Slow Cameras and Cheesy Smiles


Here’s my son (several years ago when he was still cute and cuddly like a puppy…not big and smelling of B.O. and Axe at the same time.  How is that possible?)

He wasn’t too excited to have this picture taken.  I don’t know if it was the costume I made him wear, or the fact that I was keeping him from important things like his army men who were lined up in battle formations all over the kitchen floor…but he was surly!

“Are we done yet?  Can I go?  Can I take this goofy rag off and give it to Ginger to eat?”

Mean Mom:  “No!  Now smile and look happy!”



[Very Fake Smile]  “Cheese!  Can I go now?”

Mean Mom:  “Yes, son, that will do.  Any more happiness from you will kill us both!  Please go and have the blue army men destroy all the reds.  I don’t like red.”

I wish I’d had my camera ready then…for he gave me a TRUE smile that made me want to melt.   Boys can do that to their moms…even now that he’s 11 and smells a little funny from soccer…he can still bat those long eyelashes and give me a charming smile that makes me envious of the girl that wins his heart someday and takes him away from me.

But of course, I never have my camera ready when he gives me one of those!   But my mind and heart are FULL of those smiles!  Thank goodness…since my camera’s too slow.


[P.S.  Remember to help put a smile on one of THESE CHILDREN’S faces this Valentine’s season.  I want them to get a family]

4 thoughts on “Slow Cameras and Cheesy Smiles

  1. Ah yes, I remember those days. I still have one, the youngest, who humors me for the most part with my desire to capture their lives on film. The other avoid pictures at all costs and have managed to actually find the delete button on my camera and use it when I do get a photo of them. My middle son, who rarely smiles in order to preserve his teenage image, has a wonderful smile and when it happens across his face, my heart simply lights up.

  2. Ok, my only guess on your son’s outfit is that he was a wise man? and it was around christmas time? cute story and its great that you blog the memories even though you may not get them on camera

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