Let Weirdness Reign

Grrrr!  This is a grumpy adult!  He works hard!  He’s important.  He’s high and mighty and makes lots of money and radiates power like you can’t believe.  He’s also a ticking time bomb for a heart attack!  (Actually, my daughter drew him and thinks I’m being mean right now).

But look at that face!  Scary!  He’s so stressed out he’s not enjoying his work, his importance, his money or power.

Don’t think I’m knocking hard work…because I’m not.  I think it’s a virtue.  I make my kids do LOTS of it (just ask them!)  But I think sometimes as adults, we forget what kids intuitively know–Work hard…but also PLAY hard.

It’s important to take a little bit of time out of your day to be a kid!  Look around and SEE what you’ve been missing—that squirrel chattering in your tree, the funky clouds that look like meatloaf in the sky, the way the condensation pools up on your window and looks like the State of Texas.  Take a step out of your hectic schedule to appreciate what you have:   Jump on your bed!  Wheee!  Stand on the tailgate of your car and draw pictures in the dust on top.   Sprint around your back yard to see how fast your new shoes make you run! It’s exhilarating!

April-May 127At first, if you’re not used to doing this…it might seem a little weird!  But IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE WEIRD!  Kids don’t care if they’re weird!  They actually prefer it…and look how happy they are.  My kids passed hours out on the trampoline trying to capture each other in cool weird jumping poses…and I think they did a FABULOUS job!

Dr. Seuss says:  “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”  

It’s important to follow doctor’s orders…so don’t take yourself so serious!  Wake up your brain cells and LET WEIRDNESS REIGN!  Then you won’t start looking like Mr. Heart Attack above…and that’s a good thing (no offense to my daughter.  I really do love her picture…as long as it’s not a representation of ME.  If it is, then I’m highly offended and am grounding her.  But I think I’m safe because I don’t wear men’s suits.  Whew!).

So heed the good Doctor’s advice.  Unwind and goof off; let your inner child take over!  BE A KID…and you’ll find that you start appreciating all that you have.


3 thoughts on “Let Weirdness Reign

  1. Yes yes yes!! I love being weird and acting like a child sometimes…you are probably already well aware of this!! =)

  2. I love reading your heart! I’ve always felt your were an adult your whole life. Glad to hear you are getting that childhood, finally!

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