
    I drove a blue 1986 Toyota Camry that my sister bought and drove to S. Carolina from Vermont and then gave to me after it was towed back for fear it wouldn’t make it. “O ye of little faith,”. She called it Jason and then renamed it The Blue Beast after she broke up with him ;). I called her symphony because I got a Bach cassette tape stuck in the cassette player and that’s all she would play.
    I now drive a 2005 Honda CR-V and I think we returned to good ol’ Bessy, but in my experience cars develop names as they develop quirks. My baby’s only 102,000 miles old, so she’s got time.

    • I agree with you on cars developing names over the years (hence the name UGH for my Astro). I haven’t come up with any good names for my current vehicles (the Toyota was nicknamed “FBI car” by my daughter’s friends because of its dark tinting (Idahoans don’t understand how that’s a necessity in Vegas where we bought the thing). My Nissan van is good, but is terrible for parking. Maybe I’ll have to call him Parker (haha). The truck–it’s just plain awesome and I call it all sorts of wonderful endearments. It hasn’t made me mad yet.

  3. Awesome post. I never named my cars, but just called them “Girl”. I drive an 2004 Saturn Ion, so I guess the name needs to be related to space.

    My Dad had a pea green Ford piece of crud (not sure what kind of car it was other than UGLY and beat up). It was pea green inside and out. When great-grandma passed a lot of nice looking cars formed the funeral procession and in the middle was this ugly, gross looking pea green thing. Even Dad’s cousin asked why Dad did not drive Mom’s Thunderbird. The reason was Mom had to take my sister to the doctor’s. No way was Mom going to be seen driving that green thing. 😉

  4. Ha! The only car I ever named was my second car (after I totalled my first one)
    I called it “Biky” Because it saif “B I K” on the back of it. It was a Buick, but the “U” and the “C” had fallen off the emblem.

    Thanks so muck for the award. I totally appreciate it!

  5. since we always named them growing up, it’s a must for every car I’ve owned. And oddly enough, my hubby named his too so it worked out perfect. When we got married, i had Thomas the Tempo and he had Penelope the Mercury equivalent to the Tempo. Then he got Bianca the sexy ’68 Mustang that never worked very good. Then I got Ally the Alero (not to be confused with our niece Allie who was not born yet). Larry totaled Thomas so he then got Kronos the Saturn (Kronos is the Roman name for Saturn or something like that). Then I traded in my beloved Alero for Trinity the Town and Country (I obviously have a thing for naming my cars the same letter as their make or model – although Trinity has extra meaning since she’s my 3rd car I’ve ever bought). And Larry traded in kronos for Meredyth his mistress RX-8. He was never comfortable driving around Thomas or Kronos since they had boy names. He very much prefers his cars to be female!!

    • Yes, Larry was who I was thinking of when I said be careful not to name your cars too sexy of names! I know how he loves his baby!

  6. Seriously, Larry, Meredyth is not a sexy name! She has glasses, hair in a tight bun, is 80 years old, and is the librarian. Brian, Lola. Enough said!

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