Inside a Dog—Don’t even go there!

Picture 003“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” Groucho Marx

Thank you, Groucho, for your profound wisdom.  I happen to agree…but for a different reason.  I also think inside a dog would be very STINKY!  At least my dog.  I can hardly stand her to breathe on me, so I can’t imagine reading a book inside her.

It would be warm though.

Do you know that some people brush their dog’s teeth? I’m not one of them.  Sorry.  It just isn’t my thing.  I think bad breath is part and parcel to being a dog…and I don’t want Ginger getting any wild ideas that she’s a Hollywood prima donna by brushing her teeth for her.  I’m no dog’ slave.  She already thinks she’s a Sled dog.  I don’t want to confuse her anymore.  I’m sure Sled Dogs don’t brush their teeth.

I’m reading several books right now—one motivational, and two novels.  I’m not going anywhere near Ginger to read them though.  Besides her fetid breath, she sometimes is gassy and fumigates the room.  Ginger can clear a room like nobody’s business.

When she does, she gets banned to outside or to the garage if it’s cold; she’s kind of wimpy.  Even if I brushed her teeth, it wouldn’t hide that malodorous scent.

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Therefore, I stand by my premise…a book inside my dog would not be my best friend.  But I do like books about dogs.  I’ll tell you about an especially good one another day…but Ginger just let loose, and I must fly to sweeter smelling pastures.  AGHHHH!


5 thoughts on “Inside a Dog—Don’t even go there!

  1. When my dogs were still with us (they have gone to doggy heaven, bless them), we tried to brush their teeth… but to no avail… they still smelled & one even had to stay overnight at the vet’s as he had to pull her teeth out… sigh!

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