Knick Knack Paddywhack

Ginger’s excited today.  This holiday is one she awaits eagerly each year (starting this year, because it’s the first I found out about it and told her; but now that she knows, I know she’s already counting down to next year).

What holiday is so exciting, you might ask, that a dog would nudge one of her people siblings off the computer to post on Facebook about it?

Well, I’ll tell you, but it’s definitely for the dogs.


If you have a dog, like I do, then give them an extra treat today.  They’ll appreciate it.  The holiday promises this.

Ginger loves her treats and will do just about anything to get one—even post on Facebook.  When she was a puppy and I didn’t know what I was doing, I bought expensive, fancy treats for her—ones that looked like little wieners, or that were shaped like Scooby, or that had REAL bacon in them (yeah, right!).

Over time, I’ve learned that Ginger’s favorite dog treats are the cheap ones.  Maybe that’s because that’s all I buy her anymore; but whatever the case may be, she goes NUTSO when you dangle an Ol’ Roy in the air above her.

Ginger:  Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh boy!  Give me my Ol’ Roy.

My boy:  Sit, Ginger, sit!

[Ginger obediently sits]

My boy:  Now shake, Ginger, shake.

[Ginger wants the treat so bad she shakes with the right paw, then the left, and sometimes is so excited she even tries to shake with both at once to hurry the process along, and ends up falling on the wood floor]

My boy:  Good!  Now…lay down!

[Ginger lays down…but gets right back up.  She wants that treat already and is shaking with anticipation]

My boy:  Now Bang, Bang!

[Ginger sits and smiles with her tongue hanging out; some drool falls onto my wood floor]

My boy:  Ginger!  BANG, BANG!

[Ginger finally realizes she must do something else.  She lays down and rolls over like she’s dead, making my boy extremely happy.  He claims to have taught her that trick himself.]

My boy:  Okay, sit, Ginger!

[Ginger sits.  Her eyes are bulging out of head.  She wants that treat, dang it!]

My boy:  [Lifting the treat higher in the air, taunting her with that delicious cardboard scent dog treats have.  Finally he has mercy on her]  All right, Ginger, get it!

[Ginger jumps in the air—about a half inch off the ground (she inherited her jumping skills from me), and grabs the falling treat from my son’s hand.  She then swallows it without even chewing…and is the happiest dog alive]

Happy Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day to ya!  Knick Knack, Paddy Wack!  Give your dog a bone…this old woman is rolling home.


10 thoughts on “Knick Knack Paddywhack

  1. Oh, to get such joy out of the little things! Dogs could teach us a lesson in that area. What a fun post!

    And as for your jumping skills, is it safe to assume, then, that you were no Olympic long-jumper?

    • Very safe to assume. I played basketball…but wasn’t ever under the basket where jumping was necessary. I was a poor guard who couldn’t do a very good jumpshot.

  2. Why do dogs not savor the flavor of their treats or food? I guess I will have to go throw a few dogs a bone just to honor their special day. Our dogs have been getting extra treats lately just to cover their birthdays. Brandy turned 14 in December, last week we marked the 10th anniversary of Lucky being thrown into our yard and tomorrow is Roo’s 8th birthday. So many granddogs, so little time.

    • 3 dogs vs 9 children. Hmmmm? I think you got it easy now, Mom. Don’t you wish you could have just thrown us all a bone and made us happy when we were ‘puppies.?’

    • Well, poodles do think thy’re human…not dog. My sister’s poodle probably doesn’t appreciate dog biscuits either; but what can you expect from a dog with feather extensions in its ears?

  3. Ah i loved this post about Ginger. Dogs are so funny and cute. Sometimes i really wish I had one . . . and then I get back to reality and realize what a pain it would be to have to find someone to dog sit them and have one more ‘living creature’ to clean up after and feel guilty for not spending more time with, etc. But I do love dogs so.

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