Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

The Douglas Squirrel (Tamiasciurus douglasii) ...

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Guess what? You’ll never guess.  Okay, I’ll tell you because I can’t stand suspense!  It’s SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY.  Aren’t you happy?

Well, I am.  I think squirrels are cute.  They’re good acrobats, can jump through trees…and can even run along electrical wires (that’s talent).   At work, I’ve watched them play tag in the trees—and they’re very funny.  A coworker left food outside her window for a squirrel.  One summer day, she propped her window open and Mr. Squirrel surprised her and ran in across her desk and then all over the room trying to say Hi to all of us!  Whee!   Just like that Cindy Lauper song says:  Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun!

Now my sister doesn’t appreciate squirrels.  She thinks they’re just rats with bushy tails.  They always take her trash can lids off and display her garbage all over her yard!  I personally think she just has some very artistic squirrels who are into modern art (see article below)…but that doesn’t make my sister feel any better about squirrels.  She hates modern art!

Another friend hates squirrels because they torment her dog.  Two of them run along the top of her fence teasing her dog, who barks incessantly and goes into a frothing fit because he can’t catch those crazy rodents.  Squirrels do have a habit of making dogs psychotic.  I’m glad Ginger’s lazy.  Lazy dogs aren’t so prone to Squirrel Psychosis because they get tired real fast from chasing the squirrel and lay down and fall asleep.  That’s good.

Even though I know squirrels have their problems, I still kind of like them.  They make me laugh because they’re so playful and…well, squirrely.  The movie UP wouldn’t have been near so funny if the dog hadn’t yelled SQUIRREL! every 10 seconds.  [sidenote: It’s only funny when dogs say it.  My daughter screamed it one day in the car when my husband was driving and almost made him wreck.]

So here’s to Squirrels!  May they keep on making me laugh!  I APPRECIATE you…you devilish, mischievous, artsy trash picking, dog-taunting, bushy-tailed non rat-like creatures.


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