Visiting Arches Part 2: Conquering the Enemy

Christina 5-3-09 166Hopefully you read Part 1 of Visiting Arches (because in case you didn’t notice…this is Part 2).  Don’t read things out of order.  It causes brain damage.  To save your brain in case you clicked here on accident, here’s the handy link to go back in time to PART 1.

If you’re current, then congratulations.  You’re Einstein, and we can continue with the itinerary; just keep your scientific formulas to yourself.

Arches National Park was so much fun.  Even though we battled our ARCH ENEMY–the Siren of Moab–and lost, we still had a great time.  This park has lots of cool places for kids to run around and climb and bury each other in sand.  The campground is well set up—with lots of short trails to surrounding arches and rock formations.  The kids had a blast…even in the hurricane force winds.

Christina 5-3-09 109My husband was off chasing the Siren of Moab with his girlfriend, Lola (AKA his mountain bike).   He was chasing white lines on the slickrock that led him up, up, up…and then down, down, down.

He said it was fun.

P1000142Does that look fun to you?

Ay Carumba!  Those guys are walking their bikes up it’s so STEEP!  I’ll deal with cold chicken any day and risk losing fingers to frostbite, rather than messing with steep Moabitish rocks that could kill me.

Christina 5-3-09 135

Meanwhile, the rest of us who weren’t tempted away from Arches by the biking Siren Moab, had a great time hiking and climbing and goofing off.

Christina 5-3-09 115

My son figured out how to contort his body in order to hold up the canyon walls so they wouldn’t fall down on the rest of us.  That kid rocks my world!  What would I do without him?

Christina 5-3-09 194My husband wasn’t always off with Lola.  It was freezing cold, so he could only handle a couple hours on the bike before he’d return to us.  See, there’s a silver lining in even the worst of windstorms.  The wind vanquished the Siren’s hold on my husband.  And then I sent him off to climb the rocky cliff with the children.  It’s easy to do–sandstone rock is a magnet to sneakers.  You feel like a mountain goat.  Maaaaaa!

P1000144But the next day the Siren’s beckoning scream called my husband to her again.  This picture fascinates me.  The first time I looked at it, I thought the trail ended where that blue guy is near the scrub trees.  But NO!  It keeps going straight UP!  Whoa!  That’s my husband at the bottom, getting ready to barrel up that hill with all his might.  He’s hoping that guy in blue hurries along and doesn’t stop and block his progress.  But no such luck!  Blue guy lost his momentum and ruined the hill for my husband.  And once you lose your momentum on a hill like that–you AIN’T getting it back.  Nope.

So since blue guy and Lola failed him, my husband came back to Arches…and I didn’t let the snaky tentacles of my ARCH ENEMY claim him again.  I tied him up and threw him in the van as he protested and screamed, and we hightailed it out of there.

It was a close call.  In Greek mythology, the dangerous sirens shipwrecked many a poor sailor as they heeded their seductive call.  In Arches, the sirens of Moab do the same thing to bikers and 4WD people.  My husband was almost a casualty; actually, he still is.  All he talks about is getting back to Moab.  Be careful.  Arches is definitely worth a trip–but heed my warning, or enjoy being shipwrecked on the red sandstone of Moab.


9 thoughts on “Visiting Arches Part 2: Conquering the Enemy

  1. Gorgeous pictures Char. All I see when I look at those hills is me tumbling down them and landing at the bottom with a busted neck. So I will heed the Siren’s call and stay at the bottom. 😉

  2. I really can’t believe anyone survives the biking there! It’s great hearing about your adventures and I guess it’s probably a good thing that you put up with your husband’s girlfriend. 🙂 Love the photos! This makes me want to go back there (but not to bike)!

  3. I think it sounds like Brian to a tee! Those trails look crazy. We went ‘jeeping’ once in Moab with Larry’s grandma. That was scary enough for me!

    • I know what you mean. I went for a tour of the HUGE city of Twin Falls once with Brian’s grandma and almost lost my life. She was one scary driver.

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