I blame it all on Orange Chicken

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Opening sentences in any piece of writing should be snazzy, jazzy…and just plain awesome!  Not that this one is, but I’m writing this after doing the exercise below, and my brain is tired and sluggish.

I came across this contest at TheAccidentalNovelist where you had to come up with 50 first liners for a story.  I did it (that’s why I’m worn out–it’s a lot harder than it sounds) and entered the contest, which ended last night.   I’m sorry I didn’t find it sooner so I could send more traffic to the site, but the good news is that the contest isn’t done.  Even if you missed out on the first round, you can still check in at TheAccidentalNovelist on Wednesday and enter the next round of fun and maybe earn points and win a prize.  Yea!

Here are my 5 opening sentences I entered:

  1. Regarding Job, I would say he lived a life of ease.
  2. It wasn’t what the bottle held that frightened me, but what it didn’t contain anymore.
  3. I blame everything that happened on orange chicken.  [Don’t laugh!  I’ve written a whole novel based on this sentence…and I like it]
  4. Waves rolled in, one after another, slowly erasing the bloody evidence.
  5. Fire crawled beneath my skin, burning me alive as I stared at the static red dot on my tracker and imagined the murderous eyes of my stalker staring out at me from the ancient hemlock forest.  [EEEEK!]

Even if you don’t want to do the contest, it’s a fun exercise to do for your own enjoyment.   It actually gave me LOTS of ideas for future stories.  Try it!  You’ll hate it, but like it when you’re finally done.  Pinky promise.


19 thoughts on “I blame it all on Orange Chicken

  1. I love this idea! Your sentences are great – especially the orange chicken. I use to get the crispy orange chicken bowl at Applebee’s restaurant. There were always leftovers.

    • I’m glad we connected too. It was challenging, but very fun and I’m amazed by all the ideas I now have swimming in my head from a lot of the 50 I thought of. Thanks again for posting about it.

  2. It’s exactly like that, Char. You think you’ll hate it . . . but in the end you end up with some really surprising lines.

    The results for Round One are in and Round Two just started. One of your lines was a finalist in the 1st round (and actually another line was on the short list I had to send my tie-breaking judge, so you did well!).

  3. Oooh Congrats! Those are great 1st liners… my fav are orange chicken (would be interested to read that story if u ever feel like sharing) & bloody evidence… actually i like them all 😉 keep writing…

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