Brag, Brag, Brag!

2008-11-19_084editIf you’re not my family, you won’t find this title funny.  It’s an inside joke.   As a kid,  Grandma told me about her neighbor (that could have been the queen of the reality show Hoarders).  This lady was a pessimist…and just a wee bit bitter.

Grandma’s yard was heavenly–flowers everywhere!  Strangers on their way to Zion would often stop and take pictures of her fields of poppies and half acre of irises (every color imaginable).  Once when a stranger stopped and the neighbor was outside, the person gazed across at Grandma’s yard and said, “Ah, that yard is stunning!”

And the neighbor answered:  “Yes, but you should see the inside of her house.  She only takes care of the outside.”  (And that from a woman who had to push boxes and junk out of her way to get anywhere in her house…even to the kitchen table.  Ha!)

When Grandma learned of the rude remark, she just giggled.  She didn’t let anything bother her.  She was always happy–the complete opposite of her neighbor.  That’s why she lived so long (97).  She said that once when she was talking to this neighbor and mentioned something about how good her strawberries or corn were doing, the bitter lady cut her off and said, “Brag, brag, brag!”

Ever since, whenever Grandma would say something nice about herself, her children or yard, she’d get a twinkle in her eye and tease, “Brag, brag, brag!”  And we’d die of laughter.

Well, today I get to brag, brag, brag (Grandma would be so proud).  I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Jean Mishra of Moonlighted Way.  Jean lives in India and I love reading her blog which is rich in language and has insights into a different culture.  Thanks, Jean.

To accept this award, I must share 7 things about myself and award 15 other bloggers.  So here I go.

  1. I don’t have any chocolate in my house right now…and I’m feeling the pain.
  2. I love rain.  It’s raining as I type and look out my window.  Ah!
  3. I hide chocolate chips in my freezer to sneak later.  Frozen chocolate chips are the best.
  4. My Grandma is my hero.  I want to be like her when I grow up.
  5. My older girls have found out that I hide chocolate chips in the freezer.  That’s why there is no chocolate in my house right now.
  6. Somersaults scare me.  I’m afraid I’ll break my neck if I try to do one now.
  7. I plan on buying chocolate chips when I go to the store today.  But I must figure out a way to camouflage them.

Blogs I like that I pass this award onto:

Sigh!  That took a long time.  Now I must leave to inform all these blogs that I love them.  Because I’m versatile…I can do things like that.  Aren’t you proud?  Or not.  Talk to you tomorrow.  And Brag yourself up a bit in the mean time!  It’s fun!


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  1. Thank you for featuring our blog sweetie and Grandma was the best. I love that picture of her. Miss her like crazy.

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