Frozen Snowballs!

1974 Snowman in Vegas

Finally…our first snowfall here in Boise.  This picture isn’t Idaho…but I like it anyway.  It proves that dreams do come true (even if you’re not at Disneyland).  This was a snowstorm in Las Vegas, Nevada (probably one of  two times it snowed there as I grew up).

What I remember is that we made snowballs and put them in the freezer because we thought it would be awesome to have a snowball fight in the summer when it was 110 degrees outside.

So we did.

July came roasting along, and we pulled out our snowballs ready for some good snowy fun!  WHACK!  The first snowball hit me and I started crying.  There’s a little bit of difference between soft fluffy snow when it first falls…and that same snow after its been sitting in a freezer for 5-6 months.  OUCH!

My suggestion is to get all your snowball fighting done when the snow is naturally there.  Don’t freeze it…unless you’d like to have extra ice packs on hand for first aid use.  If you throw them at people…they will need first aid (the people…not the snowballs).

P1020588Now here’s a picture from yesterday as the snow was falling here in Boise.  My dog was ecstatic to be out in the snow (remember she has that weird genetic snow nose disorder that makes her think she’s an Alaskan husky).  I let her out and she kept sprinting all around the yard, then stopped to bury her face in the deep snow, then rolled around in it and made snow doggies.  What a weird dog!

But I do agree with her.  It’s nice to finally have snow.  We needed it.  I hope the weather where you are is as it should be.  Ginger agrees with me…and now she wants a treat.  All that rolling around in the snow has made her hungry!


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  1. I love that pic of you guys! Quite a lot of snow for Vegas!! Glad you guys all finally got your snow you have all been waiting for!!

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