Yosemite Saga-Part 2

Picture 008It’s time for Part 2 in the Yosemite Saga!  Yea!  I love looking back at all my pictures of our time in this stunning, magnificent, spectacular park!  (Sorry for all the adjectives…but this park deserves ALL of them and more)  If you missed Part 1, click to go back and see my favorite waterfall!  I dream about that waterfall (and then I wet my bed…just kidding.  But if you did dream about it, there’s so much water involved, you might…so think of it while you’re awake!)

Ok!  Now down to business.  Yosemite Valley is where Half Dome and El Capitan are.  There’s a huge parking lot there where you park and then take shuttles to all the hikes and different waterfalls in the area (there are LOTS).  This valley is drop dead gorgeous…open meadows, stunning granite mountains surrounding you, and the Merced River.  I loved driving out of the valley and along that roaring river!  Amazing!  I want to live next to that river…except in the winter.

The Mariposa Grove is about an hour away from Yosemite Valley at the south entrance to the park.  We weren’t smart and drove this road several times back and forth because we didn’t know what we were doing.  If you are smart, you’d plan your trip so that you start with the Giant grove of Sequoias at Mariposa and then go to Glacier Point…then down through the tunnel and into the drop dead gorgeous Valley below.  That way you drive that twisty turny stomach-turning road as little as possible.

Picture 026The Sequoia grove is nothing short of MAJESTIC!  These aren’t like the famous Redwoods.  These are actually fatter trunks, but the Redwoods are taller (so I’ve heard).  Hiking through this forest was awe-inspiring.  There were all these normal huge evergreens, and then WHAM! there’d be a Sequoia in the middle and put them all to SHAME!  Some of the branches on the giant Sequoias were thicker than the base of the other large trees.  Crazy!  You can barely see my girls there at the base of this one we found driving out of the park.  It was my favorite!  It won the BIGNESS contest in my book!

To sum up my Yosemite Experience, I have to talk about the bears!  You’re in the wild, wild frontier in Yosemite…and yes! there are bears!  I’ve been to Yellowstone lots of times and haven’t seen many bears (although I know they’re there).  But I saw 4 bears in our 3 days at Yosemite.  One was a bear cub that crossed my path on a busy trail on top of Glacier Point.  Yikes!  All I could think was:  ‘Agh!  Baby bear!  Where’s the Mama?’  I really didn’t want to get eaten.

But never fear, there was no chance of me getting eaten.  Three stupid men ran after it to try to take it’s picture.  I hope they didn’t get eaten by Mama bear, but I didn’t stick around to find out.  I figured they’d drawn her attention away from me and my kid…so we snuck away to find my husband so he could save us.

Picture 013Bears do eat people when they chase them with cameras, so don’t be stupid like those 3 guys that saved my life.  No matter how macho you are, I can assure you that you ain’t as macho as a bear.  You can see from this picture that I’m not macho at all (which is great, because I’m a girl).  Every time I tried to take a picture of a bear, I shook and trembled and quivered in terror—hence the blurry photo (it didn’t help that we were also driving 200 mph—the posted limit in the Park.  It was fun!).

Picture 064My tip for taking pictures of bears is this:  Go to the visitor’s center and take them of nice stuffed bears behind glass.  They can’t eat you.  You can get nice close-ups because they don’t move, yet they still have that scary visual effect like they’re coming up ready to bare their mighty fangs (oh, wait…that’s vampires).  My motto where bears are concerned is:  “To eat, or not to be eaten.  That is the question!”  

I choose to eat!  If you do too, don’t chase cute cuddly bear cubs in Yosemite.  Those cuddly balls of fur come attached to Mamas like the one behind my girls…and they’ll eat you!  I’ve heard that’s not a pleasant experience.

Now you know a lot more about Yosemite.  Thank you.  Come Again.  I hope I wet your appetite to go there.  I want to go again someday…when my husband builds me a cabin on the Merced River.  It might be a LONG time.  You’ll probably beat me!  Enjoy it for me when you go!


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