A Penguin’s Life

Today is Penguin Awareness Day!  (Yep!  Grunt’s still working hard at his job; I bet he’s gotten another raise…the suck up!)

Are you aware that there are penguins?  Well, you are now!

Penguins live far away where it’s really cold and windy.  Looks terrible, doesn’t it?  I’m glad I’m not a penguin.  They huddle together in big herds or flocks (actually they call themselves a colony…but that just makes me think of pilgrims) and shiver really hard to keep warm.  Sounds fun, huh?  Again, let me repeat…I’m glad I’m not a penguin.

If life gets you down and you think your life is pretty lousy…just remember that there is another creature on this planet who is worse off than you.  Penguins.  Even though they have a pretty cool walk (especially on Mary Poppins), they spend half the year or more huddled together with a bunch of other pilgrims to stay warm in -50 degree Antarctic winds (that was NEGATIVE 50 DEGREES, in case you didn’t catch that – sign).  NASTY!

Life is looking better already!  Thanks penguins for helping me see how amazingly JOYOUS my life is!  I can go get a milkshake at Sonic anytime…and I don’t have to worry about a killer shark eating me on my way.  YIPPEE!

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “A Penguin’s Life

  1. I always felt bad for the poor guys on the outside of the mass. Your writing has really helped me to count my many blessings!!! Thanks for sharing your talent.

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