Tiny Wonders

LIFE IS AMAZING!  Even the smallest, seemingly mundane things we usually pass by are intricate pieces of art that can dazzle us!  I found this post and knew I had to share.  Click on the link above and look through all the pictures (and don’t miss out on the quote by Jean at the beginning…I loved it).  I hope it inspires you like it did me.  When my kids tell me they’re bored ever again…I’m telling them to get out the salt shaker and study it!  In fact…I might go do that myself.  See ya!


MoonLightened Way

“I searched for myself in the mountain but found it in a grain of sand.” — Jean Mishra.

This is a photo of sand magnified 250 times through the microphotographic talents of Gary Greenberg.

Dr. Greenberg is an artist, inventor and scientist.  He’s devoted his life to revealing the unspeakable and delicate beauty of nature.

He earned a Ph.D. in biomedical research and went on to invent high-definition, 3-dimensional light microscopes and was issued 18 different U.S. patents.

He began his career as a photographer and filmmaker.  His work includes the first Superman movie.  He transformed human pancreatic cancer cells into the planet Krypton.

What appears to be a colorful modern abstract sculpture is sugar magnified 125 times.

This dew covered field is a basil leaf magnified 125 times.

A fantasy amethyst cave is really a dragon fruit magnified 125 times.

An amber jewel atop a ruby…

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