Ignore the Scary Cows

1962 cows at homeI love this picture of my Grandpa’s cows.  It’s old.  I was intimidated by cows as a kid.  They made weird sounds and looked at me funny (like they wanted to eat me).

My Great Uncle down the way had more cows than Grandpa.  He also had a huge hay barn with a rope attached to the roof beam.  You could grab hold of that rope and jump off the hay and swing over the cows in the corral below.

I’m sad to admit that I was always too chicken to try it.  I always had good intentions and held that rope in my hands countless times contemplating the act.  Shoot!  My younger siblings even did it…so I was under immense pressure….

…But every time I’d take that rope in my hands and look off the tall haystack to where 20 cows were chewing their cud and standing in their poop, I’d wimp out and hand it off to one of my cousins.  I was terrified that I would be the first to lose hold of the rope and fall.  The thought of a broken arm or leg never crossed my mind as a kid; it was the poop that terrified me.  I couldn’t think of anything worse than falling in that cow mess (and then being surrounded by girl-eating cows).

And so, because of my senseless fears, I never experienced the joy and freedom of the wind through my hair as I swung over the cows and back to the haystack.  I watched all my cousins and siblings do it, and saw their huge accompanying grins…but I let my fears reign and bind me to the hay…and I never soared.

I’ve done that with a lot of things…let fear overcome what my spirit urged me to do…things that could have helped me grow and expand my joys.  Fear is the enemy of joy.  When we let fear reign, joy is squashed.  Don’t let your fears bind you.  Sometimes you just have to take hold of the rope and jump…and ignore the scary cows.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

That’s how you grow.  That’s how you’ll eventually soar!  Don’t get stuck in your rut.  Remember the egg? You have to break out of your shell sometime; it might as well be now.  Reach out for the rope!  Don’t talk yourself out of doing something because of what MIGHT go wrong.  I missed out in my youth…but by darn, I’m not going to miss out anymore!  Watch out you scary cows!  Here I come!


6 thoughts on “Ignore the Scary Cows

  1. I really enjoyed this! It brings back memories of my grandparent’s farm. Oh how I miss those days. I remember well the overabundance of poop. Chicken poop, duck poop, cow and horse poop. It was also quite a wonderland if you’re an animal lover. The cows intimidated me as a kid too. They were so big when I was so small. But the biggest reason was my worry-wart grandmother always warning me about them. SHE was the one with the fears, unreasonably, but I was also stubborn. Thanks for the memories!

  2. So sis? When are we going to go skydiving? As one who did enjoy grabbing the rope and swinging I can attest to the fact that it was one of the funnest things ever. It’s time to up the ante, don’t you think, and swing a little higher. 10,000 feet in the air should do it. Name your time and place and I’ll be there!

  3. I vow to do ONE scary thing a day…and skydiving is way down on the list of scary things to try yet…so it might be a while before I get to that one. Your definition of scary and mine differ by just a WEE bit…so don’t hold your breath in the mean time.

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