Be Admirable

001I love when I find a quote that justifies my existence.  C.S. Lewis has done this for me today.  Here’s the cool quote.  I hope it makes your day like it did mine.

“Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.”

Thank you, Clive, for making me feel so wonderful about my life.  Reading does make me hungry; so does looking through old pictures and finding one like this.  This cinnamon roll is actually big enough to last me through almost an entire book!  We got these babies at the Pancake House in McCall, Idaho for only $3.   I am in LOVE with them.   I am in love with the Pancake House.  They have heaps of hearty food for pennies a pound.

I suddenly want to go there…really bad.  And I want to take my Kindle and just sink into a booth with a big cinnamon roll and eat and read all day—and be admirable!  What about you?  Is there a favorite book you’d like to combine with this cinnamon roll?  I can think of several.


7 thoughts on “Be Admirable

  1. oooh YUM! My goodness look at the size of that roll!! That could last me 3 days!! i’m a nibbler 😉 & of cos a great book is such a treasure 😉 Love the quote – which of C.S. Lewis’ books is it from?

    • That quote is from Surprise by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life…and yes, these rolls are humongous. We split them, but still weren’t able to finish.

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